Dungeon Defense translations start!

This site was basically made to translate the Korean Light Novel known as Dungeon Defense. As a Korean citizen who’s actually better at English than he is Korean, I’m doing this translation as a method to understand Korean better(I’m like below average level).

Anyways, I hope you guys are able to at least get some entertainment out of this novel, because I sure as heck did. I normally don’t read light novels made in Korea, but this one was too amazing to pass up.


13 thoughts on “Dungeon Defense translations start!

  1. A million thanks, one of the very few novels that kept me entertained throughout, immediately on my top 10 favorite novels. Please keep up the translations man,i will cry if it stops, very much appreciated!!


      1. I’d recommend visiting the discord group from time to time, since I put up a live progress there.
        But my daily quota is to write 2k words a day, so when the next release will come out will depend on how long that chapter is.


  2. Hey Hi! I just gotta say I’m really liking the novel and your translation. Keep up the good work.
    Now, may I ask permission to translate your version to spanish? I think many people would enjoy it, somewhere in the internet I found that someone translated the prologue into spanish very probably from your version but the translation quality it’s very terrible and little progress (prologue was posted almost a month ago and no signs of anything coming).


  3. Hi it says on novelupdates that there is a complete web novel of 510 chapters for Dungeon Defense where can I find it ?


  4. Hello! Might I ask, when is the next update? I picked this light novel last January and I got so hooked to it. Been months since the last update and I have been constantly checking this site for almost every week. When will the next release be?


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