Dungeon Defense (WN): Chapter 029 – A Season Spent in Hell

Chapter 029 – A Season Spent in Hell(1)



“I’d like to request for some leisure time.”

I spoke in an incredibly serious tone.

The time was the middle of the day. The location was My Pretty Home, in other words, my Demon Lord Castle. Despite it being late summer, the cavern provided an appropriately cool environment. Even though I was spending my summer in the greatest summer resort, also known as my dungeon, I constantly felt somber.

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Dungeon Defense (WN): Chapter 028 – Human Hunting

Chapter 028 – Human Hunting(9)



Moisture continued to fill his eyes whenever I wiped away his tears. I paid it no mind as I kept wiping Jack’s eyes. Conversations ought to be done face to face, after all.

“Guuh……this is a lie……kphuuh……!”

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Dungeon Defense (WN): Chapter 026 – Human Hunting

Chapter 026 – Human Hunting(7)



How much time had passed?

The girl couldn’t tell. After the man left and the hired soldiers entered as if they were trading places, she had simply stared at the plain ceiling of the carriage. The words her mother once told her kept repeating in her head.

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Dungeon Defense (WN): Chapter 025 – Human Hunting

Chapter 025 – Human Hunting(6)



* * *



Laura had always been taught to protect her pride. Even though her family had fallen, she had become a slave, and all sorts of vulgar acts were forced upon her so that her body would become accustomed to them, her pride was the one thing she never lost. In her opinion, life wasn’t that long anyway.

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Dungeon Defense (WN): Chapter 024 – Human Hunting

Chapter 024 – Human Hunting(5)


* * *


There was a row of carriages situated in front of the auction house’s entrance. This auction house used to be a theater that was renowned for its opera performances. After the theater went out of business due to a recession, they say that wealthy merchants bought the place out and renovated it into an auction house. The carters in front of the auction were smoking cigars and holding a show about whose carriage was more expensive and beautiful.

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