Dungeon Defense: Volume 4 – Character Poll & Notice

Welcome to the third character popularity poll for Dungeon Defense!

The last poll ended up rather bad since someone resorted to using a bot to boost up Barbatos’ total votes. So the previous character poll is pretty much null and void. Hopefully, the same thing doesn’t end up happening this time as well. I’m trusting you guys.

Who is your favorite character? (Dead ones included)

Who is your favorite waifu?

Someone mentioned that it was unfair for Dantalian to be on the list, so here’s a poll for favorite character excluding Dantalian.

Who is your favorite character? (Excluding Dantalian)

Once more, some people may be unable to access the polls, so if you really want to vote, then I recommend using a VPN or something.


This is rather important to me and many other translators out there. Please read translations strictly on the sites of the translators. Especially if it’s a novel that you enjoy. There have been way too many sites popping up lately that flat out steal our translations and put it up on their sites. They throw in ads so they’re profiting from it, too. So please, do not read translations on a third party site unless the translators themselves tell you to.
Also, what’s with people translating my translation to their own language, without receiving my permission, and also putting it behind a pay wall? That isn’t right. I assume those people will know who I’m referring to.

Anyway, like I said in the intermission of volume 4. I’ll be taking a 1-2 week break before I start translating volume 2 of 〈Your and My Asylum〉. Thank you all for sticking with me until now and until next time!