We Should Have Slept While Only Holding Hands, And Yet?!: Volume 2 – Illustrations



Her black hair emitted a golden color as it received the sunlight and her earnest, blue pupils looked around woefully at the people who were passing by.

“Ah, Mr. Student over there! Have you perhaps seen a little lady that goes around with a clothespin in her hair?”


PM 06:00 Everyone’s daily life

Self-proclaimed time-traveling cute daughter Jin Jaim
“Isn’t that a flat-headed screwdriver?”

Self-proclaimed prodigy scientist of this era Jin Jaro
“Give me that number 3 Phillips screwdriver over there.”

Renowned world-class trot star of the future Shin Nanda
“Mm… I don’t know who you got it from, but you really are handsome.”


Self-proclaimed time agent of the General Time Affairs Bureau Ha Nabom”
“I don’t want to write this apology note…”

Self-proclaimed XMR-Mk.XXI maid robot ‘Eureka’ Jin Jihae Jin Jihae
“It’s fun cooking with the missus.”

Ja Saeyeon Self-proclaimed Jjaro’s wife☆
“Wow… but are potatoes vegetables?”


“There’s nothing to do even if I were to go home.”
A foreigner who was dispatched here on a mission but had lost her chance to go home due to my stubbornness.

“Then you should go home and contemplate about Miss Jaim and Jihae.
Ah, give Underclassman Ja Saeyeon my regards as well.”
Being left by herself, and while receiving the sunset flowing through the window with her back, Upperclassman Nabom gently waved her hand.


The rest of the illustrations will be posted here once the final chapter of this volume has been translated and posted!


7 thoughts on “We Should Have Slept While Only Holding Hands, And Yet?!: Volume 2 – Illustrations

  1. Yeah, back to business!
    Thank you very much for your hard work
    I will follow you by reading all your novels if I could (^_^)


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