Delay Notice!

This probably isn’t the news you really want to hear when we’re relatively close to the end of volume 5 of Dungeon Defense, but it can’t be helped. This is something I’ve been planning with my friends since spring.

On November 15th, I’ll be going on a trip with my friends down to Busan for around 5 days. I’m saying ‘around’ because it’ll depend on my friends if we decide to stay there for another day or not. We’re basically going on this trip because of a convention that’s going to be held there, so my friends, who are currently in the military, matched their vacations just for this trip. It’s been around 2-3 years since I’ve last gone on a trip with them, so yeah.

Therefore, the next chapter will most likely be delayed by a week. Expect the release date to be around the end of next week. This will probably be a good thing for me since I’ve been stressed out because of the recent chapters. Chapter two was incredibly strenuous to translate and chapter three just took a lot more effort.

In any case, I apologize in advance for the upcoming delay. I promise to enjoy my trip as much as you guys are disappointed about this delay.


Oh right, on a side note. I swear to God if another person asks me how many chapters are left for volume 5 of DD. THERE’S A ToC(Table of Contents) PAGE. That page has existed ever since I first started to translate Dungeon Defense. Information about how many chapters there are in this volume has been put up there before I even uploaded the illustration page or the prologue. Seriously, 3-4 comments asking this question in the last chapter alone, over 5 people asking in the Discord server, and 2 people going as far as to pm me despite having been answered in the channel already. I mean, you can at least make an effort to find the information yourself. Especially if the information isn’t even hard to find.

In any case, have a nice week everyone.


Translation start…?!

Good news, I’m back from my trip visiting relatives! Bad news, I got really sick during the middle of the week so when I went to the hospital today, the doctor told me that I apparently have pneumonia. Wonderful. It does explain why the cold I have right now feels a bit worse than the colds I had previously.

Well, I’m not going to let this get me down. I’ll do my best to start translating, but keep in mind that I’ll most likely be a bit sluggish. I promise to get the prologue out by next week since it isn’t even 4k words long, but I’ll probably use the majority of the weekend to get some rest.

I’ll see you guys when I release the prologue.

〈Dungeon Defense: Volume 5〉 Delayed, but now with a confirmed release date.

Volume 5 seems to have been delayed, but it also has a confirmed release date now. Albeit it’s not up on their site officially yet as I’m currently writing this post, but I went to a couple of the shopping sites that NovelEngine is mainly connected to and found out that you could now pre-order Volume 5.

The release dates on those sites say that the volume will be released on October 12th.

There’s still the time it’ll take for it to be shipped to those shops and then delivered to me, so I’m expecting to get my copy on the 13th or the 14th.

Here are the three sites that you can pre-order the books at.




I apologize but none of these sites have an English alternative excluding YES24, but they currently don’t ship globally anyway. Interpark seems to currently be the only site that ships globally but they don’t have an English version of their site.

I’ll update this post with new shopping site links whenever I find them or if one of you guys posts them in the comments.

〈Dungeon Defense: Volume 5〉’s possible release date!

There was a new post on NovelEngine’s site for the upcoming releases of early September, but they added an extra image near the bottom.


Dungeon Defense Volume 5 Cover

The caption underneath it basically says, “Our goal is to release it during the second batch of releases in September, so we are currently making preparations.”. The second batch of releases usually happens around the last 2 weeks of a month.

This release date isn’t set in stone since they did say it was just their goal. Something can always happen during the process and delay their release, but at least we know it’s coming. 

NOW THEN, YOU GUYS CAN STOP ASKING ME WHEN THE RELEASE DATE IS. You people and your trust issues, I kept saying I’ll immediately make a post about it the moment I see the news, but people kept asking anyway. Maybe you can start asking again when October hits and the volume isn’t out by then, BUT UNTIL THEN, SHUSH.