Dungeon Defense: Volume 3 – Afterword


At times, when an author sends their manuscripts out to the world, they say that ‘It feels as if I’m sending off my child”. That is a comparison that is truly right. Since, be it a manuscript or one’s child, a person’s inside will be seriously mixed together in the thing they send off, after all.

The feces and urine of a just born infant are the chaos of the manuscript, the child’s puberty is the slump of the manuscript, and the allowance they give you after leaving home is the payment of the manuscript. Occasionally, authors refer to the process of writing a manuscript as ‘giving birth’, but that is incorrect. The problem is raising it properly after having given birth. Only the pain of patience continues in this procedure of raising……

Therefore, as an afterword is the letter being sent to the child that you had already sent off completely, it is the words you write with the goodness of your hearts to express the words, ‘I am incredibly pleased that I do not have to raise you any longer.’. Ah! How beautiful can the world be? How much of a blessing could it be to not have to see that child of yours ever again!? Leave, leave forever…… but, if possible, send a lot of allowance. And don’t visit me in person……. All I have now is gratitude towards all the things that happen in the world.

Regardless, as the person that I am the most grateful towards among all the happenings in the world is cocorip, I do not suspect that you readers were also able to feel that cocorip’s illustrations were able to reach the stage of Gods without having me tell you. The color illustrations are especially a feast of surprises. I have never seen a light novel illustration with a shade as beautiful as this. Although the lines ‘BRAVE NEW WORLD’ and ‘Everything or Nothing’ are in them, the illustrations are so perfect that I feel sorry about the fact that these lines are covering the images. I am a happy author when writing the afterword. I am able to easily fill 500 pages of praises towards the illustrator, after all! Although it is possible for me to write down all these words of praise and fill 500 pages, unfortunately, since there are not enough pages, I have no other choice but to omit those. cocorip, I give you my word of appreciation.

I said that the manuscript is like a child that is mixed with the mind of the author, but the author is even more like the child that is mixed with the mind of the editor. For example, as an alcoholic child can at least be scolded and a drug-addicted child cannot be dealt with, among those children, the child that became addicted to alcohol, drugs, and gambling, and obtained the three crowns of glory, has absolutely no answers. Mother… no, Editor… I’m sorry. Far from giving it to you quickly, though I had certainly promised to hastily give you the manuscript in the afterword of the 2nd volume, I ended up presenting it to you a month after the promised date. In the world of manuscripts, the time known as a month is, in truth, the same as 10 years in the world of raising a child. To the mother who had waited 10 years for me, I can only wail as a thankless child. Mother…! No, editor…! I’ll quit drinking, quit drugs, and quit gambling…… I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

Not only did the editor wait, but they had given helpful advice on character development. The editor isn’t an editor who interferes with the story with advice, but an editor who leads the story into a better direction through their advice. For example, in one of the character developments of <Dungeon Defense> Volume 3, during the first meeting between Dantalian and Elizabeth, towards my contemplation on what sort of conversation would be appropriate for them, the editor advised me that ‘It would be good if they said nothing’. It was a perfectly appropriate advice. If the two were true arch-rivals, then they must be able to recognize one another without speaking any words and only with a single glance. Thank you to the editor who gave me advice such as this.

The last people I must thank is, indeed, you readers.

Although I have not determined whether my manuscripts are my sons or daughters, though I did not decide on their gender (of course, there may be a third or possibly a fourth gender here), anyway, the people who had received and kept alive these newborn children of mine are you, readers. If there are broken or wrong parts in the manuscript, then those are all the ruin and wrongdoings that had come from my mind while raising the manuscript, and yet, by the truth that the ones to endure those fractures and wrongdoings of my manuscript are you readers, I can only be terrified. As you all are not a member of the family, I can only hope that you readers will read it happily. Thank you for taking in my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd daughters and son…… Thank yo……? Ara, is this comparison wrong……? No, I mean…… I see.

Thank you, readers, for making a harem with my children.

In a room with a working electric fan
Yoo Heon Hwa



45 thoughts on “Dungeon Defense: Volume 3 – Afterword

    1. He never said transgendered he said more genders, completely different. As transgender refers to switching from one gender to another while more genders is just more genders boy, girl, that boi, attack helicopter…


    1. EPUB & PDF is done, translator is asleep.
      If you can’t wait, head over to proxus.se to get it.
      Otherwise you can wait a few hours for Shalvation to add a link to the ToC.


  1. Thanks for translating, and congratulations on finishing volume 3.

    I have never seen a light novel illustration with a shade as beautiful this. > “…as beautiful as this.”


      1. …haven’t said anything yet…

        What i didn’t like about this volume is the forced plot which took 2 precious chapters… The Margrave could’ve sacrificed the hostages ( since it was his fault they got in that situation in the first place ) and killed Dantalian at that moment but no, the Margrave chose not to because Plot Armor. Please also take note the The Margrave is a ‘Seasoned Veteran’ and came from the Family of Knights for Generations, i’m not saying he’s Heartless, i’m saying he doesn’t live up to his ‘Character’ the Author assigned him for.

        Regardless i’ll still read the next Volume since there is nothing ‘Decent’ to read these days @~@.
        Also ‘Or rather, you just can’t handle large plots and politics.’ nahhh, i read Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki, and i’m pretty much enjoying it. I recommend it too, it’s a good read~


      2. The thing about the Margrave was literally already explained in the comments of the chapter it came out on. There’s a difference in honorably dying in battle, and being the one responsible for the tortures and deaths of his men. He’s a man of customs and honor. He’s often monologued about how dying honorably on a battlefield is the only way a warrior should go out. Being tortured to death is literally the most dishonorable way to die, and if you’re going to end up being responsible for 100 of these deaths, then that is enough to make him hesitate.
        Also, the Margrave and Dant are on even grounds at that point. The Margrave destroyed Dant’s castle, and Dant merely paid him back for that incident. It may be fucked up, but it is a reasonable response. Especially during this time period.
        Also, you just don’t kill someone under parley. In a world where customs seems to be emphasized a lot, a ‘Seasoned Veteran’ would understand the do’s and dont’s of parley.

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    1. What? For me that’s vol1=2.5/5 vol2=4.5/5 vol3=6/5
      I really love more and more this novel and the new writing style of the autor 🙂


      1. no… i was Rating the story consistency not the writing style… Speaking of Stories, what the hell happened on the Game Elements? IIRC it didn’t show up in this Volume. Not that i hate it nor like it but, this is a Game World right? Did the Author perhaps abandon the idea? I hope not.. cause that would be another disappointment in this novel.


      2. It appeared twice regarding the witches. Keep in mind the world is only a “game” in regards to the solely Dantalian. And the only “game feature” he has is aphrodite apostle.
        Also, I should point out. The game system comes out more frequently in the WN but it honestly does more harm to the story than it does good because it completely ruins the mood and setup. The author must have realized that as well, so he’s trying to lay off from using it excessively.


  2. I am a “bookworm”!
    Not a literal worm which feeds on books but a human metaphorically feeding on books.
    I need’n’t and shan’t be modest in saying i have read many books, more than normal people do but less than i think i should have, however this book and author reached and grabbed my heart like a claw and squashed it into an exalting mush.
    i must admit that when it comes to these kinds of pain i am a masochist.
    And thus, as i explained above, this book and this author snatched one of my best opinions on books and authors away from me, and that is how it should be and should have ever been; a book or author must learn to become a thief, a murdered and a liar if they want to be very accomplished in what they do and tell.
    The best until now was chapter 5 of volume 3 with the clash of Dantalian and Elisabeth. It was almost perfect. And i only say “almost’ only because of my selfish expectations but that is all, otherwise it is perfect.

    Unfortunately i do not know if this author has other works, if he does; someone please tell me!


  3. Thanks Author for giving us the story, thanks Illustrator for showing us the story, thanks Editor for somewhat molding the story, and thanks Translator for re-telling the story in a way we can understand.

    If only I wasn’t broke, I would 140% buy/donate for this story!


  4. They say books are born again after they are translated. How they are born depends on the translator’s skill. So thank you, Shalvation, for your children. The English harem is quite nice.


  5. When Chinese novels goes eloquent, my reaction was like “Wtf is this shit?”

    But when I read Dungeon defense author’s eloquent I was like ” my Word! This author ”

    So in conclusion
    CN novels are cheap imitations,
    As expected of the land of piracy.


  6. I will be frank, Every time I read a chapter of this book I ejaculate in my pants several times, forcing me to take a quick shower afterwords. That wasn’t a joke I actually do. This is probably the best piece of literature I have read ever. In fact I wouldn’t call this literature this is a work of art.

    p.s “Please don’t ban me from the forums I was just being honest 0_o


  7. This is certainly a rather enlightening piece of literature compared to the usual and repetitive novels I have previously been engrossed on. It’s to the point where I can no longer find satisfaction in reading them. As the newest volume have not been released, I have no choice but to continue on and occupy my brain to those subpar stories once more as I find difficulty in waiting for the next release. Kudos author, illustrator, editor, and translator. I have been greatly entertained and am anticipating for more.


  8. Thanks for the translation. This is a great story. I dunno why it’s called Dungeon Defense tho. But it’s good, so thank you.


  9. Up to this point of the story, notice how the foreshadowing during the first Walpurgis Night is starting to unfold? In case you forgot, it was what Dantalian had commented after seeing Barbatos and Paimon for the first time. *Ahem* Still, to the readers, I should consider from the start until volume 3 ends be the tutorial or rather, prologue of Dungeon Defense. It is only when the war begins that the true story shall begin. The objective of Dantalian is to ‘save the world’, but that also means that Demon Lords must not die out so that the magical energy concentrated in those bodies do not run rampant, well that was his assumption based on theories revolving behind the flavor story of the game originally. So well, borrowing Mr. Misfortune’s line, “Quit getting depressed in this kinda long prologue! You can reach her if you stretch your hand out! Let’s get this thing started already, *humans*!”


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