Dungeon Defense: Volume 4 – Prologue

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Please do not read Dungeon Defense on a site besides my own, shalvationtranslation.wordpress. There are sites that take my translations without permission and also take ad revenue. If you even remotely respect the author or the translator, then please don’t read on these third party sites. 

TL Note: Welcome to the start of volume 4. This is possibly the shortest volume in the series, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive than the other volumes. It was an amazing read through with a lot of twists and revelations. There’s actually a LOT of bants in this volume so look forward to those, since I’ll be looking forward to translating those lines.

This volume might actually take me longer to translate since the format is rather complex in places. Like how this entire prologue was in black pages in contrast to the white pages. Between each chapter, there’ll be these black page segments, so I’ll need to figure out how I’ll portray this to you guys properly.
I also didn’t expect each image to stick right next to each other, so I had to manually put a space between each page. If I didn’t, then you’d see these unnatural gaps in between the lines. By manually spacing it, you guys can tell where the page ends and where the next page starts. I’ll make the next black page section a bit different and see how you guys like that. After that, I’ll ask which format you guys prefer.

I apologize to those of you who have the tendency of copying and pasting certain lines to threads or forums. Only the black page sections will be like this, so please bear with it.



89 thoughts on “Dungeon Defense: Volume 4 – Prologue

    1. it says:
      “They say that harlot sold her body to the demons.”
      “Didn’t they say that she’s a lady from a Duke’s House? Surely not.”
      “Whose young lady is that young lady? Rumors that her mother was a whore are spread wide.”
      “Is there proof?”
      “Proof? There is. There is certainly proof. I’ve seduced plenty of prostitutes in my life, so now I can immediately tell if a person is a whore or not just by looking at their face, and that girl is a whore right from her physiognomy. In other words, you can see it as her own face being the proof to her whoreness.”
      “I wonder about that. Just that alone seems a bit lacking to claim that she’s a whore. Honestly speaking, it’s lacking quite a lot. I’m not entirely sure whether she’s a whore or not, but the one thing I can certainly see is the fact that you have a dirty rag in your mouth.”
      “Yeah? And your brain level is close to that of a bucket of rags.”
      “She was as pretty as pretty can be, though. I heard that her eloquence is fluent and she’s good at war. Who was it again? The Demon Lord’s name……Dandelion?”
      “Yeah, Dantalian. He’s the one who placed such a pretty girl as his subordinate. It feels as if that man is really blessed.”
      “Though, whether he’s blessed or it’s some repetition, we’ll have to wait and see.”
      “They say that his hip skills are impressive. Like this, ahah? Hiyah? Like this and that. Appetizingly every night. In truth, people also say that he didn’t take her in to be his acting general but to be his concubine instead.”
      “How vulgar.”
      “That’s terrible.”
      “Gyrate a bit better, I say!”
      “I’m really going nuts.”
      “So, what’s her name?”
      “Laura De Farnese.”
      “……I can’t understand. Why do competent women get caught by incompetent men? It’s as if there’s some sort of law. Occasionally, it feels as if the competent woman is actually incompetent, and the incompetent man is actually competent.”
      “That’s simple. When you go out with a competent man, then there’s a taste that you aren’t able to have, but, you’re able to taste a special and particular flavor when going out with an incompetent man.”
      “And what’s that supposed to be?”
      “Like I said, it’s……nevermind. If you want to experience that taste then you first have to have been born as a competent woman, but even if you die and come back to life, you most likely will never become a competent woman. I don’t have the duty to painstakingly explain to you something that may or may not happen after you die and are reborn.”
      “Not only is that not an explanation, but it shows to me the fact that you’re cowardly, cheap, and possibly also stupid.”
      “And so, that bitch…….”
      “They say she sold her body, you know?”
      “Betraying her own kind and towards the demons.”
      “With a beautiful appearance, that befits a whore.”
      “Yes, with sweet eloquence.”
      “Because she’s also able to kill people well.”
      “With outstanding dexterity.”
      “De Farnese.”
      “Laura De Farnese.” “The whore who betrayed mankind.”
      “The human who slaughtered humans.”
      “The swindler who instigates peasants.”
      “She even fooled the Gods with that pretty face of hers.”
      “How could she sell her soul to demons and kill her own kind.”
      “Duke Farnese was wise. It’s only appropriate to nip the bud when that bitch was really young. Think about it. Even when she was sold off as a slave, she grew up to be that atrocious. If that bitch weren’t a slave, then how much more terrible would she have become?”
      “They say she even has a hobby of gathering skulls.”
      “Dear Lord.”
      “Indeed. They say that she not only collects skulls, but she piles them up and plays the piano beside them as well. While humming. She probably gets excited by the bones of her kind that she slaughtered. I wouldn’t be surprised if the number of skulls she gathered and gathered reached tens of thousands now…….”
      “Dear God.”
      “Hmm. In the side of preferences, I feel like that person and I could bond for some reason.”
      “You be quiet.”
      “Her nature has rotted all the way to her roots. Doesn’t it almost seem as if she were a scumbag that was born in order to curse the world……?”
      “A filthy and boorish bitch.”
      “An annoying and tenacious bitch.”
      “Yup. I can’t bear the fact that that sort of person is breathing and living right now. It’d be great if she just died already. If that’s not possible, then she should go somewhere that I can’t see, albeit I can’t even see her now, I wish she’d completely fuck off to some remote faraway place where even news of her won’t reach me.”
      “I heard there are peasants who support that harlot.”
      “Do you think they’re peasants for no reason? What would bumpkins know? Every day they go around parading their own ignorance in the neighborhood they live in, the place that’s in the far corner of the world.”
      “Ignore them.”
      “Scorn them.”
      “But don’t ignore them completely, scoff at them whenever the opportunity presents itself. By doing so, we can show them the fact that we’re ignoring them more excellently and explicitly.”
      “Now you’re using your head a bit.”
      “The collector of skulls.”
      “The whore who betrayed mankind.”
      “The swindler who instigates peasants.”
      “The one who plays the piano beside the corpses—.”

      Laura De Farnese.

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    1. I apologize, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Read the TL note. These are supposed to be in black pages and I wanted to be able to properly depict that for you guys. You’re acting like this is the end of the world when you can easily just type the lines out yourself on google translate or something. (I literally translate straight out of my book. I can’t copy and paste this even if I wanted to. So you aren’t in a good position to complain.)

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      1. That’s understandable. I personally love the look, but sad I cannot paste it into word (or any text type document, be it PDF, EPUB, txt, or more) as while I do read everything myself at least once (more than once in the case of Dungeon Defense), I cannot read it while at work. I have however set up programs with the super voice pack to read books out loud to me as if they are an e-book (only thing it doesn’t do right is sound effects (onomatopoeia) which come out silly, and it doesn’t yell when there is an exclamation point, but other than that it does vary well). It’s nice that while I program all day, I can listen to one, one and a half novels worth a day. Anywho, I guess I’ll have to type this all up in text at a later date for when I want to go through the series at work beyond book 3 (unless you release a text version of it later (PDF’s can be in black with white text on specific (or all) pages while still being text by the way. Take the Black Edition versions of Overlord, fan done just like that).


      2. I added screenshots for the two different editors that I have found at wordpress. You should notice that they have at the top right corner of the editor an option for visual or text/html. You select the second, you add the code, you click the visual to see if everything works fine and publish. It doesn’t work at comments of course. If you want I can make a photoguide for you. Or you can also send me a screenshot of your editor if it’s different from mine. PS: If you go at https://shalvationtranslations.wordpress.com/wp-admin/ (you and only you can access it) you should see the interface at my second screenshot.


  1. seems like I can expect a lot from this volume. Can’t wait as I love reading books with interesting writing styles and formats. Thanks for translating! Off to re-read the other volumes now.


  2. Well great I was hoping to read not wait for images that will never load, thanks a lot shitty internet provider.


  3. Thank you very much shalvation sama you surely have saved us plebs


    Shalvation sama I “wish” (not complain so please show mercy to this pleb) the pic is just 1 large one so you just scroll down and not wait for the pic to load.. (Since it would take more mb on data huhu.. Screw us slow internet users)


  4. Thank you, thank you. I love this series so much. The black pages are a bit weird, but the effect is kinda cool for these segments.


  5. Woot Woot!
    Laura making her history
    Those pesky nobles, i am quite glad that feudalism been abolish. It still somehow exist in part of the world.
    Rise up peasant take your authority and carve your name in history!!
    TY for translation


  6. Woot, white text in black paper… The paperback novel is somehow experimental?
    What is the black pages signified? is it highlighting the dark, crude, or sinister part in the story?


    1. I think page is about rumors spread by pesky nobles, human commanders and etc defeated by Laura. It has been shown Dantalian speech still effective due some peasant have surrendered peacefully and some could have join ranks in Laura’s army.

      Hopefully in next chapter it will show Laura’s battle and Lapis. Dantalian is freaking badass in this chapter.

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  7. I’m so excited!! Laura gathered some nasty rep from those shity nobles. Well, no matter, they’ll soon die horribly! Thank you for the chapter!


  8. tbh i like this new layout. although i cant bookmark it by highlighting the text, big woop. its not the end of the world. i feel more content at the fact that shady counterfeit sites will have a harder time stealing this. if they do, let those fools waste their own time. i just hope other translation sites do the same thing. THANKS AGAIN SHALVATION!


  9. Mate, I’m thankful for the TL, but I’d like to point out that you can just change your css to represent the difference in style. That’s what it’s for. The current way doesn’t easily scale to various screen sizes, which is a particular problem for phone browsing.

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    1. Tilt your phone to landscape. Problem solved.
      I’ve already said this SEVERAL TIMES another benefit of making it like that is that it prevents those translation theft site from taking my work.


  10. What a pain, read all the comments and thought it would be at least one link to the normal version which can be translated by Google translator (sorry, I’m Chinese), but what a pain ….


  11. зачем картинкой? ты понимаешь, было немного тяжело переводить картинки на русский. не делай так. пожалуйста.
    why picture? you know, it was a little hard to translate images on Russian. don’t do that. please.

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    1. For someone who hasn’t even asked me permission to translate my work, that’s rather demanding.
      If you aren’t the person doing the en>ru translation, then please just learn how to use the internet and find a program that can easily turn images into text.
      I will be deleting anymore comments that are like this.


    2. Ах и ленивая ты же жопа, не можешь нормально переводить с ходу? Да что там переводить, ты даже изъясняешся коряво (привет гугл транслейт). Программы ведь, по типу файн ридерера специально для таких как ты придумали, чтобы изображеня в текст переносить.

      А вот теперь самый главный вопрос – для каких целей ты переводишь? Ибо Автор перевода – Шалв, будет очень недоволен если твой богомерзкий машинно переведенный текст попадет на просторы нета. К тому же это наказуемо – ежели найдут (хоть на украiнском) – покарают, причем сам Автор новеллы (его представители).

      Если имеются вопросы – задавай, отвечу.


      1. I’m sorry. But I translate for myself. Yes, I know about OCR, but why complicate life?)
        Yes, I’m a lazy ass ^_^


      2. Because I’m trying to give my readers quality.
        If you’re reading the story through machine translations, then to be honest, I’m not even sorry for the inconvenience. This isn’t a story that is meant be read through google translate. Better off just waiting for a translation done by proper people. (Machine translation is disrespectful to both me and the author)


      3. You lose nothing by posting just text. I read purely for myself, regarding “disrespect” is enough for me to know the meaning. I don’t read translated literally (Google knows how to surprise) most of the words are understandable, but to sit and translate for dictionaries to get the quality too long. Regarding the translation of “the right people” it is moving at a very slow speed and our translators, not so good as You and ask for money for their labors. On this Google translator – free alternative

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    3. >You lose nothing by posting just text
      Read the TL notes. Take into consideration Shalv’s attitude to preserve the original look, contents of the novel.

      > is enough for me to know the meaning.
      A carefully constructed sentence can have a range of meanings and interpretations dependent not only on the built up context, but also on the prose used. Most of this is butchered through MTL

      >free alternative

      Its not a free alternative but a bastardized mess made out of hard work.

      >Regarding the translation of “the right people” it is moving at a very slow speed and our translators, not so good as You and ask for money for their labors.

      If you would be so kind to give a link to, so called, “the right people” – that be great.

      One more thing, if you didn’t get something from this or any other messages – лучше переспроси на Великом и Могучем.


  12. I really love to read Dungeon Defense. To the point my stomach hurts so bad and i feel dizzy when I read my favorite character is being bad mouthed. But it’s alright now, I feel relieved thinking that Laura would probably slaughter them in gruesome way, sooner or later.


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