Dungeon Defense: Volume 1 – Afterword


Hello, this is Yoo Heonhwa.

The original <Dungeon Defense> is the version 1.0 that was published online and the version 2.0 that was published as a fantasy novel book. The book to have been recently published and is now currently in the safe hands of you readers, is the greatly anticipated version 3.0.

Although, when you think of it as a three-stage evolution, I personally can’t help but open my mouth and utter ‘It sounds like a protagonist, so it’s cool……!’, but in truth, there was the tragedy that due to the lack of sales of ver 2.0, the series had ended prematurely. With no doubt, it wasn’t the protagonist, but instead it was an extra who would get hit by the main character once and be sent flying away shouting, ‘Y-You wait and see……!’.

Normally, the line ‘Y-You wait and see’ gave the typical foreboding feeling of being a defeat flag, but surprisingly it really was able to return. I feel like even the protagonist would be astonished by such a tenacious vitality.

Even if this was like a prison with no hopes or dreams, where countless number of extras were cut down by the protagonist known as the market economy, I’m sure no one could have possibly predicted this three-stage evolution. Do your best, version 3.0! Get a good hit on that overbearing protagonist! And to everyone who had participated in the cheering—I’d like to first give my thanks to all the readers who have bought this book.


I believe that among you readers there are certainly some of you who had bought ver 2.0. I’d like to borrow this position to apologize.

I am very sorry.

Because of the author’s lack of ability, <Dungeon Defense> version 2.0 could not run until the very end and had dropped out in the middle of the marathon. Although I am writing this with the attitude of changing my mentality in order to not go through the same accident again, seeing that version 2.0 is already over, I can only give you all my word of apology. Once again, I’m sorry.


Next, I’d like to give my thanks to the person who had drawn all the illustrations, cocorip. Even though I, the one in charge of the writing, had always passed over illustration planning sheets under a very tight deadline, cocorip had drawn amazing illustrations from start to finish. I’d like to make a declaration that I have never seen artwork in novels as amazing as this anywhere else. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the combat prowess of <Dungeon Defense> version 3.0 was amplified by approximately 13 times thanks to the illustrations. I am delighted that we were able to work on this novel together. Please treat me well going forward as well.


Finally, I’d like to give my thanks to the editor who gave <Dungeon Defense> the opportunity to do a three-stage evolution. If the editor had not given such an impassioned speech that ‘This extra has the potential of punching the protagonist square in the face!’ then the marathon race might have completely ended there. I may be the person who wrote the content of the story, but the person to publish this story to the outside world was none other than my editor. Thus, if I was the mother of version 3.0, then my editor would be the father and by miracle of chance a couple was established and……
I’m sorry. That was a small joke. Please forgive me.


Nowadays the weather has become very cold.

In hopes that everyone is able to get through this cold winter safely, I shall end the afterword here.


In a room with a broken boiler
Yoo Heonhwa



38 thoughts on “Dungeon Defense: Volume 1 – Afterword

      1. Version 1.0 is the webnovel. Version 2.0 is his first attempt at making it into a light novel, but it did really badly. This light novel I had translated is 3.0.


      2. Every time I see one of these translated “Afterword pages”, the authors always apologize. For anything, everything. I always thought that is such a bizarre habit of Asian authors, to be triggered into apologizing at every given chance, even when people have already bought their book, they say they’re sorry.

        …But seeing how much heat this author has gone through, I can somewhat get why this guy apologizes. It sheds some light about the condition authors have to suffer through in that industry, which may as well explain why they are so obsequious.

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  1. Shalvation, you are the best! thank you for this novel, i like this kind of protagonist so much! i wish you a good time with the second book 😉


  2. Wooo author-san is copying oregairu (or at least that instance is the oldest version of afterword I know) and is doing awesome with it. Good luck salvation and cheer Dungeon Defense’s mother and father for us as well


  3. You can see the cover of the old version here.


    ver.01 = WebNovel
    ver02 = Publishing rentals
    ver03 = LightNovel

    The contents of version 1 and version 2 is almost the same.
    Because it was published version 1 to version 2.

    Version 2 was terminated early because they are not applicable to the rental market. (Vol.6)
    On the other hand, version 1 was continued popular series. It was completed by vol.23.


  4. I agree with the artist thing. It always makes the book better with illistrations but this book added more than the per usual. A story has which is none to about 10 for the whole story. (PURLY MY SPECULATION) When i read a story which has at least one picture per chapter I regard that highly. That is all.


  5. I like this author and Shalvation (I’ve also enjoyed all your tl notes and comments tho I’m late on reading!)
    Gujab on fighting that headache! haha
    Thank you for sharing to us this awesome read ❤


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