“Dungeon Defense: Volume 4” Delay Notice


“The 2nd publications of October, <My Past Girlfriend Smiled to Me>, <Banwoldang’s Odd Story: Volume 5>, and <Dungeon Defense: Volume 4> is planned to be released on or after November due to internal affairs. An exact date will be announced on our homepage at a later date. Thank you for your constant interest.”

This notice came out on October 24th, I’m sorry that I was unable to announce this sooner. I didn’t realize they used Twitter to make these sort of announcements.
I’ve been going to only their homepage to check for the release until now.

This delay may be happening due to the fact that they’re planning to put out a DD-themed merchandise along with the book. Don’t take my word for it, this is just my assumption.

Anyway, please continue to be patient! For me, this just means I can rest a bit longer. I’ll be going to the bookstore today to pick up some new reading materials, and maybe I’ll stumble upon another gem. Who knows?


53 thoughts on ““Dungeon Defense: Volume 4” Delay Notice

  1. Thank you very much for updating us like this… as well as remaining to committed to the project. I’ve just read through it last week, and have been extremely impressed by it. So happy it’s in such good hands!


  2. Thank you very much for your work Shalvation! It was an immense pleasure to read a great work translated in a great language!

    Usually LNs are very poor storywise, so reading something like this was like finding a polished gem among a pile of garbage. How did you manage to find this awesome read?


  3. ty for the notification.

    well as it seems its been ignored ill repost this here 😛

    so reading prologue from vol 1 this happened :

    Aah, I wanted to rub against Christiane.

    Not only Christiane, but I wanted to enjoy a fun life with the other heroines like Romei or the Emperor’s daughter, Elizabeth.

    so it is safe to say elizabeth is dead? not part of the harem? 😦


    1. Though I think she would be killed, but he may keep her around since she is the only one as smart as him maybe even smarter.
      Plus she has already said that he likes him, both up front and from her reaction to his plan to demoralize her on army.


  4. I wonder when we are going to see any new abilities Dantalian could aquire. Did the author simply forget Dungeon Attack abilities and choices? If Dantalian is going to save the world he must most likely face Barbatos, Agares and the Hero in battle, who are powerful individuals. He needs to step up his stat game. He needs pure might on his side, or technology which can surpass pure force.


    1. more than new abilities… what abilities as a demon lord of rank 71 he has…

      even though he is a rank 71 i refuse to believe he cant use magic… or anything related to mana…

      come on he is a condensation of mana around the world… he is like a planet O.o, a planet after it is created could have anything… doesnt matter size or what elements it is based of…


      1. You’d think that given some of the other lord’s powers, but then there’s lords like a Belial and Crosus who just kind of…. die. Paimon may be an archmage and Barbatos a necromancer, but Andomalus was a nothing, so it’s likely a Dantalian is as well.

        His stats were all in speechcraft after the tutorial, remember? :-p


      2. Oh! So it was the tutorial which decided what stats Dantalian got? I thought it was someone he had since the beginning and got what he wanted AFTER defeating the adventurers.


  5. Thank you for the update.

    Also, repeat of my post from the last update (as there was no response from anyone):

    I have a question.

    Lala was born between a humbaba succubus and a human.
    The head of the Berbere Sisters name is Humbaba.

    Are these written differently in Korean? Or is it just that Humbaba was named after a type of succubus?


    1. Well its already cleared that humbaba in the berbere sisters looks young while the humbaba succubus lalas mother is an old hag. Re read the last 2 chapters of volume 3 if you want to know lalas mother was OLd


  6. Thanks, keep us updated.
    So now, who wants to make predictions or say what they want to happen.
    Personally I hope that he will get a quest to be able to use magic or gain a new skill because he is so under powered its sad.


  7. Is there a site where you can order the books from? I want to support the author.(Also waiting for you to accept donations w)

    And speaking of new reads, have you heard of Children of the Rune by Jeon Min-Hee? Been wanting to read that one since forever.


    1. You can buy the books through the site kyobo or Gmarket
      But the shipping fee is one of the main reasons people don’t buy it
      And no, I haven’t heard of that story before. Will maybe consider it, but there’s no certainty


      1. Shalvation-sama. Do you think you could translate the Dungeon Defense map for us? It’s quite confusing to me where the demon territory lies.


  8. There’s always a number of gems of some sort to be found in a bookstore. The problem is that there’s never enough time to enjoy them all or enough money to buy them all.

    Thanks for the heads up on the release and happy book hunting to you.


  9. At the beginning he had the option to get the skill “Demon Lords Nest” which had control over his castle, Wouldn’t he be able to rebuild his castle?


  10. I was thinking, since this is more or less a game, once he beats it wouldn’t be obtain a bonus skill unique only to the person who defeats the game.
    Of course after the “main game” he would have to do the side quests and the after game like what most games have, a separate challenge apart from the actual story line that brings about more benefits.
    Would he be able to get these kinds of things.
    Just throwing it out here since this is all theory


    1. I think the game ended as soon as all the demon lords were killed by the hero. It’s theorized the world ends when all demon lords die because of mana pollution or something that ends the world.


      1. Look. At. The. Release. Date.
        2015-01-15 That’s the fantasy novel version of the series that’s basically a copy pasta of the web novel.
        Please stop spreading false information.


  11. It’s 4th of December already. Any news from the autor?
    P.S. Thanks to Shalvation sempai for the new projekt, it’s quite interesting.


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