A quick holiday update

I know I mentioned this in the TL notes at the end of the last 2 chapters I translated for the DD WN, but I feel like I should quickly mention it here since people have skipped those. My university classes started up again last week and I spent almost my entire last week going to classes, checking whether these classes would be good for me, and adjusting my schedule accordingly. Furthermore, I had to meet my relatives frequently over the weekend because of some church-related event for my grandparents. All of our relatives on my mother’s side live overseas, so we were the only family that could attend and take pictures. Additionally, between 9/12 to 9/14 is another national holiday here in Korea and I have to go meet my relatives on my father’s side.

I hope you can excuse these recent delays. I mentioned before that I would be going back and forth between DD WN and Handholding translations, and that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been translating a chapter of Handholding and it’s much longer than a DD WN chapter. Please be a patient.

-Wondering why people don’t read these updates or the
TL notes and yet decides to ask already answered questions,


Dungeon Defense (WN): Chapter 010 – Tutorial Cleared

Chapter 010 – Tutorial Cleared



* * *


I wasn’t able to catch up to Riff’s group. The golem’s movement speed was slower than I expected. By the time I brought down the other group, Riff’s group had already reached the entrance.

I gave up on my pursuit. The golem only having 2 health left was also a reason why I abandoned my pursuit. In the end, including the one person that got away in the beginning and Riff’s group, I wound up losing 6 people.

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Dungeon Defense (WN): Chapter 009 – Handicapped New Game

Chapter 009 – Handicapped New Game (8)



Riff grabbed his hand axe.

“Shut up and listen to me, you wimpy bastards. You guys don’t know anything. If you’re looked down on in the adventurer world, then that’s the end of the line for you. What will happen if we tuck our tails between our legs in fear of another party even though we conquered a dungeon? I’d rather hold a funeral for you guys than have to watch you guys go through that.”

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Dungeon Defense (WN): Chapter 006 – Handicapped New Game

Chapter 006 – Handicapped New Game (5)



Good. This much should be enough.

I gave them a beneficial suggestion. Their wariness towards me wasn’t entirely gone yet, but their affection towards me was rising steadily. If I can keep this up and perform well, then they won’t send my head flying for no reason.

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Dungeon Defense (WN): Chapter 005 – Handicapped New Game

Chapter 005 – Handicapped New Game (4)



‘Now what?’

I desperately put my brain to work.

What can I do to escape from the evil hands of these adventurers?

Dantalian was currently captured by a group of adventurers. At this rate, I’ll be dragged to the nearest city and executed. The adventurers will most likely be pleased once they receive the bounty reward. A small festival will be held in the city market and people will proudly proclaim that they had subjugated a Demon Lord. While all this is happening, my head will probably be put on display at the end of a spear.

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