〈Dungeon Defense: Volume 4〉 – UPDATE!

I’ve received my copy of <Dungeon Defense: Volume 4>, however, please do not expect any post of it yet. I’m going to wait until I obtain proper scans of the illustrations before I decide to post. I know I posted before with pictures from my phone, but as much as this novel has gain popularity, I feel that much more inclined to provide you guys with the same quality of the book itself.

So I do hope you guys can be patient for a while longer.

Although I won’t be posting until I get the scans, I will still be translating during that time. Translating will start next week(Since I need time to read the book properly and also because it’s Christmas soon), December 26th.


New project!

As you can see from the title of the post, I’ll be picking up a new project.
I did previously say that I wouldn’t pick anything up until I finished translating volume 4 of 〈Dungeon Defense〉, but since this delay seems to be lasting longer than I expected, I figured why not?

I won’t start translating it immediately since I’ve been incredibly busy at work for the past month, and will probably continue being busy for a bit longer, but I’ll do what I can.

Anyway, now to the important information.
The title of the LN I’ll be translating is called 〈Your and My Asylum〉


Here’s the synopsis for volume 1:

Our protagonist was one day summoned to another world.
The summoner who had summoned him was a slender young girl who could use magic.
However, the fate that awaited him there was not a heroic tale overflowing with hopes and dreams.

“Do I perhaps have the blood of a hero destined to save this world?”
“Bzzt! Nope. Wrong answer! You are a toy with the purpose of being tortured!!”

A story of a slightly dangerous 너(You)
and a slightly strange 나(I)
meeting in a slightly lonely place(Asylum).

I know this synopsis doesn’t really explain much, but this honestly isn’t a story where someone can give a short summary. It’s a rather twisted story that you’ll have to discover more about as you read. I made a ToC for this project already, so feel free to look at it.

Currently, only 4 volumes have been released and the length of each volume aren’t as long as 〈Dungeon Defense〉. If Volume 4 of 〈Dungeon Defense〉 is released while I’m in the middle of translating this, I will immediately put it on hold and start translating 〈Dungeon Defense〉.

⌈Also, please stop asking when volume 4 of 〈Dungeon Defense〉 is going to be released. I’m not the author or the publisher. When information on the exact release date comes out I will immediately make a post about it on my site. So please, if you don’t see the post, then that means no information has come out yet. Be patient! It’s like you guys think I’m not checking both their homepage and twitter two times a day!⌋

“Dungeon Defense: Volume 4” Delay Notice


“The 2nd publications of October, <My Past Girlfriend Smiled to Me>, <Banwoldang’s Odd Story: Volume 5>, and <Dungeon Defense: Volume 4> is planned to be released on or after November due to internal affairs. An exact date will be announced on our homepage at a later date. Thank you for your constant interest.”

This notice came out on October 24th, I’m sorry that I was unable to announce this sooner. I didn’t realize they used Twitter to make these sort of announcements.
I’ve been going to only their homepage to check for the release until now.

This delay may be happening due to the fact that they’re planning to put out a DD-themed merchandise along with the book. Don’t take my word for it, this is just my assumption.

Anyway, please continue to be patient! For me, this just means I can rest a bit longer. I’ll be going to the bookstore today to pick up some new reading materials, and maybe I’ll stumble upon another gem. Who knows?

Dungeon Defense: Volume 3 – Character Poll & Donations(?)

Welcome to the second character popularity poll for Dungeon Defense!

I figured I should just do this after every volume is released to see what you guys think about the characters.

Who is your favorite character? (Dead ones included)

Who is your favorite waifu?

I apologize beforehand that some people may be unable to see the poll. There may be some regional issues, so all I can say is to use a VPN if that is the case.


Anyway, I’d like to also mention that I will most likely be adding a donation button very soon. One should be up before volume 4 of Dungeon Defense is released, so if you guys ever drop by my site during that time, feel free to leave a donation. The donation will be split between the author and myself, so I won’t be greedily hogging it all on my own.

But this is something that’s currently still being discussed, so until then! Thank you all for reading Dungeon Defense, and I hope you guys continue to do so once the next volume is released! You have my, and the author’s, gratitude.

Quick status update

2 good news and 2 bad news.

I’ll throw you guys the bad news first.

For starters, I’m not 100% feeling better at the moment, since I still feel nauseous at times, and I’m realizing that trying to get proper rest when I have to go to work during the weekdays and running non-stop errands, doesn’t help my condition that much. I had to go to the hospital again the other day to get some cold medicine since I started coughing. That’s why I’m going to sort of extend my break to this weekend as well. Second, I was honestly just going to sneak in some translation during my break, but unfortunately, they moved my desk at my work and I didn’t have access to a computer the entire week (I translate during my off time at work, and that’s where I get most of my translation done). The dang IT guy would come by once a day to drop off a new keyboard, a new mouse, the power cord for the computer, and an internet cable, one item a day. The stress. Anyway, I’ll try to write a bit during the weekend.

Next off, the good news! First, I’m not really sure if this is good news or not, but chapter 5 and 6 will be single releases. After going through it again, there really isn’t any appropriate location to cut in order to split the chapters into parts. So it’ll be single whole chapter releases! Which means it’ll take a bit longer to release! Wait, I think that makes this bad news since that means you guys have to wait a bit longer…… Eh, oh well.
Now, finally, for the most important good news!

Volume 4 of Dungeon Defense has been announced!


No exact date, except that it will be released around the end of October!

So basically, by the time I finish translating volume 3, volume 4 will most likely be out.

I do hope that you guys can continue to be patient with me while I recover, and I promise to keep pumping out more chapters once I’m healthy!

Polls and Update

Since it felt like everyone’s opinions were all over the place. I wanted to see who you guys considered to be the best characters thus far.
(There seems to be some people unable to access the poll, and all I can do is give you guys my apology. If only I knew how to set up polls better. Oh, and I accidentally forgot Ivar—Tehee)

Dungeon Defense: Volume 1~2 – Best Character (Alive)

Dungeon Defense: Volume 1~2 – Best Female Character (Waifu)


Another poll that I’ve sort of been wanting to do for awhile now is changing the text color of my site.
The decision on the background color has already been settled, so the only thing I want feedback on is the text color. I want it to be something that’s readable and also less stressful on your eyes.

Site text color



Light Gray

Dark Gray



Since I’ve finished translating volume 2 of Dungeon Defense, you guys will have to wait for a certain amount of time until I finish reading volume 3. That’s when I’ll begin translating again. The only issue here though, is the fact that I do not have any scans from volume 3, so I won’t be able to provide you guys with quality images.

So this poses the question. Would you guys rather wait until I’m able to obtain the proper scans from volume 3 and then start uploading, or would you rather just have the pictures from my phone as placeholders for now until I get the scans later on?

This is something you guys can discuss in the comments of this post.