About a slight delay that has happened (or is happening).


I didn’t plan on making this post originally and figured I’d just attach this to the TL note at the end of the next Million Dollar Bill chapter I release, but there have been some additional changes in my schedule that I think warrants an explanation. 

First and foremost, due to my military reserved troops training this week and all of my midterm exams last week, I haven’t been able to really focus on translating MDB. I did, however, try to impose a minimum 1k words daily quota on myself, but I couldn’t reach my quota a couple of times because of how hectic my schedule has been.

Additionally, I also received a translation commission from one of my university professors, and since that had a deadline, I had to focus more on that. I did finish it, but my professor said she was going to ask me to translate some more stuff soon, so I have to keep juggling this with MDB for a while longer.

I’m almost done with the next chapter of MDB, so expect it to be out this weekend.

I apologize for not being able to manage my schedule properly.

-Learning how to juggle, Shalvation