Dungeon Defense: Volume 2 – Intermission


▯Demon Lord of Immortality, Rank 8th, Barbatos
Empire Calendar: Year 1505, Month 9, Day 21
Niflheim, Governor’s Palace

—Good. Very good. But you’re still far.

Dantalian. I’ll admit that you’re quite clever.

You may even perhaps be incredibly clever. Yes, if I were to compliment you further, then your head may spin better than mine.

However, you have no power. You have no information. In short, you don’t have a ‘faction’. The reason behind your decisive mistake lies there as well.

If you think that just because you’re smart, you can understand the entire world, then that’s quite the foolish miscalculation. For example, you’re saying this now. That I had gathered information on the Earl of Rosenberg’s territory and sent it to you in secret. But this is unfortunate.

You’re only half right, and the rest is wrong.

Because I’m the culprit who spread the rumor in the Earl’s territory.


On the 8th month and 20th day. As soon as I saw you achieve victory over that bitch Paimon during the Walpurgis Night, a thought arose. I will test out whether if you’re real or fake.

So the very next day, I ordered my spies to spread the rumor. The Earl of Rosenberg’s territory is in one of the most crucial areas among areas, you know? With some strenuous effort, I have an information network spread throughout that area.


The problem always originates in the simplest difference in direction.


If one’s information network is spread out well enough to acquire a rumor.

Then inversely, fabricating a rumor on this side and circulating it there, is obviously possible as well.


A simple concept that even kids could realize.

It was approximately on the 8th month and 24th day that the rumor had started to spread in earnest. Since the Black Death was a hot topic, it circulated with quite the speed.

And if the rumor spread in a way that told people ‘a place right under the nose of their land has a boundless supply of black herbs’…… Hm? In the shoes of those bratty humans who were dying off by an incurable disease, then that would be enough to make them go mad for it, wouldn’t it?

I understand everything as well.

Naturally, it’s fun playing around with people’s greed.

If there is one thing that I wasn’t expecting, then it was the Margrave of Rosenberg’s movements. He took action more promptly than I thought he would. By the time the rumor of rebellion could barely take root, he had already decided to dispatch troops.

On the 10th day since the groundless rumor had proliferated, the youngster of Rosenberg had put out a draft notice for soldiers. Indeed, it was a reaction speed that felt as fast as lightning.


As expected of the house that has fought us Demon Lords for nearly 300 years now.

Should I say that they have no opening?

It’s a house that seeks for perfection so much that I want to kill them.

Anyway, the situation flowed a bit direly……

Although I did achieve my goal of putting that kid Dantalian in a difficult situation, the dispatch of troops was still excessively fast.

When my spies reported that the drafting of soldiers will most likely be completed within 6 days, I unintentionally let out a sigh. Was this the part where I should compliment them for being ‘the haven of mercenaries’, the northern region of Habsburg?

The distance between the Earl of Rosenberg’s territory and Dantalian’s Demon Lord Castle is about a 10 day march. If the military force mainly consists of infantry and cavalry, and they strain themselves a bit, then they can maybe arrive within a week.

Rosenberg’s army would probably assault the Demon Lord Castle between the 9th month 16th day and 19th day. Barely half a month of delay remained. It felt like I had really fucked over a young Demon Lord.

Yup. I’m repenting.

Surely, it was immoderate to use a competent individual like the Earl of Rosenberg as a test subject to go against the rank 71st rookie.

Since it felt like this was a bit too much— I sent that letter.

You have an enemy.
10 days from now, an army of 2,000 men will invade your Demon Lord castle.

In case he tried to slack off, I purposely supplemented some exaggerations.

In truth, it’d probably take a bit more than 10 days, but I wrote 10. The military force was at most between 1,200 and 1,500, but I set it as 2,000. It was meant to tell him to be seriously alert.

…… But I never dreamed he would extract the defense militia from Niflheim as soon as he received the letter.

Even I was shocked here, rookie.

The fact that there’s an unknown cooperation system established between Dantalian and the Keuncuska firm was clearly evident.

Well, the rest is according to this guy’s ‘guess’.


“A devastating war, Barbatos. If we can’t invade them, then we just have to make them invade us.”


At Dantalian’s proposal, I was at a lost for words for an instant.

It wasn’t for a particular reason. I personally felt a sense of irony.

To me, Barbatos, who had spread a false rumor to send invaders at you.

To suggest for me to once more ‘circulate a false rumor, and drive the humans to attack us’.

This was most likely proof of the saying that no one knows how life will turn out.

“……Hahah, ahahahah. Hahahaha!”

Even me bursting into laughter was natural.

Oh, Dantalian. You pitiable child. You’re trying to put a trap out for another prey, despite being caught in a trap yourself. Are you decorating that foolishness of yours as wisdom because of your gullibility or because of your pride?

Or—is it simply youth?

Even my already dead heart felt hot.

“How original, Dantalian. Very original.”

I stroked Dantalian from his abdomen, chest, neck, and cheek, one place at a time. I took a liking to his muscles that were firmer than they appeared. Dantalian gazed at me with a smile still on his lips.

“Half a month ago, around the time I sent you that letter, I was hoping that you would at least be a slightly interesting fellow. But by the looks of it, it seems I’ve lived for too long. With a person like you here, my hopes for the world are already daunted!”


“Okay. I’ll cooperate with you. War? That’s what I was hoping for. A wild rumor? That’s just to my taste. To your bad habits, I, Barbatos will associate myself with you. How far you’ll be able to walk. What’ll be waiting for you at the end of your path. The immortal Barbatos will wait and see.”

Although it’s uncertain whether your conclusion may end with myself taking your neck.

That is something to look forward to later.

Let’s enjoy the current now.

“Just imagining how gruesome the war you’ll start is enjoyable, Dantalian. You aren’t planning to leave while disregarding the lady that you’ve heated up so much, are you?”


I activated my magic mist.

The black mist licked the back of Dantalian’s ear and seeped into his brain. Shaking this child’s skull, it passed through his spine and dug into his lower body. Once that happened, Dantalian opened his eyes wide.

“Don’t tell me, this mist……”

“Yup. An aphrodisiac spell.”

I smiled suggestively.

Binding a rookie like you to my side is simple.

For starters, after establishing a relationship where your body is no longer able to deny me, then slowly, with one bite at a time, it’ll be over after I chew away at you ever so slowly. Then at one point, all of your flesh will be torn off and only your bones will remain.

My name is Barbatos.

The Demon Lord of all the dead.

Anything that has become a skeleton will have no choice but to follow my command.

I sent my heated breath into Dantalian’s ear.

“Since long ago, I’ve wanted to be pounded by a son of a bitch like you and pant like a dog…… do you want to try?”

And with that, it was over.










Oh clever child.

Ride on my hips and dance to your heart’s content.

Until the moment you fall weakened, and finally perish.








TL note: The true finale of volume 2. I hope you guys aren’t too put off by Barbatos, because I honestly find it as a nice twist. Dantalian can’t be too conceited.
After this I’ll be writing the afterword, then once I’m done with that I’ll begin reading volume 3. According to the Korean people on the forums, they were mostly baffled by the fact of how amazing the writing is in volume 3. So I have high expectations.

Please be patient as I finish the afterword and read volume 3!

I’ll begin translating once I’ve finished reading!




117 thoughts on “Dungeon Defense: Volume 2 – Intermission

    1. God, every chapter was very exhilarating, just like Korean dramas are supposed to be. I like it and hate it at the same time. ‘Cause author-san may pull one over our heads.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Dantalian can’t be too conceited, huh? You do realise that just before being “cornered” by Barbatos he told Lapis that she’ll sleep alone right? Also did he really not know/thought about Barbatos spreading the rumor or did he opt not to point it out? Those that know a lot are usefull, those that know all are dangerous and need to be eliminated ASAP. At least that’s my take on it.

    Liked by 12 people

    1. Yeah that is my estimation as well. This is a novel that often surprises me, but it seemed pretty obvious even to me that she spread the rumour.

      I’d get it if they meant that he can’t let his guard down because she is cruel and insane, but that suits Dantalian perfectly tbh. He’ll manage. If his harem grows according to his father’s predictions it sounds like any offspring he has would have an even more nightmare level of difficulty than his own childhood though.

      Liked by 12 people

  2. What an amazing chapter. Well, it was probably more reasonable to guess that he wants a partnership with Barbatos, but I was still so very curious if he could actually kill her this volume. Oh well.

    That being said, it seems that he is testing the depths…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. “but I was still so very curious if he could actually kill her this volume”

      My guess is, that in accordance with common tropes, the demon lords in the game each had a weakness the player could exploit. That would also include Barbatos.

      To be honest, towards the end of the previous chapter the whole time I was waiting for Barbatos to suddenly fall down due to poison in that wine, since Dantalian would know if there is anything he could put in there that she’s weak against.

      He did mentioned that he knew she would let her guard down in order to enjoy the wine, and since alcohol is poison, her lowering resistance to alcohol probably also lowers resistance to poisons in general.

      It would be perfect if it was a “secret” recipe that the player (hero) discovered as a quest reward, and which would require Barbatos to periodically ingest a special antidote in order to keep the poison at bay.

      Of course, only Dantalian would know how to prepare the antidote, and he would use that to keep Barbatos from biting him – too much.

      Dantalian, on the other hand, would not have any weakness from the game, since he was a tutorial boss, and therefore too weak to need one, thus making him unexpectedly OP, compared to the other demon lords who all have a weakness.

      Liked by 5 people

  3. “For starters, after establishing a relationship where your body is no longer able to deny me, then slowly, with one bite at a time, it’ll be over after I chew away at you ever so slowly.

    Oh clever child.

    Ride on my hips and dance to your heart’s content.

    Until the moment you fall weakened, and finally perish.”

    I’m going to laugh my ass off if he didn’t feel aroused at all because, as he said,

    Lolita complex is a mental illness, people. I hope you can quickly go to the nearest hospital to get a suicide subscription.
    And Barbs-chan is simply that: a loli.

    I believe Dantalian do know that she’s going to come onto him, though? I mean what with him saying Lala’s going to sleep alone tonight…
    which makes me think: if she’s turning off her automatic detoxification thingy to feel drunk, then it’s not entirely impossible to… y’know, poison her. Not with deadly poison, oh no, but with something else that’ll make HER a “slave” to him instead.
    But this is just a theory.

    Thank you once more, Shalvation, for everything you’ve done to us readers by translating this amazing gem of a novel.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is the kind of novel that manages to confuse you in a good way. Unless you’ve already read it or have been spoiled, you really don’t know who the hell is manipulating who. There’s so many comments already trying to extrapolate an answer, and almost all of them seem entirely plausible despite being completely different from each other. I can’t wait for the new volume to begin. It just gets better and better…


  5. She still did not knew that his perverse was on whole different level then she ever saw for 500 years and she just a mouse in front of tiger, even if she is “ill” loli it changes nothing


  6. I wonder if I will see the Barbatos suffer due to the incredible vigor of the dantalian, as well as the Lala ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Thanks for the chapter


  7. What the heck? She didn’t even consider him not mentioning that she was the cause could be deliberate. And yes knowing our MC he has deliberately not told that. He only showed the part of his cards that he needed to get what he wanted, her (tentative) support without having to join up with her faction.


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