Dungeon Defence Volume 1 – Prologue

TL note: This is my first time putting my hands on translation, so do be considerate if my writing seems off. If you think there’s something off with my writing style then please feel free to comment about it.

Now let us embark on an adventure through one of the most amazing light novels I’ve ever read!

Doth thou know how the world endeth?

[Yes]                [No]




“Does thou believe in divination?”

“My apologies, your highness. This maiden does not believe in superstitions.”

“What a shame. Superstitions are quite grand. They give invigoration to one’s life.”

The surrounding was silent.

The crowd of five thousand silently listened to the conversation between the two people before them.

On one side stood a radiantly beautiful woman. While she was a noble who governed this city, she was also the one to have been defeated in this siege.

On the other side sat a dark man. Wrapped in a black cloak and dressed up in similarly black clothing, he could only be described as a person of darkness. Peculiarly, he was plucking the petals of a flower. Petal by petal, the rose was plucked apart and fell to the floor with an ominous feeling.

“Thou had the opportunity to surrender before.”

“I admit this.”

“Four times.”

The man spoke.

“I had dispatched an envoy presenting thee the opportunity to surrender, four times. However, each time, thou had slit the throat of the envoy and sent back the corpse. Seeing how it has already come to this, let us speak truthfully. I desire to behead thy beautiful head and display it on a spear.”

The man muttered nonchalantly. If you were listening from an outside perspective, the way he spoke that last sentence was like as if he was simply commenting about how nice the weather was.

In spite of that, if you were to look even slightly to the side you would learn how wrong that feeling was. From goblins to orcs and to finally ogres, these bulky monsters were guarding the man without leaving even a single gap. These monsters could slaughter the five thousand humans gathered here immediately if the man so ordered them to.

‘… For such a normal looking man to give off such intimidating force.’

The noble woman could only gulp. The responsibility to protect the lives of the citizens were resting on her shoulders.

‘To want to put my neck on a spear. Is he speaking the truth or is he threatening me? Or perhaps he’s simply testing me…’

Christiane Louise Von Volfusbrook.

A heroine known as the ‘Northern Pearl’ of the Empire.

She had started a rebellion in the demon lord’s army. It had been about half a year since the Empire was invaded by the demons and there were humans that had still not completely accepted being ruled by monsters. It was thought that there was a considerably high chance of succeeding this revolution.

But the man before her reacted before anyone else.

In a matter of days, contact between other cities were cut, supply routes were plundered, and fortresses were captured. Once she was able to finally collect herself, her city had already fallen in only four months.

‘So this is a Demon Lord…”

Christiane Louise bit her lips strongly.



A member in an order of 72, who rules over all demons.

The lord managing false alchemy and all rhetoric.

Actor among actors.

Praised as a Demon Lord of many faces.



Demon Lord Dantalian.

That was this man’s name.

Christiane Louise shuddered in terror.

‘One wrong move and I’ll be killed…!’

In order to calm her shaking knees, Christiane Louise thought of her father’s dying words. ‘Always be dignified’. That was right. Now was the time to behave like a noble and respond resolutely.

‘I could sell my body if necessary.’

The rumor that the demon lord in front of her was a sex fiend was already wide-spread.

Although she wasn’t trying to brag, Christiane Louise was quite confident in her own appearance.

If need be, she’d become a sex slave if it meant to protect her family(‘s name).

Christiane Louise had made up her mind.

“Oh great Demon Lord-”

“Sorry, but could you not call me that?”

The man cut her off, showing clear detest.

“What do you mean by, ‘Oh great Demon Lord’. I feel so nauseous just hearing those words, that I wouldn’t be surprised if my ears were to melt off this very instant. There’s over fifty Demon Lords roaming this continent alone. I wonder if I’m the only ‘great Demon Lord’.”

“Then, what should this one call your highness by.… …?”

“Just stick with ‘your highness’.”

Christiane Louise nodded in response.

“Yes, your highness. May I humbly inform your highness that there are three reasons to spare this one’s life?”

“Is that so? Tell me only one.”

The man plucked a petal and let the single red petal descend slowly.

“I do not have that much patience.”


A chill went down Christiane Louise’s spine. The man was not even looking at her, and yet it felt as if hundreds of invisible floating eyes were staring down at her.

‘I-I must be hallucinating.’

The inside of Christiane Louise’s mouth became dry.

‘It’s nothing more than my mind playing tricks on me.’

She muttered in her mind the wise saying passed down the generations of her household.

‘Oh ancestors. Do not respect injustice because of growth, and do not ignore justice because of youth.’

Like a traveler walking down a dark mountain path whilst relying on a poorly made torch, Christiane Louise was just barely able to muster up the courage to open her mouth by depending on the pride of her family.

“… There are six cities remaining that are still supporting the rebellion. It is obvious that it’ll take an immense amount of time and manpower to conquer them all.”

The man raised his shoulders.

“Indeed. I’ve been getting the urge to commit suicide just thinking about that.”

“Your highness. Gain control of them not with spears but with generosity. If your highness shows tolerance and forgives us here, those other cities will naturally submit on their own. However, if your highness treats us with cruelty…”

“In fear of being treated the same, they’ll rebel more violently.”

The man cuts her off.

“Is that what you mean to say?”

“Yes, your highness.”

As expected, he understood quickly.

Christiane Louise could see a small glimpse of hope.

The man in front of her wasn’t simply a tyrannical Demon Lord. He was one of the more knowledgeable type. In short, words got through to him. The chance to stay alive might not be a hope in vain after all. Christiane Louise settled her fears.

The silence continued.

After plucking a rose bare the man picked up another. Without saying a single word, he tore the entire flower off the stem. The red petals scattered like snow, falling slowly into a pile at the man’s feet.


A single word settled down over the surrounding.

It was an incredibly normal tone. Christiane Louise could not understand the situation. She could only blink in surprise.



“Baroness Von Volfusbrook. Thou had started a rebellion on thou own stubbornness. As a result, two thousand citizens lost their lives. Of course, they were not my people. Be it two thousand or twenty thousand, it is not of my concern. But… …”

The man raised his head slowly.

Christiane could see the man’s eyes for the first time.

It was as if pure black pupils were piercing into the deepest depths of her heart.

“…not thou. All two thousand who had perished were thy people. In all of the continent, the only one who can take responsibility for all these lives is thee.”

The man sighed.

“A few minutes ago thou appealed to me to spare thy own life. Thou was not supposed to do that. Not for thy own life, but for the lives of all the people over there. Thou was supposed to plea to spare the lives of thy people. That is how a person takes responsibility.”

“Y-Your highness. This one was……”

“Baroness Christiane Louise Von Volfusbrook. Thou are a kind and beautiful woman. To be more precise, a devilish person. I sentence thee a disgraceful death.”

The man stood from his seat.

At once all of the monsters that were surrounding the area raised their weapons. The citizens became struck by fear and broke out into screams.

Upon these people the Demon Lord’s grave verdict fell.

“Thou shall be stripped and humiliated by my soldiers. In front of all these civilians, at that. I, Dantalian, rank 71st and possessing the name of different faces이면(異面), shall hereby sentence; Christiane Louise shall be deprived of her title as a noble and face death as a mere commoner.”

“Your highness……!?”

“Many lives shall come to an end here. Despair as I place the name of the one who pointlessly wasted the lives of others at the very bottom of my heart.”

The man left the stage indifferently.

The sudden movement of the man’s cloak caused a small gust on the floor, forcing the rose petals that had finally settled down to be scattered by the wind. From behind, Christiane Louise continued to shout. “Your highness!”, however, the man never turned back.

This day, the woman known as the ‘Northern Pearl’ was executed.

Once again, the continent had to repeat the name of the Demon Lord, Dantalian.






Demon Lord of Different Faces, Rank 71st, Dantalian

How did it become like this.

Damn it. This was not how I planned it!

Christiane Louise appeared as a heroine in the game as well. Her role was to assist the protagonist, who was the hero, in political affairs. The ending where you are able to overcome the social gap between each other and finally score in marrying Christiane was considerably loved by fans. Obviously, I was one of those fans.

If possible, I wanted to spare her.

Seeing her in real life, she was much prettier than her illustrations in the game.

My god. It was as if a goddess had descended from the Heavens.

In concern of being affected by her beauty, I had kept my head down. The only reason I continued to pluck roses was to hide my trembling emotions as well……

[1. Execute]

[2. Spare]

As per usual, whenever an important decision approached a choice box would rise up. A transparent box visible to only my eyes. Of course, I tried to select choice number 2 to spare them.

But as the conversation progressed, the mood got stranger and stranger.

Even if you’re being shameless, how can one have this little shame.

Two thousand people had died. Two thousand. Despite the fact that a strange choice box would appear and a stat window shined in front of my eyes, this was nonetheless the cruel reality. In this reality, two thousand people died because of one person’s ambition.

There wasn’t even a slightest bit of guilt in Christiane Louise’s attitude.

My mood started to get cold. The excitement I felt when I first met in person the heroine that I’ve only seen through the computer monitor until now, quickly subsided. Once I came to —I found myself ordering for the most disgraceful execution.

I did it again.

I let out a small sigh and spoke to a subordinate.

“Return to the grounds and behead the prisoners.”

“Yes? Should we not make them suffer more?”

“That’s enough. This is enough of an example for the other cities.”

The subordinate received the order and walked back to the grounds.

Shortly after.

[1. Execute]

[2. Spare]

The writings shined brightly in mid-air.

The words then broke apart into white particles and drifted. Although it felt they would disappear in any second, the particles abruptly moved together to form new words.

[A cruel and merciless decision!]

[The continent is frightened by your ruthlessness.]

[Infamy increased substantially.]

Then the words dispersed like petals.

The information that my infamy rose again put me further into depression.

“How did it turn out like this.”

I could only ask myself.

This wasn’t it.

Main point, I wanted to live a quiet life.

Where did things go wrong. Surely my birth itself wasn’t a mistake, right? Is that it? Life was irrational from the very start……

Aah, I wanted to rub{(부비부비)boobiboobi} against Christiane.

Not only Christiane, but I wanted to enjoy a fun life with the other heroines like Romei or the Emperor’s daughter, Elizabeth.

Truth be told, I don’t want to work at all.

Seriously, why did I have to end up possessing a Demon Lord’s body.

Anyone is okay. Please, someone fix my broken life……

Or at least give me a one month vacation……!






Translator’s note: I do have chapter one and almost all of chapter two translated and written down on a notebook. Chapter one should be uploaded considerably soon, but chapter two is pretty long so I may or may not split it into two parts. Depends on you guys, I guess.



66 thoughts on “Dungeon Defence Volume 1 – Prologue

      1. Um… what was the joke? I understand Christiane misunderstood what he wanted but I didn’t see anything funny. Mind if someone fills me in?

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      2. Oh, I meant to say that it’s supposed to be a dark plot, and also not much of a misunderstanding when the princess knew full well of what kind of action she was taking.


    1. Doth is for third parties, as in ‘doth he’, what you need is ‘dost’… I would go with something like ‘Dost thou knowest how this world endeth? (-eth to indicate by any or a third party)’ or ‘Dost thou knowest in what manner this world may find its end?’ Or even more embellished: “Dost thou knowest what that may visit an end upon this world?”

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      1. White background is easier on the eyes IMO.

        And most readers are used to white background (Wuxiaworld, GravityTales, XianxiaWorld, Path of Translation etc…).

        Why don’t you do a poll and see what the readers think?

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    1. I use blankmymonitor extension on Mozilla when I read on PC. But yes actually reading stuff on different background colours good for the eyes.(I use UC browser’s inbuilt background color changer on my phone to read with different settings.)


  1. Thanks for the translation , as for critic , like all other translators way too literal , we have different cultures and languages and lots just sounds really bad when translated literally .


    1. While I do get where you’re coming from, the moment I try to translate this to be appropriate for all cultures, is the moment the story itself goes completely down hill. No one wants something too culturalized. Look at what Yenpress does.

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  2. Kill the prisoners…..does he mean the 5000 people? Isn’t this somehow stupid? Killing the leader quickly and letting the population go is usually more efficient. After all if he kills all inhabitants of a city the tax income is gonna drop and he will lose 5000 people making live propaganda of his power for the rest of their live.

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    1. He’s making an example. He’s trying to instill fear on the other cities that he’s a cruel bastard who will kill all of those who opposes him. And you know what they see, nip the bud from the root.


  3. Thanks for your translation……and a silly question to ask :

    What does “Despair as I place the name of the one who pointlessly wasted the lives of others at the very bottom of my heart” mean? (Sorry, English is my second language) Though I checked the original sentence but couldn’t get what it means – Dantalian is saying that he despises the one who pointlessly wasted the lives of others, at the very bottom of my heart, am I right?

    Besides, I suppose it is a bit awkward to translate “한 많은 삶” into “Many lives”. Probably in this context 한 stands for ‘恨’.


      1. Why would he suddenly talk in a third perspective, tho.
        I guess your meaning does work as well, but I was more trying to put a dramatic feeling to it, while also containing the same meaning. He’s not saying the he’s going to despair, but he’s telling her to despair since he was going to do that.


    1. He’s telling her to lament the fact that he’s going to be pushing her into the far corner of his heart. Since she had wasted all those lives for no good reason, he was basically going to consider her as a meaningless existence and soon forget about her.


  4. “과인은 타인의 목숨을 쓸데없이 낭비하는 자를 가슴의 가장 깊은 밑바닥에서 경멸하노라.”

    I think he is actually doing “경멸” – scorning (at the bottom of his heart), not despairing.

    As far as I get, “가슴의 가장 밑바닥에서” means ‘truly’ or ‘deeply’. That’s why I couldn’t understand when he is going to “place” someone’s name at his heart……


  5. Thanks for the chapter. Is there another version of the chapter without the “thou, thy etc…”? I couldn’t finish reading the chapter because of that, I stopped at midway… No offense I appreciate the effort of the translator and I juste hope or wish that there is another version of the chapter without those stuff, thanks.


  6. I will start reading this. So our mc is a prisoner of choices, like in anime noucome? That way sound like a curse to me, that you can’t escape it. The start of this series is dark.


    1. I hope later the mc will not regret his action and then justified his action to comfort himself. Lol. And how cheap is the heroine in this game she basically want to use his body as bargaining chip to demon lord. Heroine in this kind of story should not bow down to demon lord until the end. So that girl is not qualified to called one. Lmao.


  7. Wow just wow, the mc seems very naive, to be fair to be a ruler in that kind of world one must be heartless even million died but as a sign of respect one must remember the sacrifice of that million people in exchange for what one’s ambitions.

    . . .
    Is what I want to say but that damned heroine suddenly asked to be spared? Gawd shet wtf? If she want to realize that ambition she should be courageous, brave and not fear death because many died for her.

    So yeah good job mc.


  8. After catching up I found myself back on this page just to see how Dantalian’ll develop. I just know it’s gonna be awesome. Just dropping a comment here to say that I really appreciate you taking your time to translate this series.


  9. “A member in an order of 72, who rules over all demons.
    The lord managing false alchemy and all rhetoric.
    Actor among actors.
    Praised as a Demon Lord of many faces.
    (TL note: I honestly have no idea what they mean by the second line, and I’m a bit iffy about the fourth line’s translations)”

    I don’t know what the original text says, but I’d wager you’ve got it pretty much right. That looks like paraphrasing from the lesser key of Solomon:
    “The Seventy-first Spirit is Dantalion. He is a Duke Great and Mighty, appearing in the Form of a Man with many Countenances, all Men’s and Women’s Faces; and he hath a Book in his right hand. His Office is to teach all Arts and Sciences unto any; and to declare the Secret Counsel of any one; for he knoweth the Thoughts of all Men and Women, and can change them at his Will. He can cause Love, and show the Similitude of any person, and show the same by a Vision, let them be in what part of the World they Will. He governeth 36 Legions of Spirits; and this is his Seal, which wear thou, etc.”
    If there’s maybe a translation of ‘managing’ that suggests ‘teaching’, that would possibly be better, and maybe something like ‘forms’ or ‘countenances’ instead of faces, but it’s pretty much there.

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  10. Not sure if this has been said yet, but Dantalion is one on Solomon’s 72 pillars. That which is said in those lines are his powers in the pillar. Haven’t read the other comments. Too much words. Sorry.


  11. dantalion is based off demon dantalion from 72 demons of solomon. So, searching up dantalion on google will help you understand the part you didnt get


  12. After his sentencing Christiane, she just shouted his highness but the author never described in more detail her emotions. Was she on her knees begging to be spear, was there tears in her eyes, what was she thinking when she was in her birthday suit in front of those people who lives she treated as consumable?
    Or did the author wanted to get into more detail in later chapter because this was a prologue.


  13. Uh? When i read that the first time(long ago)I thought she was sentenced to be violated by the orcs and killed after.did the translation changed? That only say humiliated here


  14. This changed so much, the author’s writing style is getting different every book.
    Although, I must say it got only better at book 5, still… where are the “game elements” from book 1 😦


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