Notice about a delay that happened


Well, in short, I bought new computer parts and installed them last Friday, but it seems I had bought a defective RAM, so it kept BSOD’ing me constantly. I did have my suspicions, but I didn’t know it was my RAM until Sunday evening. I was troubleshooting my computer for about 40+ hours excluding the times I slept and ate. Yes, it took me that long to figure out it was my RAM. It was literally hell since this was my first time legitimately putting this stuff together and I thought I was just doing something wrong the entire time.

Obviously, I couldn’t get any translating done during this period, so I, unfortunately, have to delay the next chapter of YaMA a bit longer. I’m sorry.

Everything is working properly now after I went out to an offline computer parts store and bought 2 new RAM sticks, but I had to sacrifice all of the data on my previous HDD because I was really going insane trying to fix this. I did the last desperate resort of “Maybe it’ll work if I do a completely clean install!”. Note, as I mentioned before, this was my first time putting a computer together, so I was grasping at straws.

In any case, I’m going to have to spend today and tomorrow reinstalling everything that I previously had, or at least try to install them. I lost a good portion of important stuff, so it’s going to be a pain.

Once more, I’m sorry for the delay, but I’ll try to get back to translating as soon as possible.

From the guy who cried at 3AM in the morning
while trying to troubleshoot his computer



12 thoughts on “Notice about a delay that happened

  1. RIP your time.

    When you are setup again check your CPU core temps using a program like speedfan. Having a hot CPU can lead to thermal throttling, reduce the life of your CPU, as well as seemingly random BSoDs and shutdowns.


  2. first lesson learned. first thing to check for BSOD is ram. I had it before too but worse as only ended up with black screen (and turned out ram too)..then check for HDD/SDD condition and last check for program error.


  3. when buying ram you need to check for defective on the ram pins. Make sure the ram pins don’t have anything like crack on its side. I bought one before and noticed a little crack on one of the yellow pin, i asked the seller and he said it was okay (no problem). But not until i brought it home and using for 3 months until the BSOD appeared on my laptop.


  4. Had similar problems in the past. Faulty motherboards, bad gpu’s, even had a wierd issue with a keyboard that was making the pc crash. A freaking keyboard of all things! Shit like this happens man. It part of the fun of owning a pc. Take all the you need. Most of us here should have experienced something similar anyways. Looking forword the the next chapter!


  5. And that’s exactly the reason why I always make a backup of every piece of data on my PC (an external hard drive can be used for that) before I swap any of its parts….
    My condolences for your loss of data and time, hope it works out better in future endeavors!


  6. i too bought a defective ram. damn thing is reporting lesser frequency, i tried to fix my voltage, did a bios update and what not but it did not work, i am pretty sure there is something up with the hardware itself, well it is reporting 8gb but the freq is lesser than what it should be, it should be 2400 mhz but is reading 2133 mhz. i am not ok with running two rams of two different frequencies in my same pc. gotta do something about this
    and dude, keep a backup of backup of your imp data like me


  7. That just happened to me as well, but the BSOD only happened once every few hours so I had no idea.

    Took me almost 2 weeks to figure it out on my end, though I had an almost working computer in the mean-time.


  8. My first pc i built had the same problem. Blue screens all the time. But since it was only something like 50~90 bits of RAM that were not functioning out of 16gb it would only blue screen when starting programs. Took me 5 months to want to fix it since it sometimes would be fine if i was lucky so i delt with it. The good news was i only had to remove 4gb of RAM.


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