Dungeon Defense (WN): Chapter 184 – Misanthropy

Please be advised that the following chapter has 18+ sexual material and should be exclusively reserved for a mature audience. It’s basically the first half of the chapter.
You have been warned.

Chapter 184 – Misanthropy(6)


“He was in a rather unexpected place, huh?”


Jeremi carefully removed her mouth from my member.

She brushed the tip slightly with her lips. Jeremi took in a deep breath as she turned to look up at me. Half of her face was scarred. This might seem unsightly to some people, but it felt strangely charming in a way to me.

“Was there a reaction, Your Highness?”

“Indeed there was. You’ll be surprised to know where from. His Highness Leraje has been on the stage. And not as a supporting character, but as the main male actor.”

“Oh my. That person has quite the unique hobby as well.”

Jeremi chuckled as she lowered her head again. Her warm tongue wrapped around the tip of my member again. Her entire mouth latched onto me like some sort of viscous entity. It almost felt like I was naturally getting sucked into her. At the very least, Jeremi was more talented than Laura when it came to fellatios.

“You can’t become an actor in an opera just as a hobby, can you?”

“Mmh, mm, hmmn…….”

Jeremi responded by letting out a lovely sound through her nose. Of course not, was what she was trying to say. Yeah, if you want to appear in an opera, you have to know how to act and also be able to sing. It isn’t easy. Hm. This means that Leraje is rather serious about opera…….

“This might be bad news, Jeremi.”


“Ah. Don’t stop and just listen. It feels good.”

I spoke while looking at the stage.

The pleasure coming from my lower body became a level stronger. Jeremi started to bob her head back and forth faster. I could hear the sound of opera singers singing and Jeremi’s obscene slurping mixing together. I’m not sure, but the quality of the music seemed to have improved greatly compared to before.

“Leraje was reluctant to meet us at first. I thought that it was simply because he couldn’t figure out our intentions, so he was keeping his distance……but if Leraje is a passionate opera actor, then doesn’t that mean he couldn’t give up on his opera performances?”

……Mm, mhm, mmm.”

Jeremi stopped for a very brief moment.

“There is a chance that he was hesitant to meet us since it could overlap with his performance schedule. According to what I had heard, there will be another performance tomorrow and the day after. He would only be able to make time for us after those performances, but Leraje must’ve not wanted to make us wait for four whole days either…….”

I commented before laughing.

“He didn’t want to give up on his opera performance and he didn’t want to refuse a meeting with us. If that’s the case, then there is a chance that he was trying to amuse us by inviting us to this premiere and come out saying ‘Surprise! I was the male lead actor! Are you amazed?’……Ah, I’m about to cum.”

“Mm, hnn, mm, mm―uub, hbb.”

My member tensed up four to five times as it spewed out sperm. Jeremi didn’t stop her mouth until she received all of it. She audibly gulped as she swallowed it all down. The pleasure from the climax flowed through my body. I let out a long breath.

“Haa……if this is the case, I’ve basically been going completely against Leraje’s tune. I never would have imagined that my artistic taste would cause such a big problem in a place like this.”

“You have basically given yourself the worst possible first impression to the other party.”

Jeremi wiped her mouth with a handkerchief as she spoke.

“What are we going to do? Your Highness has already yawned a total of 17 times throughout the performance. As an actor, Leraje’s impression of you must have fallen further below rock bottom.”

“Damn it.”

I felt frustrated.

“Why would he think that I would also enjoy the fine arts that he enjoys? If anything, I felt uncomfortable because I was dragged out to watch such a boring performance.”

“People who like this type of art are usually like this. They hope for other people to enjoy the things they enjoy. This is especially the case for jobs that involve acting since those revolve around the desperate need for other people’s attention. His Highness Leraje may have deliberately displayed his singing and acting skills to Your Highness for the sake of obtaining a favorable impression from you…….”

Jeremi commented with a smile. This girl was definitely feeling entertained by what was currently happening. She was rotten to the core.

“Why are you trying to avoid taking responsibility? You are the one who offered to fellate me first.”

“Your Highness is the one who allowed it. You could have also ordered me to stop at any point, but Your Highness never did even after finding out His Highness Leraje’s identity. Why would you try to blame me after having enjoyed it this much?”

“Wow, look at this girl.”

Are you telling me to stop something that has begun? That is impossible. At the very least, it is impossible for men. We have to see it through to the end even if a storm were to hit or a terrorist were to shoot at us.

“Sheesh. Whatever, I don’t care. What could I possibly gain by swearing at you? I will have to bullshit my way out of this.”

“Bullshit? I do not think that a lie would work in this situation where it is painfully apparent that you had done something obscene.”

“This humble one will handle it on his own, so stay out of it, Miss Jeremi. Hey, do it one more time.”

Jeremi gave me a strange look.

“Again? Are you serious?”

“I am saying this because I have a plan. Just do as I say.”

“No, but more importantly……it has only been a few seconds since you last came.”

Jeremi looked doubtful. You really have no idea what my full power is like, elf captain of the Scarlet Scar.

“I am a person who had once spent two whole days only eating and having sex. I will not be affected even if you were to suck me off throughout the entire opera.”


Jeremi let out a laugh. Her eyes weren’t smiling. It seems I had stimulated some sort of competitive spirit inside of her.

“Despite my current appearance, this humble one was in charge of the honey traps in our assassin group before I received these burn marks.”

“Is that so? Your technique earlier was not that impressive.”

“That was because we were in the middle of watching a performance. Pardon me, Your Highness, but if I were to go all out, then we would start bothering the people around us because Your Highness would be incapable of holding back your moans.”

There was no need to say it. A competition had begun between the two of us.

Sure enough, Jeremi started to caress the tip with a strength that was incomparable to what she did before. It felt like her entire mouth had become a vacuum. It was on another level. I climaxed about seven times during the last hour of the performance.

However, I succeeded in holding back my voice! I didn’t let out a single sound even during the seven times I climaxed. My lips remained firm like a fortress gate built by dwarves. Jeremi increased her pace as the performance drew closer to the end, but it didn’t matter. I almost let out a gasp, but I managed to hold it down.

The audience got up and gave a standing ovation. The curtains fell.

“N-No way……there is no way this could be possible. This must be a dream!”

Jeremi muttered in despair as the sound of applause echoed around us.

“I, who was once known as the Black Rose of Prantapance……how could you not make even a single noise…….”

“This is a Demon Lord class item, O foolish demon.”

I told her coolly.

I pulled up my pants as I got up so that I could applause as well. Jeremi stayed defeated on the ground the entire time. Well, I was able to enjoy the boring opera thanks to her. I shall praise her in that regard.

I headed to a lower floor as soon as the applause ended. Many of the audience members were already gathered at the lobby. They must have been moved immensely by the performance as they would give a thunderous cheer whenever one of the actors or actresses came out. The peak was when the actor who I assumed was Leraje came out.

“Jockey Bernard!”

“Oh, Bernard! Please look this way!”

“Kyaaa! Jerome! The sixth Bernard!”

Leraje was wearing a white mask, so only the area below his nose was out in the open. It seems his stage name was Jockey Jerome Bernard. It definitely gave off the feeling of an actor.

Leraje smiled as he waved at the people around him. Once he did, the women in particular started screaming with the firm intent of passing out due to a lack of oxygen. He was quite popular.

Leraje’s arms were soon filled with bouquets and the people who were unfortunately too late to gift him a bouquet started showering the actor with flower petals. I spoke as I watched this sight.

“The situation is gradually becoming worse.”

“This humble one is going to have to give Your Highness more bad news. If it’s Bernard, the opera actor from Frankia, it is a name that even I have heard of despite living in the demon world. I heard that their family mostly focuses on music and acting.”

“An actor who is famous not only in the human world but the demon world as well, I see.”

There was no need to say it. He was someone whose pride pierced the clouds.

His family consisting mostly of actors was most likely a lie. It was most likely all Leraje himself disguising himself as his own descendants. The entire Bernard family line was most likely Leraje himself. This realization made me feel a little disappointed about my own discerning eye.

“I yawned while watching the greatest actor in the world, huh……?”

“I did notice how impressive he was. If it were not for Your Highness, I would have watched till the very end.”

What do you want from me? Don’t cry over spilled milk.

I gave Jeremi several orders. Leraje slowly waded through the crowd of people and made his way to the exit of the theater. He eventually reached where we were standing. It looked like he had approached us coincidentally, but he had done so intentionally.

I smiled widely.

“An excellent performance, Monsieur Bernard.”

“Oh? I see that we have an important guest here.”

Leraje also beamed back at me.

“It would please me greatly if that is how you truly feel, Monsieur Bole.”

Although nothing about what he said sounded like he was offended, his choice of words in themselves was ominous. He was asking whether I truly thought it was an excellent performance or not.

The Rank 14 Demon Lord was undoubtedly a monster among monsters. He could probably take me out with a single punch. This kind of monster was currently talking to me in a negative manner. Dear me. My head hurts. Nothing in life is easy.

I put on a brazen front as I spoke.

“Of course that is how I truly feel. Mademoiselle Barba is greatly depressed that she was unable to attend tonight’s performance. As you already know, she is not in a position that allows her to attend such events.”

“Oh, is that so? It is an honor that she thinks that way.”

Barba was obviously referring to Barbatos. I was implying that I wasn’t here for my own personal reason, but in order to deliver Barbatos’ intentions to him. I thought he would lighten up after hearing Barbatos’ name, but Leraje’s complexion didn’t change at all.

Leraje glanced around us.

“This does not seem like a good location for us to catch up. How about it, Monsieur Bole? If it would not be a bother, would you like to join me in my carriage?”

“Oh, I must confess that among all of the invitations I have received this year, this might be the most heart-pounding.”

In a bad way, that is.

“Of course I accept, Monsieur Bernard. I am sorry for the other attendees, but I will be taking your side.”

“Very well, then. Please follow me. Do be careful to not get swept away by the crowd, haha.”

Leraje immediately turned around and headed to the exit. His strides were strong. This was proof to me that contrary to his expression, he was actually incredibly upset. Jeremi and I followed behind him.

We managed to get through the crowd and enter his carriage. It was a red and fancy carriage. It was being pulled by four horses and that made it easy to guess what sort of position Leraje had within this city. I had my doubts at first, but it seems he had even disguised himself as being of noble descent.

Leraje turned to look at me as soon as the carriage door closed. The elegant atmosphere that was once swirling around the actor had disappeared without a trace. A dry voice came out of his throat.

“All right, the highest advisor of our Plains Faction.”

Leraje took off his mask. Beyond his mask was a handsome man that almost looked like a sculpture. His curly, black hair flowed down like grapevines.

“I am unsure whether you watched this lowly one’s performance well. Well, you most likely enjoyed it to the point of climaxing. I have never felt this much honor before as an actor.”

There was a cold smile on Leraje’s lips. He was clearly being hostile to me.

The inside of my mouth tasted bitter. Now then, I hope my excuse works…….











TL Note: Thanks for reading the chapter. I unno if this chapter came out later than usual. I’ve sort of been busy trying to get caught up on stuff. I hope everyone is having a good summer, because I’m dying. I’ve been going through a heat wave that’s been completely ignoring the rain. It’s just constantly hot even as it rains. I guess the heat is also hindering my concentration. To put it simply, it all sucks. 

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    I was informed by a forum friend that the ending of this DD WN is bittersweet, I wonder if it’s true?


    1. From what I heard in a spoiler tag… yes. There are quite a bit of bitter-to-tragic developments. The main reason may be due to the WN Dantalian being ‘sane’ at the start… is quite funny how his crazy version of the LN showed a more light development.


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