Dungeon Defense: Volume 4 – Illustrations

cover_volume_4_-_page_0_-_insert_volume_4_-_page_1_-_indexCleaned Volume 4 Illustration - 1
From RIGHT to LEFT: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. And, cherry blossoms. And⎯⎯⎯.Cleaned Volume 4 Illustration - 2
From RIGHT to LEFT: And, the performance begins⎯⎯⎯.











95 thoughts on “Dungeon Defense: Volume 4 – Illustrations

      1. Do you even remotely understand what procedures are? If there’s a style of format that I’ve been going with since volume 2, then I’m going to stick with it. You’re being awfully entitled about needing things RIGHT NOW.
        “I did wait”, of course you did. EVERYONE did. But are other people complaining like you?
        Furthermore, what break are you even talking about? Did you not see the triple release? I’ve been TRANSLATING the entire time. I haven’t gotten any rest for even a single day. I translated on Christmas, as I did on New Years. So stop assuming things.

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      2. You are telling a person to kill themselves over an innocent remark, that doens’t make you any better than “egotistical and lack even a shred of patience”.


      3. Way to not understand the situation for this so-called “innocent” person who kept accusing me for things I didn’t do. I wonder what that makes you then? Someone who just reads one comment and exaggerates things without context? So you’re like most recent news site.
        You need to hang around the internet more and out of your own safe zone if you’ve never heard anyone say “kill yourself” in a none serious way. I even went out of my way to add “kindly” and phrased it in a polite way as a satirical joke. So yeah. Good on you.


      4. I was just passing by and saw only this part of comments. I apologize if he is really repeat offender and I unknowingly defended him. But your reply, and most people who replied to his comment, sounds way more offensive than his initial comment. He may simply not care about pictures, and his impatience shows that he does care about reading the novel you are translating so at least give him discount on that. My opinion isn’t that important since I’m not even reader on this site.


      5. People who act entitled are basically the parasites of the wn/ln community. Anyone who acts entitled and demands for things to be done according to how they want it will receive this sort of response. You may think it’s “offensive”, but this is, unfortunate or not, common in this community. No one likes someone who shamelessly demands for things selfishly and proceeds to accuse the translator for lying when I said that I was holding the chapters back temporarily until I got my hands on the illustrations. Saying that I was ‘making up excuses for wanting to take a break’, even though at that time, I was translating non-stop throughout both Christmas and even New Years day.

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    1. I usually wouldn’t take the time to comment on something like this, but come on dude. These pictures look amazing, and took a ton of time from the artist and most likely the author too, from the choosing of which scenes to illustrate, to the actual picture itself. I can see how you are annoyed that it held back the translations, but please never refer to pictures as useless again. Thanks. And if that was not your intention, choose your words better.

      P.S. Take a drawing class, and just try calling pictures useless ever again.

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      1. People like this aren’t worth our time. They’re either trolls or just plain self-entitled dumb asses.

        This guy clearly doesn’t understand how long it takes to get actual work done. No shred of consideration, sympathy, or even an attempt to imagine what the other person is doing. The translations here are awesome, but they take so much time. This is seriously one of the best fan-translations I’ve ever seen as the writing still has it’s own distinct style that stems from the author, with the meaning of the words not being blurred. That is true work, this guy probably just sees our translator as a mere tool that should always be translating for the benefit of himself.

        The translation rarely has a typo (if ever), while also conveying the emotion of the scene. This a phenomenal feat in itself, just that guy is just blind. The work oozes out the care the author and the translator have put into it. The illustrations of Dungeon Defense are the very same. The illustrator is awesome! Some of the best light novel art that I’ve ever seen. I’m no expert in art, but the use of shading and creative portrayals of the characters are so pleasing to the eye.

        People have their own lives and are entitled to manage their own time, especially since this translation is completely free so there should be no expectations whatsoever from the translator. It’s rather funny that he wants more translations and does something that directly hinders that.

        Biting the hand that feeds you. Such an old phrase, but incredibly apt.

        A person without the foresight to even think one step ahead and the incredible selfishness to demean the effort and time poured in by the illustrator(by directly saying art doesn’t matter), to the author(by implying the work could be easily translated), and Shalvation our local translator by not even understanding the hours it takes to convey the original intent of the author while adapting the sentences to actually make sense in English(which is done incredibly well).

        I remember Spanish homework in high school being hard enough for me and I was writing sentences like “I like to dance and sing.” Somebody that can’t see that translating is hard work and can’t get past their own little bubble isn’t worth the time to be scolding.

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    2. if you’re a guy who’so good with artistic drawings. Please show it to me and see how good your drawing is compared to these pictures.

      y’know… artists has things like “themes, postures, essence and the likes”. if you cannot see that, then maybe eyes already have cancer from seeing too much shit


    3. Um, are you high? Any fantranslate’s translators are free to do what ever stuffs they wanted to, including no matter how long they want to translate, or how long they want to slack. Why? No one paid them. They are working for free. F R E E.

      Now if you are a human who lives under working human society with the basis of give and take, you should be able to think that no one is entitled to do whatever they were told to do, except if they are being paid by them. Or except if they are willing to follow it by their own, and even then they are free to break those verbal promises. Because, why not? They gain nothing anyway.

      What you (and I) can do is just to wait without a complain. Don’t get your hopes up with their verbal promises. We are the leechers, they are the feeders. You want to complain? Buy the book yourself. Or the rights to read the digital version. Or get the agreement of said fantranslators personally, with your own money. By doing that you are free to complain whatever you wanted to, under the rule of consumer rights, which I am pretty sure do exists.

      tl;dr : make your complains after you personally pay them. ignore this if you already did.


    4. Even though I appreciate pictures, I don’t find your remark to be even remotely offensive. I would like to give a dislike to commenters who start barking for no apparent reason and some people even encouraging killing.


      1. It’s probably the lighting; the light is coming in from the window behind her, and she has her back to it. Thus, her face and front are lightly shaded in contrast to her left arm, which is extremely pale. Her hair sticking up probably contributes to the shadow on her front. To a lesser extent, this can also be seen on Paimon, where her face is slightly darker than her arm, for instance.


  1. so from the right to left in last picture. its farnese,paimon,barbatos, elizabeth?

    i thought theyre new character, guess i kinda lost this series somehow in my head haha


  2. I can’t stop smiling when I thought about what will happen from those illustration,I really can’t hold back,I really can’t wait to see the “play”


  3. ah~ I can again read my most favorite Novel that gives me the most long and intense murder boner and I am very curious to know why in the last illustration, Barbatos is wearing a pierrot mask


  4. Just as a little note to everyone – I will eventually get around to doing cleaned and likely a complete rescan of the tri-fold images since these ones were kind of rushed on my behalf. By cleaned I mean no crease marks from where the image itself was folded up into the book, a textless version and/ or an English text inserted variant.

    They will always remain in a 1080P wallpaper format so people can enjoy them as their background images, like I do!

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  5. You are a god thank you so much for continuing this translation. The illustrations are phenomenal and please do provide that link somewhere on the site for those wallpaper images when they are done. Not to be greedy but any chance of getting 4k versions of them as well? 🙂

    I’m unsure of how I can help but if there is anything I can help you with I’m game. Email me. Designer, Programmer and Marketing. This story is one of my favs on my list.


  6. 엣 번역하시는 걸 보니 한국어를 당연히 하실 줄 아시겠군요… 이 작품을 번역해주셔서 정말 감사합니다! 한국판 읽고 번역본 읽으면 자동으로 영어 공부가 되더군요…


      1. 읏 번거롭게 해서 죄송합니다… 제가 던전 디펜스 팬카페에 이 사이트를 링크걸어도 될까요?
        다시 한국어로 보내게 되서 죄송합니다. 그런데 영어로 보내자니 뭔가 이상해질 거 같아서…ㅠㅠ


  7. dunzeon defense is one of the best masterpiece i have ever seen.. it never makes me disappointed. thank you for your translation


    1. 제가 열심히 변역한거를 읽어주셔서 감사합니다!
      워드프레스는 처음 뎃글을 한글로 하시면 스팸처리하더라고요.
      승인했으니 이제 한글로 뎃글 남기셔도 괜찮습니다!


  8. Where do I go to get the original material from the author, like that drama cd? I’ve looked and my google-fu skills seems to be sucking ballz today. I love everything about this series.


  9. I need MOAR!!! Volume 4 has been a roller coaster of pure epic and the pictures are just so apt at describing scenes. With Volume 4 finished, the wait period for Volume 5 will be torture. Hopefully there won’t be 2 months delay like last time. Any idea when Vol. 5 will be released?

    Thanks for the translation! I appreciate how you take time off to feed our hunger for this awesome novel.

    This should be Laura’s new motto: BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR SKULL THRONE!


  10. thank for all the chapter till now, im waiting forward for the next chapter, your work is so beautiful, i started to read LN recently i started with hmmmn i forget the name and lastly is goblin slayer and end up in this beautiful place where i read this gorgeous translation of yours, i sincerely thank you since its give me so much pleasure to read it ~

    may you will not have any problem in completing the next volume…


  11. I don’t useually make accounts to comment but this is an incredible story:) I find myself rooted to my screen as I read through the rushes of adreniline this novel uniquely imparts to me 🙂 I thank you for translating and drawing pics 🙂


    1. The next volume isn’t even out yet. Please read the TL notes since I talk about it there. When information on the next volume is released, I’ll make a post about it. If you don’t see the post, then don’t expect anything anytime soon.


  12. Hello i am jc, i read this before but i had read this chapter again while i am waiting for the next volume and i would like to tell you thanks..


  13. I love this series
    Thank you for translating and I really like the high class words you use and how you rarely have any grammatical errors or typos
    I really like the illustrations which really gives out the feelings in the story
    Oftenly I just shudder and feel really pleased at certain parts of the story and at the illustration, it gives me a really nice feeling
    Once again, thank you


  14. God this series is fantastic btw fck u fellas (Owo) laura best grill!!!!

    thanks to the translator and author for an awesome job!
    never has a novel made me grin this much as this work of art, once again thank you!


  15. Thank you so much for this series and just a suggestion since I’m a nosy perp who likes to scroll through the comments. When a troll or whatever you consider the fella makes an infuriating suggestion, just reply in korean. I got this inspiration from the korean comment. There’s kind of a 2fer1 since it’s both a “go fuck yourself” and a “translate this then, bitch!”. You can even add more context from whatever you write in said korean text.

    Do have a good rest and I await the next volume in anticipation~


  16. Wonderful novel! Wonderful translation! I love it! I love you translator! Thank you for translating this wonderful novel. I just binge read everything in 3-4 days eheheheh 😄

    Now, let the wait begin….


  17. Thanks for translateing the story!
    Altough i enjoy the novel overall the MC begins to bore me & is more and more predictable.
    His desire for power/authority that chains him in his own prison of escapism. Meh
    Still kudos to the translator thanks for your hard work


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