We Should Have Slept While Only Holding Hands, And Yet?!: Volume 1 – Illustrations

“As a wife, I can’t just turn a blind eye to my husband being bullied!”
“That’s right! You shouldn’t bully my dad!”
“⎯⎯⎯Like I said! Isn’t it because of the two of you that the situation became like this?!”

Celebratorily, it seems that I have become a dad.
Even though we only slept while holding hands!

〉Pleasant Family Outing!〈 → +2 unwelcomed guests

Shin Nanda
Ha Nabom004_Colour_Illustration
Jin Jaro
Ja Saeyeon
Jin Jaim


“But my chest has been feeling heavy lately as well······. Even my brassiere feels a bit tighter······. Do you think I’ve gained weight? Hm?”
“If you’re worried about your weight, then eat some vegetables and not just meat.”
“······Is dad actually a eunuch?”

The family’s warm and comfortable moment······?

(The rest of the illustrations will be uploaded here as they appear in the chapter releases)


Well, there’s bad news and… I don’t think there’s any other news than that.

For starters, I did get in contact with the author of 〈Million Dollar Bill〉 properly and he sincerely thanked me for enjoying his novel, however, he told me that he couldn’t make any decisions himself and directed me towards the editing team of the publisher his novel is under. This part seems to be the section where most other translators seem to face a wall. As you can tell by how I started this post, the publishers basically gave me a solid “no”. Their only reason was that ‘there are copyright issues’. They didn’t even attempt to negotiate anything and just left it as that.

This is actually rather upsetting since I really did want to at least translate volume 1 of 〈Million Dollar Bill〉. If I had just translated the novel without asking for permission first, then I would have probably been fine for a fair amount of time, maybe even indefinitely since Korean publishers don’t usually go out of their way to DMCA things that often. But since I’ve already received a solid “no”, my hands have become tied. They’ve technically ‘warned’ me in a sense now, so if I translate it regardless, then they can skip the warning and strike me straight away.

The only reason I’ve been going out of my way to ask for permission first was due to my good experience coming in contact with the publisher/editor of DD and YaMA. They were completely fine with me translating their novels and actually thanked me for the global popularity that I helped attract to their novels. The second reason is due to the time where I got reported by someone about the Hitler novel and Anna de Balzac. This incident sort of made me more cautious.

I’m really not sure what to do now. Korean companies seem rather closed-minded and not open to the idea of fan translations. If it were a web novel, then I’d only need the author’s permission to translate, but the novels that I’ve been trying to translate are light novels. Novels that are behind publishers. This sort of makes things complicated. There’s an option where I could just translate things first and let the author/publishers find it on their own. At that time, if they want me to take it down, then I will. If they want to negotiate something, then I will. I feel like this might be the best option. This means that I can at least translate a volume and share it with the all of you before leaving it to fate.

In any case, I guess I should hear everyone’s opinion on this. Do you guys have any recommendations or should I just go with my plan of translating things without asking for permission first and leaving things to fate?

All in all, I just wanted to feel more official, but that desire ended up putting a lot more limitations on me.

Here’s a baseball fan version of Barbatos to cheer up the mood a bit.

(Artist: Jiki | Source: KR Dungeon Defense Fan Cafe) [This cafe cannot be accessed unless you sign up, so apologies to those of you who cannot read Korean]

The “I’m still here” update

As the title of the post says, I’m still here. I’m just on my break before I start translating again. I’ve been busy trying to catch up to other series I haven’t been able to read since I usually don’t read other series when I’m translating.

In any case, I was able to get in contact with the author of 〈Million Dollar Bill〉. However, it seems the author is actually really busy right now so they asked if they could get back to me later, so I don’t have the permission to translate yet.

I know that there were several people who wanted me to just translate volume 4 of YaMA, but I’m honestly pretty burned out with YaMA right now. Don’t get me wrong, YaMA is still a really enjoyable series for me, my only issue is that it’s rather difficult to translate. Unlike DD, YaMA uses a lot of er, I guess you’d call it the Korean equivalent of chuunibyou terms. Basically, a lot of the names(not the character names) in this series use Hanja(Chinese characters). It’s actually difficult to translate these terms unless you’re already familiar with the words that are used, but I’m not exactly well-versed in Korean otaku culture. Furthermore, there’s also a lot of difficult phrasing in the series because the author tends to ignore grammar and uses slangs. Whenever that happens, it becomes incredibly difficult to translate those lines and construct sentences.

Well, it’s not TOO difficult. If you put it in perspective, a volume of DD is about 400~500 pages and a volume of YaMA is about 250~350 pages. However, they both take me around a month to translate. So yeah, they take some time.

This is sort of the reason why I’ve been trying to pick up a new series lately. Just that need for variety so I don’t get burned out by a single series.

Side note

No, I haven’t dropped Dungeon Defense and information about the release date hasn’t been released yet. For some reason, I’ve been receiving several emails from people asking me if I had dropped the series. In order to get my email, you need to have looked at the FAQ, and the FAQ literally answers that question already so it baffles me that these emails are even being sent to me. Please, readers. I check the publisher’s site every single day. If you don’t see a post about it on my site, then surprise surprise, there’s no news yet. I haven’t slacked on checking their site since the day I finished translating volume 4. I’d appreciate the benefit of the doubt. Be patient.


Still on my break. I’m waiting for the author of 〈Million Dollar Bill〉 to get back to me. If the author doesn’t give me an answer by July 7th, then I’ll probably just go back to translating volume 4 of YaMA(Unless I find another decent series).
Also, stop asking me about DD volume 5. Read the FAQ. It’s there for a reason.

〈Your and My Asylum〉 Volume 1~3 Character Poll

Character Polls

Since I’ve been doing this with Dungeon Defense, I felt like I should do this with Your and My Asylum as well.

If you’ve been around for the Dungeon Defense polls, then you should know what the two categories are.
This poll is basically wrapping all of volume 1~3 together. So you’re basing your votes on everything that has happened in the series thus far instead of the occurrences within a single volume.

 You can vote 3 times for the Best Character poll.


I tried my best to recall every single character in the series. Excluding the beings in the torture chamber. The Best Waifu poll was limited to the characters that had a more prominent role in the series so far. So I’ve excluded most of the maids who barely got any screen time. Also, characters like Yudia, who has an unknown gender, was left out cause it’d be too complicated (Sophna is evidently female despite her ability to control her gender). If I add Yudia, then I might have to add Yujin, and if I do that, then, of course, people are going to meme vote him.

Oh right, tell me if you guys prefer this type of poll or the previous poll I’d do with Dungeon Defense where I’d use poll.me.