Let’s get back into it

Well, like always, I took a one week break after I finished translating an entire volume of a novel, the novel being YaMA this time. I took a lot longer this time to finish a volume due to several complications. One of the main things being WordPress and their recent update being buggy. I’ve lost several days of progress at random moments while translating and it has been really frustrating trying to re-translate 3k+ words again. I lost a  lot of motivation during the past 2 months. The problem is resolved now, but the damage has been done. The only reason I never did a proper backup of my stuff before is due to the fact that throughout the past 2 years I’ve used WordPress, this has never happened.

In other news, I’ve been trying to see if I could find another new series to start translating since I don’t think YaMA is going to be updated anytime soon, but I was unable to find anything that looked decent. Well, this just means I can focus on Handholding more. Hopefully, I can return back to my normal translating speed but YaMA really did take a toll on me. I forgot that Handholding has a lot of pages, wew.

On a side note, I started streaming and this is the last time I’m ever going to advertise it on my site, so if you want to watch me play games by myself or with my friends, then feel free to drop by and watch. LINK
I might actually consider streaming myself translating, but that’s only if a lot of people really want me to. It’s literally a meme suggestion at this point.

In any case, I’ll see you guys in Handholding.


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13 thoughts on “Let’s get back into it

  1. I know losing 3,000 words would make me lose motivation, thanks for slogging through it all again for us. I’m looking forward to Handholding, it’s nice light story with just enough drama woven into it to keep it intriguing, kinda Haruhi Suzumiya-esque in tone. YaMA and DD have their lighter moments, but they have difficulty reveling in them as earnestly as Handholding can.


    1. Volume 6 may take longer or hopefully completely banned from further publication, because ‘Dungeon Defence’ and its author is currently being attacked for acts of plagiarism. There are numerous evidences of copying phrases and scenes from other books and media.

      He was criticized from several authors and colleagues of his genre, not to mention a lot of disappointed fans (like me, who obliterated his books because of the anger). The current plagiarism issue on top of the previous copyright issue applies a lot of stress to the publisher.



      1. Oh, it’s you, the stupid guy from Discord.

        The claims of plagiarism are at best, references that were thrown into the web version.

        You seem to have a very strong bias against the author, and say there’s hard hitting evidence, yet, you never provide any source on your claims. Reason why is pretty obvious, because they’re all bogus.

        Don’t try to spread false information / try to cause distress just because you’re so naïve that you’d stop enjoying something just because, “oh no, they don’t have a problem with piracy.” (Which is what you wrote in your Discord message as the cause for your rage that ended up with you destroying your copies of DD.).

        I sincerely recommend that you go and talk to someone, because you’ll end up hurting either yourself, or someone close to you with that kind of personality.

        Trust me, you need help.

        And just to clarify what this lunatic is spouting, yes, the author of DD have had claims of plagiarism thrown at him for stuff in the WEB NOVEL version of DD, but it seems to be nothing more than references, and people pulling at straws just because they don’t like DD, and they don’t want it to be a thing. Just like the lunatic above.

        Seeing how long it took for the last volume of DD to actually be released, it might take longer for the next one, reason would probably be the author being in a slump / can’t think of anything good. And idiots trying to start drama definitely won’t help.


      2. I will put in my own comment about this matter saying that if these claims of plagiarism actually goes through, then that means every single other story out there that has parts that even slightly resemble something that happened in another story needs to also be proclaimed as acts of plagiarism. If two people have a heart to heart moment with each other as they say farewell? Well that’s obviously copying this other story that had a moment like that, right?
        The only way to please these people is to have a completely original series that doesn’t make references or take inspirations from other series, whether it be intentional or not.

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  2. Gonna make the PDF/EPUB of this volume as well right? And thanks for your work hope find another awesome series eventually ;P


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