Update and New Project, probably

I guess I should start this post off with a short apology for my one week of absence.

The department I belong to in my public service held a really big festival last week and there were over 3 schools that came. I wasn’t really told about this event until 4 days prior to the festival and was abruptly thrown around the building in order to help set up for everything. It didn’t really help that I was trying to read 2 different series at the same time in order to figure out what project I wanted to pick up next.

In any case, that’s the reason why I suddenly went under for a week. I ended up staying 4 hours past my normal work time on the day of the festival. I’m actually sore all over and my ankles scream every time I take a step.

Anyway, back to the main topic. I’d like to thank everyone who left a comment on the last post. A lot of you guys were very supportive and seemed relatively fine with whatever path I ultimately chose to take. Although, I should point out a misunderstanding some of you guys seem to have.

I didn’t start out with permission to translate DD. I only got permission around the time I started to translate volume 3. I wasn’t the one who reached out to them first either, it was them who contacted me initially. They thanked me for the global popularity which I helped gain for their novel and said that I could continue.
Furthermore, the only reason I was able to quickly get permission to translate YaMA was due to the fact that the editor who works on DD also manages YaMA as well. Thus meaning, the people at NovelEngine(Publisher of DD and YaMA) are very lenient and kind towards me. But this is an incredibly, incredibly rare case that doesn’t really happen often to us translators.

I’ve been discouraged in regard to getting permission from other publishers because I’ve already been declined by two companies with big names. Some of you guys commented that I can just keep trying to get permission from other publishers, but that’s a finite number. If I’m correct, there are only 2-3 other publishing companies left that also publish Korean LNs. This is why I’ve been tempted to just do what I did when I started to translate DD. Wing it.




Now then, to the second part of this post.

This is a new series that I’ll probably be picking up for now. It’s from NovelEngine, the same publisher for DD and YaMA, but compared to those two series, this is a more light-hearted read. I wanted a change of pace since I’ve been translating only dark novels with twisted characters.

The title of the series is called:
〈We Should Have Slept While Only Holding Hands, And Yet!?〉.
An amazing title. I prefer to just call it “Handholding”. This is a completed series with 7 volumes +1 interlude volume.


My childhood friend who lived next door since preschool, Ja Saeyeon. On the outside, she appears like an adequately pretty girl who’s like a drawing, but only her body has grown; she was a girl whose mental age was truly that of an elementary schooler. We’d spend time together from time to time, but Saeyeon’s parents, who were often not home, would pay me to take care of her, so we merely had a ‘work’ relationship. But this time her spoiled behavior was more severe for some reason. She fretfully asked for me to sleep together with her since she was afraid to sleep by herself. I even sang her a lullaby, but she thought I was going to run away so, with great care, she asked if we could sleep while holding hands. We then slept together. Really, seriously, we merely slept while only holding hands.

But the next morning⎯⎯⎯there was a young girl lying down between us?!

Yes, I know. This novel sounds a bit cliche and there are other works that are similar to this. All I can say is that this was an actually enjoyable read for me. Volume 1 was rather hard to get through since the MC was really arrogant and hard headed, but after volume 1, you can actually see the characters developing and growing up. It was a very nice experience and it seems the Korean reviewers said the series become great starting from volume 3, so just think of volume 1 and 2 as build up(I haven’t read volume 3 yet cause of my lack of time).

At any rate, I’ll start translating at the end of this week. The festival may be over, but now I’m busy trying to clean up the aftermath and preparing for the other upcoming events. Why my department has all these events during the summer and not during the spring or autumn is beyond me. I’m going to die from the heat.

See you guys in a couple of days.


39 thoughts on “Update and New Project, probably

  1. were is dd volume 5…
    why are u lieing to us and sajing it not out yet????
    my frieand lives in Korea his name is Bok Choi he tell me dd volume 5 came out two month ago…
    are u trieng to run off wit moni???????


      1. u ar part of his ploi…
        I Bet u Are just alt Of shalvation.
        u Trying to hide…
        but I know where To find u…
        mark my Words…

        me and bok Choi Will uncover ur Lies…
        and get u To return all Moni u Stole…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hopefully you get some rest. Best of luck with all the extra work and whatnot.

    … As a small aside, I found both this and your last post somewhat amusing (no offense) because you have one of the be(st)tter speed/productivity & quality rates amongst translators I’ve seen but it seems some people aren’t satisfied?



      1. If Shalvation manages to turn Uganda into part of the Soviet Union, I would applaud their ability to create, manufacture, and deploy a working time machine that renders themselves immune to its effects and for subsequently managing to perform the aforementioned feat.

        Time travel would probably be worth a Nobel prize.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Shalva is definitely among the quality translators in my book, and while certainly fast, not as fast as the big name ones, like js06. But, contrary to that one, I enjoy Shalva’s choices more.

      Also, try to not overwork yourself. Always get some rest whenever you can.


  3. The new project looks like a normal romcom eh..

    But, is it really alright to have 3 projects by yourself?
    This tend to lead into the abandonment of a certain project..
    I was hoping to see this site as a twisted/intellectual MC Haven 😦


    1. I knew your type would pop up, the edgy type that only reads “dark” and twisted novels while listening to linkin park or some shit.
      Just because your dad beat you doesn’t mean that everything needs to be grimdark.


      1. why the hatred?
        While it’s true that my -current- favorite type of MC is twisted and intellectual, i have no problem reading a story with normal or even hetare -type mc. Intellectual MC tend to be underestimated, and i really loves the moment where his/her enemies realize that the mc is not your ordinary one.

        While twisted MC is refreshing (?).. i am not sure why i like twisted mc way more than the MC who think Justice is everything.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. In a sense I agree that I always thought of Shalvationtranslations as a darker light novel website, but our translator has always had, in my opion, a good eye for stories. I will trust his judgement until proven wrong at this point. (boy take darker light novel out of context and it really seems odd)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Shalvation is a very pure minded young man.

        I have no clue what kind of messed up and vile image y’all have create of him in your heads.

        Quite honestly, it sickens me greatly.

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  4. Okay… I must admit that one of the biggest reasons I like so much YaMA and DD is because they are dark novels with twisted characters – BUT! I like light hearted novels too, and if it’s your pick, considering all things, it should be well worth the reading, so… thanks in advance about your work with this one o/


  5. I’m looking forward to reading it. I like dark and twisted novels but sometimes I read light hearted ones like UchiMusume and Reika-san. The guys from NovelEngine are great guys, if I get the chance I’ll buy their novels.


  6. It sounds like fun, I’m looking forward to future updates. Honestly I come here for your good taste and quality translation, so I’m not fussed whatever genre you deside to pick up.


  7. Shalvation, I may be going to Korea on november. Do you know where I can pick up physical copies of Dungeon Defense?

    Also this new project looks sweet, looking forward to it. Best wishes!


  8. Since you don’t need permission to translate Web Novel from what I know in the other post, then why not translate a web novel? there are a lot of korean web novel after all.


    1. You need permission to translate any kind of published work. But it’s often (a) easier to get the permission from a single webnovel author because less money is involved and (b) they can’t really “defend” themselves even if they are against it.


    2. In all honesty, I don’t really want to touch web novels. It just feels unrefined to me. Also, there are just way too many of those. It’ll take me way too much time to sort through them and find a ‘decent’ series. Although I’m aware that there are hidden gems here and there, that’s also a very volatile area.
      If the web novel I decide to pick up due to popularity gets a light novel adaptation, then I’d honestly want to jump into translating that. It’d put me in a weird position of being unable to pick this or that, so I’d rather just work on the more ‘finished’ product, the light novel adaptations. It’s a game of chance, but I’d rather stand on a firmer ground.

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      1. Do you have any interest to translate dropped project, there is a novel called “godly thief incarnation” which got dropped at chapter 118, maybe you can try to read it if possible and hope you like it.


  9. Well Shalv, I guess that we all realise it by now, but your biggest mistake was being this nice guy that you are and asked for permission…You should just have done what you pleased and picked up whateever series you wanted to. Anyway keep the good job, we all enjoy your efforts 😀


  10. Hoh, this answered my sudden questionnement about the author permission.

    And damn, is the author and publisher of DD nice, if i could>_> (I can’t im a random poor student) i would have sent a bag of gifts of whatever i can find to the publisher’s door.

    Thx for living XD-


  11. First of all, great work you’ve done so far! You some some timely yet quite refined translations 🙂

    I’ll read just about anything, so I don’t really care what you choose to translate~

    Though, I would quite strongly recommend you not translate LNs without permission. I imagine it would be devastating, or at least quite uncomfortable, if a translation you put lots of time and effort into was DMCA’d. On the reader side as well, having a translation you follow get dropped is quite disappointing, and having at least some peace of mind that a translation will continue is quite nice.


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