We Should Have Slept While Only Holding Hands, And Yet?!: Volume 2 – Chapter 4

4. Anxiety




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I’m seriously not dead, update

Well, I’m not really sure what to say. I’ve been gone for well over a month, but I’m back now(I think). I was initially absent because of my reserved troops’ training which I have to take part in once a year, but once I came back from that, I wanted to relax for a while. I was also contacted by someone about a potential project, so I figured I would take a momentary, but proper, break while I waited for that to span out. I’m still waiting for something to happen, but I’m not sure when exactly it’ll start. Once it does, though, I’ll probably be gone for a decent amount of time again while I work on that project. (If the next volume of Dungeon Defense is released, I will come back to work on it immediately)

In any case, that’s basically the gist of things. To put it simply, I just wanted an excuse to take an actual, proper break. I always talked about taking a break before, but even then, I would constantly be translating during those supposed ‘breaks’. It was nice being able to just sit back and not worry about things for a while. Nevertheless, as time went by, I started feeling more and more anxious about not doing anything, so I started translating again last week.

It might be a mental thing, but I’ve been constantly feeling empty lately as if I had no direction in my life, so I’ve been going in an out of this depressive state. I want to do things, but I’m too indecisive to reach out for them and I end up neglecting my friends as well. Maybe I should get a supervisor or something since I’m incredibly productive when I’m being watched over. Sounds like a fetish, but I swear it’s not.

At any rate, I hope this post cleared up some questions or concerns you guys may have had, but if it didn’t, feel free to leave a question in the comments and I’ll try to answer you as fast as possible.

Sincerely, the guy who’s desperately trying
to hold himself together, but not
really doing a good job at it.

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Let’s get back into it

Well, like always, I took a one week break after I finished translating an entire volume of a novel, the novel being YaMA this time. I took a lot longer this time to finish a volume due to several complications. One of the main things being WordPress and their recent update being buggy. I’ve lost several days of progress at random moments while translating and it has been really frustrating trying to re-translate 3k+ words again. I lost a  lot of motivation during the past 2 months. The problem is resolved now, but the damage has been done. The only reason I never did a proper backup of my stuff before is due to the fact that throughout the past 2 years I’ve used WordPress, this has never happened.

In other news, I’ve been trying to see if I could find another new series to start translating since I don’t think YaMA is going to be updated anytime soon, but I was unable to find anything that looked decent. Well, this just means I can focus on Handholding more. Hopefully, I can return back to my normal translating speed but YaMA really did take a toll on me. I forgot that Handholding has a lot of pages, wew.

On a side note, I started streaming and this is the last time I’m ever going to advertise it on my site, so if you want to watch me play games by myself or with my friends, then feel free to drop by and watch. LINK
I might actually consider streaming myself translating, but that’s only if a lot of people really want me to. It’s literally a meme suggestion at this point.

In any case, I’ll see you guys in Handholding.


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