2019 Update & New Project Later

18 days into 2019 and I haven’t made an update yet. Sorry about that.
I wounded up unintentionally enjoying myself after I finished volume 3 of Handholding because my semester had ended and winter break had started. It was nice being able to take a breather and I also had a lot of family stuff going on. A lot of family reunions during the holidays and one of my grandparents’ birthday.

Nevertheless, the only reason I let this delay go on for so long is due to the fact that the scans I have for volume 4 of Handholding are insufferably bad. They’re saturated so badly that I don’t know if I even want to show them. Thus, I was waiting for the person who usually provides me with scans to work on them, but they’ve been busy. I’m probably going to have to debate whether I want to proceed with these terrible scans or not. After how Handholding volume 3 ended, I’m sure there are a fair amount of you who really want to see what happens next.

In other news, I should probably announce that I’ll be picking up a new project soon. This series is something I’ve been keeping an eye on for a while now, 〈Million Dollar Bill〉.

million dollar bill

I’m really bad at summaries, so here’s the excerpt from the back of volume 1.

A 20th century United States that’s conquered by alchemy and money.

Due to his crime of squandering an alchemist’s gold, Bounty Hunter Bill Withers lost his original body and became an incomplete existence.
As he was desperately trying to repay his debt in order to regain his original body, he comes across some information on a girl with a huge reward on her head.
Bill and Ray, an observer sent by the alchemist, find the girl with some difficulty, but an assassin from the ‘Million Dollar Round Table’ blocks Bill’s path!
In order to survive her harsh fate, the girl offers Bill a deal which he can’t refuse, but···.

People are the ones who start stories, but bullets are what always bring them to an end. A dark fantasy birthed by capitalism, Million Dollar Bill!!

If you’ve been following me for a while now, then you probably know how long I’ve been keeping an eye on this series for. Now I have to think about what to translate first, more Handholding, or this. I might even attempt to do both at the same time, like switch back and forth after each chapter. I might as well just make a poll.


(Since it seems there are still a lot of you who are STILL asking this.)

I haven’t dropped the series, there are still no new updates, the author is still alive, people really need to read the TL notes near the end of volumes if they’re curious about a series, and people should really trust me to post an update as soon as any news comes out. I’ve been checking the NovelEngine site almost every other day for the past 2-3 years now(not just for DD) and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. If something happens, you guys will know.

Some people have been mentioning the ‘plagiarism’ incident, which revolves around some people accusing the author of plagiarism, and that being the reason why the series has been axed, but there has been no news whatsoever about the series being axed. I’m not sure if I’ve given my opinion on the matter here, but that incident is just a bunch of Korean people being trigger happy and wanting to criticize anyone for anything. I’ve read through a number of articles and so-called ‘examples of plagiarism’, but the examples given are so vague and barebone that it’s like saying if your story resembles another story even remotely, then it’s plagiarism. For example, a certain series ended a scene with two people having a brief conversation as whatever they’re doing came to an end and the WN of DD does a scene somewhat the same but with completely different dialogue and atmosphere. These are the sort of scenes that are being compared and accused as plagiarism. In this day and age where it’s almost impossible to write anything without being ‘similar to something else’, I don’t know how people could expect authors to be 100% original. There are so many light novels, web novels, manga, and anime series out there that you could end up unintentionally copying the obscurest of series. How things are incorporated into a story should be more important than “Hey, this part is sort of similar to a scene in another series, the author must have plagiarised it!”. Nevertheless, thanks to the Korean mentality, I don’t doubt that the next volume was delayed because of this supposed ‘controversy’. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re simply waiting for things to calm down.

In any case, I’ll stop ranting here. Like I would always say, if the new volume of Dungeon Defense comes out, then I’ll drop everything I’m doing and rush to translate that, so don’t worry. I’ll see you guys in the next update after the result of the poll and to tell you guys about my decision on what I intend to do.




We Should Have Slept While Only Holding Hands, And Yet?!: Volume 3 – Author & Illustrator’s Afterwords

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