〈Dungeon Defense〉 Volume 5 – Character Polls & Announcement

Welcome to the fourth character popularity poll for Dungeon Defense! +an announcement post at the end

Some people may be confused about this being the ‘fourth’ even though this is the 5th volume, but I didn’t do a character poll after I finished translating volume 1. As a side note, please do not use a bot to spam vote your favorite character. It makes this poll entirely pointless and it’s easy to notice whenever this happens.

In any case, let’s get to voting.

Favorite character poll.

I excluded small characters that barely had any screen time or weren’t even memorable in this volume. Looking through the previous polls, those characters usually just get joke votes, so I decided to remove them. (Honestly, Zepar was the only one I had to remove)
Furthermore, I split up Humbaba & co. because Euryale was rather memorable this volume considering everyone’s “whisper whisper” response. You can now vote for either Humbaba & witches or Euryale & witches (The other witches are included either way).

Now for the favorite waifu poll.

Keep in mind, Ivar Lodbrok will not be included in this specific poll until his/her true female form makes an appearance in the volume.

Favorite character poll (Excluding Dantalian)

I actually liked this idea from the previous poll. Who people liked the most when the MC was excluded from the list.


Now for the announcement

There isn’t much to say since I haven’t really been holding back whenever I write the TL notes at the end of the chapters, but in case you’ve missed it. As per usual, I’ll be taking a short break now that I’ve finished translating this volume. It won’t last more than a week and may even end before half a week can pass, but yeah. A break is a break.

The more important thing is that I want to know what you guys want me to continue translating next. Either Your and My Asylum or Handholding. I won’t be picking up a new series until I finish either catching up or completing the translations of one of these two series.

If there’s something to note about both series, then for one, YaMA vol 4 was released over a year ago and volume 5 has yet to be either announced or released, and Handholding is a completed series.

I’ll let you guys vote on which series you want me to continue translating next.

I’ll see you guys in the next update.