Dungeon Defense (WN): Chapter 183 – Misanthropy

Please be advised that the following chapter has 18+ sexual material and should be exclusively reserved for a mature audience. It’s only a very brief part at the end, but I’m putting this warning up anyway. It’ll continue on to the beginning of the next chapter.
You have been warned.

Chapter 183 – Misanthropy(5)


* * *


It wasn’t easy to meet a Demon Lord just because they also belonged to the Plains Faction.

I’ve been trying to get in contact with Rank 14 Leraje for the past few days now, but I didn’t receive a favorable response. The other party made their disapproval apparent. He was questioning why I wasn’t going through the formal procedure that was necessary to meet him.

What ulterior motives do you have to try and approach me using unofficial means? Most importantly, why is a Demon Lord who should be participating on the frontlines of Habsburg here in Frankia all of a sudden……? To put it simply, we seemed suspicious.

However, there was one good thing. The name Dantalian was enough to make the other party reconsider. I was a rising star in the Plains Faction, after all.

Even if we were pushed a step back in the battle of factions, the Rank 14th spot of the Demon Lord army wasn’t something that could be easily obtained through a card game. There was no way that Leraje didn’t know about me. As I expected, Leraje quickly informed me about a place where we could meet.

The location where I was going to be granted an audience was a rather special place.

“To think we would meet in a human city. That Demon Lord is a rather spontaneous individual as well.”

“Furthermore, look here. There is an invitation to an opera here as well.”

“Oh dear, there really is. Does he wish to hold a secret meeting in an opera house?”

Jeremi let out an interested laugh as she read the invitation.

Demon Lords would normally hold meetings at their Demon Lord castles since they were familiar territories. On the other hand, human cities were rather dangerous for Demon Lords. There was no way to know when their true identity could get revealed, after all.

“Should my assassin group go to the city first and lie dormant?”

“No. There is no need. Leraje is most likely trying to test my courage. It would be best to minimize our entourage as much as possible before we go there.”

I went to the city with only Jeremi.


* * *


It was the evening. We arrived at the opera house on a carriage like the other guests.

There was a bunch of beggars fighting at the front of the theater. They were trying to fight for the best spot to beg for money. The people who lost the fight were chased far away. The faint sound of music drifted out from the theater.

A girl rushed to us the moment she saw us exit our carriage.

“Madam, some coins, please.”

The girl held her hands out to Jeremi.

“God’s blessing will be with you.”

“Oh dear. To think a person like me would be blessed.”

Jeremi placed a coin on the girl’s palm.

“Thank you! Thank you very much! Madam, God will surely bless you.”

The girl thanked Jeremi with exaggerated body movements before turning to stick her hands out to me with a gaze that looked as if she had found another prey. I smiled and dropped a silver coin in the girl’s hands. The glimmer from the silver coin was apparent even when the sun had already set. The girl was surprised.

I lowered my head and whispered to the girl.

“I am a renowned pimp from Parisiorum. I intend to take you with me and raise you as a harlot. I will use you as a slave forever, girl. However, I will give you a silver coin every week. What do you think?”


The girl screamed as she scurried away quickly.

I chuckled as I watched the girl disappear down the road. Once I did, Jeremi gave me a look.

“Why did you do that?”

“That girl will now always be wary whenever she sees a silver coin. She will think that the other party might have ulterior motives. I simply gave her the little bit of doubt that is necessary to live.”

……I sometimes wonder if you look crazy to normal people because you are so generous and kind-hearted or you look generous and kind-hearted because you are crazy.”

I shrugged.

“Who cares? I am probably an insane and generous man.”

Jeremi chuckled lightly.

“A wise answer to a silly question from my wonderful gentleman.”

She commented as she naturally linked her arm with mine.

The two of us were pretending to be an aristocrat and his lover today. I was hiding the small horn on the back of my head with a wig and Jeremi was wearing a hat with a net around it to cover her burned face. We probably looked like a normal couple to others.

There were upper-class people crowded at the entrance of the theater. According to their chattering, not only was this opera performance the first premiere, but a famous actor was going to be performing as well. That was why all of the men and women who had a social life in this city had gathered at the theater.

A theater attendant acted as our guide after receiving our invitation. We arrived at a room. We had a clear view directly in front of the stage.

“Oh? These are the most expensive seats.”

“Is that so?”

“You must not have a lot of interest in operas, monsieur.”

I nodded. This was my first time coming to an opera in the entirety of both my previous and current lives. I didn’t have even the slightest bit of expectation from the performance.

I know very well how terrible my sense of aesthetics is. I’m a man who had dozed off while listening to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5. I can still clearly remember the look of terror in my music teacher’s eyes when I was in high school. Mm, it was a good class to take naps in.

“When will His Highness Leraje be arriving?”

“He will most likely arrive when the other spectators are busy watching the performance.”

On the other hand, it seems Jeremi liked this sort of thing. A frivolous type of excitement had been coming from her since earlier. Even though she knows that the performance was just an extra to our secret meeting with Leraje. This was surprisingly out of character for her, so I couldn’t help but be amused.

These sorts of cultural activities were more suited for Laura than someone like me. She was the esteemed daughter of a duke, so her understanding of the fine arts must be impressive.

She was definitely the type of person to make comments like ‘This part of the performance was good’, ‘But their execution was a bit excessive. It would have been better if they had kept it milder’, and ‘The director’s interpretation was rather subjective, so……’ once the performance was over. I’m sure of it.

Lapis would……be like a cold critic and point out all the flaws. Things like, ‘The main actor bit his tongue while saying the 15th line during the 2nd scene of the 3rd act’ or ‘If the actress does not change the way she acts within the next 3 years, then her life will not last long’. And after criticizing them relentlessly, she will probably say something like ‘it was a decent performance’.

Barbatos would just fall asleep. I’m certain of it. She was the type of nuisance that would snore loudly during a movie. She would probably stretch and comment about how well she slept after the movie was over.

“Look, monsieur! It’s about to begin!”

Jeremi pushed herself against me while I was passing the boring time in my imagination. Two large and soft clumps of flesh pressed against my arm. She was definitely more excited than usual. Did she like operas that much?

As I expected, the opera wasn’t that interesting. The story was about an abandoned prince who starts a rebellion against his father and ultimately destroys the country as well. Jeremi watched the stage with sparkling eyes―it wasn’t the usual fake smile she would have on her face. I don’t know. The only personal thought I had was that the prince was the biggest idiot alive.

Why would he tell everyone around him that he was going to rebel? Why was he upset that his little sister went to a foreign country to be wedded? I couldn’t understand him. If he could bring in a foreign power through his little sister, then his coup d’état would’ve been easier. He only had to appear subservient on the outside to his father. It would only be natural that the father would be so cautious of the son when he was rebelling so openly.

Shoddy……it was way too shoddy. The kid knew nothing about politics. Even the king was an absolute idiot to appoint someone like that as the crown prince. Why weren’t the nobles supporting a different heir? Were there only fools in that country?

Hurry up and die. It would be better for the people and the nation if politicians like you died quickly. I was more than ready to start an uproar if this performance didn’t have a bad ending, so hurry up and hang yourself and end this boring performance.

……More importantly.’

I looked around. The entire audience was focused on the stage.

‘Leraje hasn’t arrived yet.’

The performance was already more than halfway over now. If Leraje was going to arrive, then he would’ve done so sooner. Secret meetings required at least three hours. Despite this, not only has Leraje yet to arrive after two hours since the start of the performance, but we didn’t see even a single one of his subordinates either…….

Is this a trap?

My mind went cold. Was there a possibility that Leraje would try to hand me over to the humans? ……No. If he fears Barbatos’ wrath, then he would never do something like that. Leraje should also have no idea what our goal is. It was highly unlikely that he would try to attack me.

“Uhm, Your Highness?”


Jeremi whispered into my ear. Even though she had promised to not refer to me as ‘your highness’ in the city since it could be dangerous. She most likely thinks our current situation is weird as well.

However, Jeremi’s next words were completely unexpected.

“Do you want me to suck it?”


I unconsciously raised my voice. I saw Jeremi’s usual smiling face once I turned to look at her. What did she say just now?”

“It seemed like Your Highness hasn’t been enjoying the performance one bit. How could a lowly servant like me enjoy the show by herself when her master is bored? So I want to make it entertaining for Your Highness as well.”

“No, what are you…….”

“I know that you enjoyed all sorts of luxurious hobbies with Her Highness Barbatos. Doing something like this in an enclosed space and in public should definitely be able to satisfy Your Highness.”

She sounded genuine.

It was ridiculous. How could I possibly make her fellate me in a theater? My image had been established in a weird direction because of the scandal that Barbatos spread on her own in the Demon Lord army. I am not an exhibitionist.

“I’m fine, so stop joking―.”

It was right when I was about to wave her off with my hand. I noticed that Jeremi had a serious look on her face and a good idea went through my head.

……No. That might be a surprisingly good idea.”


Jeremi smiled slyly. The corners of my lips went up as well.

“All right, Jeremi. I will allow it. Try doing it as obscenely as possible.”

“As you command. Despite my appearance, I am well-versed in various techniques. I will not disappoint you.”

Jeremi got on her knees and went below my waist. Jeremi started to lick my member after pulling it out. Soon after, her warm mouth completely enveloped it.

“Ub……amn, hmmn…….”

A feeling of pleasure spread up from my lower body.

I looked around the theater sharply.

‘Now then. Where are you, Demon Lord Leraje?’

There were partitions set up between the seats in our private room. The people around us wouldn’t be able to see what Jeremi was doing, but…….

‘If he’s been watching our room since the start of the performance, then he will definitely notice.’

A pair of audience members were abruptly doing something vulgar. It was incredibly rude; however, making your guests wait 2 hours was also rude. Therefore, this was our way of complaining to Leraje. What was he doing after having invited us all the way here?

There weren’t a lot of places in the theater that could see our position. At most, maybe the seats at the furthest ends of the sides. I waited patiently for a response while slowly looking from my left to right.

And then.

The singing stopped for a moment. The music from the instruments was still being played, but the male lead had stopped singing all of a sudden. Of course, it was only for a moment. The male lead quickly resumed singing.

I grinned.

‘I see. So you were there?’

My gaze went to the top of the stage.

Toward the male actor wearing a mask.











TL Note: Thanks for reading the chapter. The NSFW part sort of caught me off guard, but it wasn’t entirely out of my expectation. I don’t know why I sort of knew it was going to end this way once Dant started talking about how boring the performance was. I guess this is one way to make Jeremi have a bigger role?

Welp, I’ll see you guys in the next chapter. It’ll be NSFW for the first half of the next chapter.


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