Dungeon Defense: Volume 2 – Afterword


To an author, the afterword is like the afterlife for atheists.

While being at ease and closing their eyes thinking their life is finally over, all of a sudden, an angel appears out of nowhere and mocks you while saying ‘It’s not over yet, punk’. And the atheist desperately tries to resist by pleading ‘But my life is already complete!’, but our beautiful angel smiles gently and responds, ‘That’s your problem, kid♪’. Then the atheist will be at a lost for words. For that reason, the body text may be over, but now it’s time for the afterword.


First things first, a thank you to the illustrator of <Dungeon Defense>, cocorip. Thank you for the amazing cover and illustrations you drew this time as well. There’s always something admirable about the artwork that cocorip draws. Such as the killer illustration of volume 2—Dantalian, Lapis, and Laura sitting on chairs next to one another— for example. In my initial illustration plans I drew up for this, there was no background. And there, cocorip drew a ‘black flag’. Although you’ll be able to understand if you look at the illustration yourself, but the thing that gives the overall life to the artwork with a ‘Bam!’, is the flag on the left side that stretches out over to the right.

In the movie <Amadeus>, Salieri pointed towards the yet to be finished score and asked Mozart, “Is this everything?”. In that moment, Mozart responded, “No, the true flame remains.” and added another melody. Then the score came out to be imperishable throughout history. No matter what the piece of work is, an element that’s capable of blowing life into it is required, and without that you won’t be able to feel any vigor or atmosphere. I’d like to once again show appreciation to cocorip, who is always able to find ‘a melody’ through a beautiful method.


I’d like to give my thanks to the person who is always patiently waiting for the manuscript from the author, my mother…… is not the person, my editor is. This manuscript was especially late. The longer I take, the more hardship my editor goes through, so I can only apologize. The next manuscript…… in order to give you the next manuscript a bit faster……I’ll do my best……!


The last person I wish to give my appreciation to is, of course, my readers.

Though it may be the beautiful angel who brings the verdict down on life, the verdict for <Dungeon Defense> volume 2 is completely in the hands of you readers. This establishes a metaphor that you readers are no different from angels to me. That is so. In truth, this afterword, from start to finish, is completely a figure of speech. Not only the body text, but the afterword is a story within a story as well. How profound this is! How baroque this is! While shedding tears, I can only plea to the angel to at least spare me from a burning hell……

I hope that everyone was able to enjoy volume 2.




In a room where the ground is still chilly

Yoo Heun Hwa



24 thoughts on “Dungeon Defense: Volume 2 – Afterword

  1. Great work on this Volume. Your comments about the Korean forums saying that Vol 3 is going to be even better is the greatest and cruelest thing you could have said.

    Because now I have to wait for it… D:

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Ok you angels punks , it’s time to buy novels,a lot of novels
    We have to at least make this novel reach vol 40 with all books we brought !


  3. Reiterating what framee said: if this LN is available in my local, I will buy it. SUPPORT THE AUTHOR GUYS WE CERTAINLY WANT THIS TO LAST FOR MORE THAN A DOZEN VOLUMES RIGHT
    of course we shouldn’t forget the very friendly and amazing translator, Shalvation, for doing what he’s doing.


  4. I hope this novel will not experience something like Yen Press. I have really nothing against them, but they take away all the fun with their 2-5 year delay releases.


  5. Hey,
    Just read the 2 volumes today.
    Good job translating all that, and I’m eager to read more of it.
    Ziru brought me here btw.


  6. Thanks for the cliffhanger.
    Now i have to check for new chapters everyday!
    I really appreciate ur works(author+TL).
    Everyday after studying for approx. 23hrs i usually read for 1 hour some novels.
    And this is definitely my favourite one atm.
    i actually never write comments on TL sites, but seriously reading DD is the best part of my day and i really appreciate that you’re using your freetime to make my day.
    Best wishes from a devastated student.
    P.S.: Even if you dont do this for money(because you are not some greedy shit like me), i wouldnt mind a donation box.


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