Dungeon Defense: Volume 3 – Character Poll & Donations(?)

Welcome to the second character popularity poll for Dungeon Defense!

I figured I should just do this after every volume is released to see what you guys think about the characters.

Who is your favorite character? (Dead ones included)

Who is your favorite waifu?

I apologize beforehand that some people may be unable to see the poll. There may be some regional issues, so all I can say is to use a VPN if that is the case.


Anyway, I’d like to also mention that I will most likely be adding a donation button very soon. One should be up before volume 4 of Dungeon Defense is released, so if you guys ever drop by my site during that time, feel free to leave a donation. The donation will be split between the author and myself, so I won’t be greedily hogging it all on my own.

But this is something that’s currently still being discussed, so until then! Thank you all for reading Dungeon Defense, and I hope you guys continue to do so once the next volume is released! You have my, and the author’s, gratitude.


28 thoughts on “Dungeon Defense: Volume 3 – Character Poll & Donations(?)

  1. Seems someone used a bot on the polls.
    Barbatos suddenly went up to top place in waifu list, and second place in favorite character. (Within a single day, when she was near the bottom of the ranking on both lists previously)
    Since someone stooped that low, all I can say is for everyone to now disregard Barbatos from the ranking entirely. Since her ranking is now just something that some kid forced.

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  2. My deepest gratitude for the translation.
    It was a big pleasure. Not only author’s literature talent and the pretty good story, but most of the pleasure came from translator’s perfect linguistic flair. The choose of words, phrases, speech styles, etc. is so precise I can’t really remember many of native English litterateurs with such language sense amongst modern popular entertainment literature not to mention most of amateur ranobe translators.
    Thank you very much for this wonderful translation!


  3. Thank you so much for the faithful translations. If and when you do put up the donate button, I’d be happy to drop a few bucks from my job savings into it. Doubly so, considering that the author would get a slice too. You’re honestly both more than deserving of whatever money the internet has to offer.


  4. Woot, it nice to hear with the donation plan. I will safe some money for it 👍

    Btw Shalvation, how about translating some one shot web novel while waiting for Dungeon Defense volume 4?


  5. Just read through all three volumes and loved every moment of it. Thanks Shalvation, it was great!
    BTW, is there a release date for volume 4? If it’s for a japanese light novel I can always check amazon japan, but for a korean novel I got no clue.
    And for some reason novelupdates has the Status in COO as 4 volumes already, which can’t be true?


    1. Because they use a bot to take my translations and put it on their site, while also taking ad revenue from people. All of this being done without having asked for my permission.
      There’s a reason why it’s in an invisible text on my site. Because it isn’t invisible on their site.


  6. I just discovered and read the 3 volumes in 4 days. Dungeon Defense is awesome and you’re awesome for translating it. The characters are awesome, the story is awesome, the author is awesome, everything is awesome.

    Did i said you were awesome ?

    PS : you’re awesome.


  7. I have a question.

    Lala was born between a humbaba succubus and a human.
    The head of the Berbere Sisters name is Humbaba.

    Are these written differently in Korean? Or is it just that Humbaba was named after a type of succubus?


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