“So I got swept up by things and I’ve been contemplating some stuff…” the update

Once again, after finishing a volume, I ended up taking a longer break than usual. I mostly have myself to blame for that since I was persuaded by my friends to start playing FFXIV. I spent the last month basically trying to catch up to my friends and then making my way through the new expansion. I’ve been suffering just so I could grind and level multiple classes up to 80.

In any case, throughout this past month, I’ve sort of been thinking about my next translation work. I know I said before that I probably wouldn’t touch the WN version of Dungeon Defence, but it’s been so long since the last volume that I’m starting to give in. I actually haven’t read all of the WN yet, and I know that the LN and WN are on different paths, but the desire to read more about Dant’s posse is outweighing my original reluctance to translate the WN. The WN is a completed series with 507 chapters, however, this is where my problem forms. If I pick this up, then I’ll be delaying Handholding and Million Dollar Bill even more. Even if I were to make a poll about this, it’s as clear as day to me that the vast majority of people would vote for me to translate the WN of DD. I’m currently reading through a couple of the chapters and I’ll wait to see how you guys respond to this update before I make any concrete decisions.

Feel free to ask me any questions as well down in the comments.

tldr: Started playing FFXIV so I’ve been busy grinding. Contemplating on whether I should translate the WN version of Dungeon Defence or not.



A very short break…


I finally finished translating volume 1 of Million Dollar Bill, but my schedule became really busy near the end of it since my professor kept asking me to translate stuff as well. Because of all this, I haven’t been able to properly study or prepare for my exams/assignments, so I plan to take a 1-2 week break until my finals are over.

For those of you wondering what I intend to translate next, I plan to go back to Handholding for the time being simply because I left it at a big cliffhanger and it’s also a completed series.

I hope you guys can bear with this break as I try to wrap up this semester at my university. I’ll see you guys after I finish my exams!

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