Dungeon Defense (WN): Chapter 049 – E-Rank Adventurer Party

Chapter 049 – E-Rank Adventurer Party(3)


* * *

I sent the envoys back.

After I sent them away, I walked back to the Demon Lord room. Only the sound of a couple of fairies giggling and my footsteps echoed throughout the cavern. It took roughly an hour to reach the Demon Lord room, so it was a 2 hour round trip.

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Dungeon Defense (WN): Chapter 048 – E-Rank Adventurer Party

Chapter 048 – E-Rank Adventurer Party(2)




Riff, huh? That’s a name I wasn’t expecting to hear.

I was suddenly struck with regret.

Riff of Jalsen Village, how could I have forgotten about him? Not only was he the leader of the first adventurer party I defeated, but he was the first person I met in this world.

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Dungeon Defense (WN): Chapter 047 – E-Rank Adventurer Party

Chapter 047 – E-Rank Adventurer Party(1)



I’m going to have to take some time to think about this later. I responded to Laura appropriately. We had a casual conversation where I told her that she didn’t have to go out of her way to be stubborn about speaking formally to me. I could tell that it was awkward for her to speak formally.

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Dungeon Defense (WN): Chapter 046 – Quest Breaker

Chapter 046 – Quest Breaker(3)


* * *

Laura’s slave mark.

Dealing with this was also one of my goals while visiting Niflheim.

After the Walpurgis Night, Barbatos seemed to have taken a liking to me as she took me to all sorts of places. She bossed me around like an attendant before she went back to her dungeon. For an entire day!

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Dungeon Defense (WN): Chapter 045 – Quest Breaker

Chapter 045 – Quest Breaker(2)



* * *



Two days have passed since I returned from Niflheim. I wonder if this is an aftereffect of vacations since I felt like old gum stuck under a desk and splayed myself out on my bed as soon as I got home. One’s home, especially the bed of one’s home, possesses a bizarre power. The realization that I already considered this place as my home put a bitter smile on my face.

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Dungeon Defense (WN): Chapter 044 – Quest Breaker

Chapter 044 – Quest Breaker(1)



“Chief, please review this report.”

A young man put down a pile of documents.

After seeing the mountain of paper piled on top of her desk, the woman narrowed her eyes. She was in the middle of reading a manga series she found to be entertaining. She had just got to an exciting scene where the protagonist, who used to always flirt and play with women, was suddenly changed into a female and was now being flirted with instead.

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We Should Have Slept While Only Holding Hands, And Yet?!: Volume 4 – Chapter 5

5. Secret



“Ah, welcome home, Master, Missus!”

I got up from the sofa once I heard the long awaited sound of the front door opening. I shouted enthusiastically as I rushed to the front door.

Today is actually the day Master and the Missus make up. Well, it isn’t set in stone, but I know it will happen.

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