“Dungeon Defense: Volume 4” Delay Notice


“The 2nd publications of October, <My Past Girlfriend Smiled to Me>, <Banwoldang’s Odd Story: Volume 5>, and <Dungeon Defense: Volume 4> is planned to be released on or after November due to internal affairs. An exact date will be announced on our homepage at a later date. Thank you for your constant interest.”

This notice came out on October 24th, I’m sorry that I was unable to announce this sooner. I didn’t realize they used Twitter to make these sort of announcements.
I’ve been going to only their homepage to check for the release until now.

This delay may be happening due to the fact that they’re planning to put out a DD-themed merchandise along with the book. Don’t take my word for it, this is just my assumption.

Anyway, please continue to be patient! For me, this just means I can rest a bit longer. I’ll be going to the bookstore today to pick up some new reading materials, and maybe I’ll stumble upon another gem. Who knows?