Your and My Asylum: Volume 2 – Chapter 1

TL note: While getting the permission to translate from the author, I decided to ask if they could check to see whether the names I used in volume 1 were correct or not. I may have missed a few of the names when asking, but here are the changes:
Gia Batsand ⇒ Zia Batsand 
The Gate of Simla ⇒ The Gate of the Multiverse
Twelve Sky Barriers ⇒ Twelve Sky Wizards
The Amethyst Swamp of Despair ⇒ The Violet Swamp of Poison

It really is a pain since words commonly used in fantasy settings tend to not appear in the dictionary. I have to sort of grasp at straws. That’s why I’m truly grateful to the author for providing me with the correct terms.

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