〈Dungeon Defense: Volume 5〉’s possible release date!

There was a new post on NovelEngine’s site for the upcoming releases of early September, but they added an extra image near the bottom.


Dungeon Defense Volume 5 Cover

The caption underneath it basically says, “Our goal is to release it during the second batch of releases in September, so we are currently making preparations.”. The second batch of releases usually happens around the last 2 weeks of a month.

This release date isn’t set in stone since they did say it was just their goal. Something can always happen during the process and delay their release, but at least we know it’s coming. 

NOW THEN, YOU GUYS CAN STOP ASKING ME WHEN THE RELEASE DATE IS. You people and your trust issues, I kept saying I’ll immediately make a post about it the moment I see the news, but people kept asking anyway. Maybe you can start asking again when October hits and the volume isn’t out by then, BUT UNTIL THEN, SHUSH.