I’m seriously not dead, update

Well, I’m not really sure what to say. I’ve been gone for well over a month, but I’m back now(I think). I was initially absent because of my reserved troops’ training which I have to take part in once a year, but once I came back from that, I wanted to relax for a while. I was also contacted by someone about a potential project, so I figured I would take a momentary, but proper, break while I waited for that to span out. I’m still waiting for something to happen, but I’m not sure when exactly it’ll start. Once it does, though, I’ll probably be gone for a decent amount of time again while I work on that project. (If the next volume of Dungeon Defense is released, I will come back to work on it immediately)

In any case, that’s basically the gist of things. To put it simply, I just wanted an excuse to take an actual, proper break. I always talked about taking a break before, but even then, I would constantly be translating during those supposed ‘breaks’. It was nice being able to just sit back and not worry about things for a while. Nevertheless, as time went by, I started feeling more and more anxious about not doing anything, so I started translating again last week.

It might be a mental thing, but I’ve been constantly feeling empty lately as if I had no direction in my life, so I’ve been going in an out of this depressive state. I want to do things, but I’m too indecisive to reach out for them and I end up neglecting my friends as well. Maybe I should get a supervisor or something since I’m incredibly productive when I’m being watched over. Sounds like a fetish, but I swear it’s not.

At any rate, I hope this post cleared up some questions or concerns you guys may have had, but if it didn’t, feel free to leave a question in the comments and I’ll try to answer you as fast as possible.

Sincerely, the guy who’s desperately trying
to hold himself together, but not
really doing a good job at it.

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Let’s get back into it

Well, like always, I took a one week break after I finished translating an entire volume of a novel, the novel being YaMA this time. I took a lot longer this time to finish a volume due to several complications. One of the main things being WordPress and their recent update being buggy. I’ve lost several days of progress at random moments while translating and it has been really frustrating trying to re-translate 3k+ words again. I lost a  lot of motivation during the past 2 months. The problem is resolved now, but the damage has been done. The only reason I never did a proper backup of my stuff before is due to the fact that throughout the past 2 years I’ve used WordPress, this has never happened.

In other news, I’ve been trying to see if I could find another new series to start translating since I don’t think YaMA is going to be updated anytime soon, but I was unable to find anything that looked decent. Well, this just means I can focus on Handholding more. Hopefully, I can return back to my normal translating speed but YaMA really did take a toll on me. I forgot that Handholding has a lot of pages, wew.

On a side note, I started streaming and this is the last time I’m ever going to advertise it on my site, so if you want to watch me play games by myself or with my friends, then feel free to drop by and watch. LINK
I might actually consider streaming myself translating, but that’s only if a lot of people really want me to. It’s literally a meme suggestion at this point.

In any case, I’ll see you guys in Handholding.


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Notice about a delay that happened


Well, in short, I bought new computer parts and installed them last Friday, but it seems I had bought a defective RAM, so it kept BSOD’ing me constantly. I did have my suspicions, but I didn’t know it was my RAM until Sunday evening. I was troubleshooting my computer for about 40+ hours excluding the times I slept and ate. Yes, it took me that long to figure out it was my RAM. It was literally hell since this was my first time legitimately putting this stuff together and I thought I was just doing something wrong the entire time.

Obviously, I couldn’t get any translating done during this period, so I, unfortunately, have to delay the next chapter of YaMA a bit longer. I’m sorry.

Everything is working properly now after I went out to an offline computer parts store and bought 2 new RAM sticks, but I had to sacrifice all of the data on my previous HDD because I was really going insane trying to fix this. I did the last desperate resort of “Maybe it’ll work if I do a completely clean install!”. Note, as I mentioned before, this was my first time putting a computer together, so I was grasping at straws.

In any case, I’m going to have to spend today and tomorrow reinstalling everything that I previously had, or at least try to install them. I lost a good portion of important stuff, so it’s going to be a pain.

Once more, I’m sorry for the delay, but I’ll try to get back to translating as soon as possible.

From the guy who cried at 3AM in the morning
while trying to troubleshoot his computer


Notice of a week delay

Well, as the title says, I won’t be able to translate until sometime next week. I know I promised that my break would be rather short but during my process of trying to read all of the books that I had bought and left on my shelf, I was contacted by the people at the public service place I used to work at and they asked me if I could come and work part-time for a couple of days to help organize some of the files they have and whatnot. This was a request from the team in the department that was really good to me, so I couldn’t really say no. I’m also going to be paid much more than the meager pay I used to get as a public service worker, so I figured why not?

This won’t be like before where I would translate during my free time while at work because, this time, there’s a considerable amount of files and surveys I have to organize and type down, so I’ll be busy for the next 3-4 weekdays. It was decided from the poll in the previous post that I’ll be translating volume 4 of YaMA next, so I’ll try to do some translations during this upcoming weekend, albeit, not that much since I prefer to rest during the weekends.

In any case, once more, I apologize for the delay and I hope to see you guys next week.

For those of you who have missed it, here’s a nice illustration from cocorip when volume 5 of Dungeon Defense was released.

Humbaba Vol 5 Release

Source: cocorip’s twitter

〈Dungeon Defense〉 Volume 5 – Character Polls & Announcement

Welcome to the fourth character popularity poll for Dungeon Defense! +an announcement post at the end

Some people may be confused about this being the ‘fourth’ even though this is the 5th volume, but I didn’t do a character poll after I finished translating volume 1. As a side note, please do not use a bot to spam vote your favorite character. It makes this poll entirely pointless and it’s easy to notice whenever this happens.

In any case, let’s get to voting.

Favorite character poll.

I excluded small characters that barely had any screen time or weren’t even memorable in this volume. Looking through the previous polls, those characters usually just get joke votes, so I decided to remove them. (Honestly, Zepar was the only one I had to remove)
Furthermore, I split up Humbaba & co. because Euryale was rather memorable this volume considering everyone’s “whisper whisper” response. You can now vote for either Humbaba & witches or Euryale & witches (The other witches are included either way).

Now for the favorite waifu poll.

Keep in mind, Ivar Lodbrok will not be included in this specific poll until his/her true female form makes an appearance in the volume.

Favorite character poll (Excluding Dantalian)

I actually liked this idea from the previous poll. Who people liked the most when the MC was excluded from the list.


Now for the announcement

There isn’t much to say since I haven’t really been holding back whenever I write the TL notes at the end of the chapters, but in case you’ve missed it. As per usual, I’ll be taking a short break now that I’ve finished translating this volume. It won’t last more than a week and may even end before half a week can pass, but yeah. A break is a break.

The more important thing is that I want to know what you guys want me to continue translating next. Either Your and My Asylum or Handholding. I won’t be picking up a new series until I finish either catching up or completing the translations of one of these two series.

If there’s something to note about both series, then for one, YaMA vol 4 was released over a year ago and volume 5 has yet to be either announced or released, and Handholding is a completed series.

I’ll let you guys vote on which series you want me to continue translating next.

I’ll see you guys in the next update.


Delay Notice!

This probably isn’t the news you really want to hear when we’re relatively close to the end of volume 5 of Dungeon Defense, but it can’t be helped. This is something I’ve been planning with my friends since spring.

On November 15th, I’ll be going on a trip with my friends down to Busan for around 5 days. I’m saying ‘around’ because it’ll depend on my friends if we decide to stay there for another day or not. We’re basically going on this trip because of a convention that’s going to be held there, so my friends, who are currently in the military, matched their vacations just for this trip. It’s been around 2-3 years since I’ve last gone on a trip with them, so yeah.

Therefore, the next chapter will most likely be delayed by a week. Expect the release date to be around the end of next week. This will probably be a good thing for me since I’ve been stressed out because of the recent chapters. Chapter two was incredibly strenuous to translate and chapter three just took a lot more effort.

In any case, I apologize in advance for the upcoming delay. I promise to enjoy my trip as much as you guys are disappointed about this delay.


Oh right, on a side note. I swear to God if another person asks me how many chapters are left for volume 5 of DD. THERE’S A ToC(Table of Contents) PAGE. That page has existed ever since I first started to translate Dungeon Defense. Information about how many chapters there are in this volume has been put up there before I even uploaded the illustration page or the prologue. Seriously, 3-4 comments asking this question in the last chapter alone, over 5 people asking in the Discord server, and 2 people going as far as to pm me despite having been answered in the channel already. I mean, you can at least make an effort to find the information yourself. Especially if the information isn’t even hard to find.

In any case, have a nice week everyone.

Translation start…?!

Good news, I’m back from my trip visiting relatives! Bad news, I got really sick during the middle of the week so when I went to the hospital today, the doctor told me that I apparently have pneumonia. Wonderful. It does explain why the cold I have right now feels a bit worse than the colds I had previously.

Well, I’m not going to let this get me down. I’ll do my best to start translating, but keep in mind that I’ll most likely be a bit sluggish. I promise to get the prologue out by next week since it isn’t even 4k words long, but I’ll probably use the majority of the weekend to get some rest.

I’ll see you guys when I release the prologue.