Your and My Asylum: Volume 4 – Afterword




I always fall into deep thought whenever I write the afterwords. I feel like I spend the majority of my time debating whether I should write it or not. Write and erase, write and erase, write and erase. What remains afterward ends up becoming the afterword.

It’s not too different to the process of writing.


Do you know about the western RPG curse?

It’s a curse where you finish all of the beginner quests and say things like ‘Ah, my character sucks’ and ‘I shouldn’t have done that during that quest’ and restart from the beginning. This is why I couldn’t see the endings of Oblivion, Skyrim, and Divinity: Original Sin. I end up playing the beginner quests so many times that I would lose interest in the game and toss the game aside.

What must be done in order to get rid of this curse? Even if I feel like I’ve messed up the character creation and quests, I feel like just rushing forward until I reach the ending, at the very least, clearing the main questline is the only method. I’ll still be able to play the game again with a fresh feeling after going through the ending once.

This is also not very different to the process of writing.


On the other hand, whenever I use Twitter, I tweet things without thinking. Even if I reach the limit, I tweet within the limit. Even when I buy games, I do so without thinking whatsoever. Even if I have PSN and Steam games that I haven’t cleared yet, I’ll still buy games.

This is very different to the process of writing.

You can’t have everything. But you still want them. Everything. I think like this every day.


There was a new character introduced at the end of this volume, but more detailed pieces of information like from the character sheet will be introduced in the next volume. A child who’s as cheerful as Roroa, this is the child that I had written about in the afterword of volume 3, the girl who goes around in the middle of the summer wearing stockings while also fully clothed.

In any case, please look forward to the next volume!


Have a nice day!






TL note: And now this volume is officially finished. I’ll probably write a quick update post after this, so yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this volume of YaMA!



6 thoughts on “Your and My Asylum: Volume 4 – Afterword

  1. It was a fun volume, nice to see progress on Yujin’s part, nice to see Sii improve herself, and nice to see a little more of the Earl’s city.


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