Your and My Asylum: Volume 3 – Chapter 6

Chapter 6



The moment the Silver Lion Earl entered her office, she grabbed me by the collar and threw me on the ground. She then mounted herself on top of my waist. Nails dug into both of my shoulders. She must have been fairly upset as her thighs, which were placed on top of my waist, felt like water balloons that were filled with hot water.


Instead of responding, the teeth-gnashing girl, whose face was brought so close to my own that our faces were nearly touching, abruptly bit down on my neck.

An aroma that smelled like a peach had been soaked in milk until it became a pulp.

“Your Excellency!?”

Zia, who had entered the room along with us, became panicked and called out to the Earl, but the Silver Lion Earl continued to nibble on my neck. Although it didn’t hurt, I knew that her bite was just strong enough to definitely leave teeth marks. I stayed still. The Silver Lion Earl finally removed her mouth from my neck around the time when the area where she was biting down onto had started to feel itchy.

“Mr. Yujin.”

She spoke.


“What do you have to report?”

“Before that, may I service you a bit?”

“Go ahead.”

I hugged her. I caressed her back and stroked her head. Normally, if I moved my hand higher than her neck, then she would go absolutely crazy, but she was strangely docile today. She wasn’t completely docile though. The higher my hand went, the deeper her nails dug into my shoulders.

In the end, I gave up on the back of her head and lowered my hand. I caressed the back of her neck and back. Although the touch couldn’t be felt properly due to her thick clothes, the Silver Lion Earl must have felt displeased by that as she then twisted her body.

“Wait one second. Zia, my coat.”

The Earl took off her coat and tossed it to the side. Zia bewilderedly caught the Earl’s coat. The Silver Lion Earl, now in just a shirt, leaned her body against mine once more. A heavy sense of weight. I held her tightly and caressed her. Each time she breathed in, thump, thump, I could feel the sensation of her beating heart.


The Silver Lion Earl placed her hand on my chest.

“I’ve always been curious, but do you wear cologne?”


“You’re like a girl. Or is it a type of pheromone attack?”

“Impressions are important after all.”

“Hmm. Well, it’s not bad, but⎯⎯⎯the next time you go to Korea, buy me some as well.”

“I will. Is there anything else you want?”

“Ah hah ha ah, was it called a bucket list? But that gives too much of a self-centered feeling. If you aren’t able to buy something even though it was written down on that list, then even the person who’s on the receiving end would feel like they’re at a loss. That’s why it’s fine. Just buy things at your own discretion, Mr. Yujin. I’m sorry that I’m unable to pay attention to your wage.”

“I’m fine with that last thing. It’d be convenient if I had one, but it’d honestly be better to receive physical goods instead of cash in this world.”

“Hm, is that so? Then how about two sacks of rabbit potatoes?”

“Not that. I mean things like medicine.”

“Magic goods, huh~ I told you before, but it’d be a good idea to be careful with those. Nothing in this world is free. An appropriate price is required for any magic. If you aren’t a super genius with an ability like mine that is.”

“You’re probably right, but there are still things that are impossible in Korea, and yet are possible here.”

“Hmm. You’re right about that. Now that I think about it, have you ever been outside of the castle, Mr. Yujin? I mean something like looking at the city.”

“No, not yet.”

“The streets are soon going to become crowded because of the arena. It’s probably already crowded right now, but it’ll later become even more congested than now. Items that usually aren’t stocked will start to be in stock in the marketplace, peddlers will arrive, and non-human merchants may arrive as well. Have a day out later on and leisurely take a stroll around the city. I’ll even give you some money.”

“Would it be fine to try and sell some of the things that I brought back from Korea?”

“Mm~ At that time, I guess you could sell them depending on the mood. But things that can be dismantled and recreated aren’t allowed, okay? Those Mage Tower bastards will definitely find out and buy the stuff off of whoever you sell them to.”

I patted her back. The Silver Lion Earl made a purring sound.

The awkwardly standing Zia spoke.

“Your Excellency······ am I supposed to just stand here and watch over the two of you loafing around?”

“What, do you have a problem with that? Do you want to join in as well?”

Zia twitched as her face became red and she cleared her throat······ Of course, she wasn’t a girl who’d give that sort of reaction.

“I exist solely for that purpose!”

Zia uttered a line that she shouldn’t say to her parents or her teacher and leaped from her position. Ah, that idiot. I’m lying down right now and the Silver Lion Earl was on top of that me. In other words, if she jumps like that, then on the Silver Lion Earl’s back⎯⎯⎯.


The Silver Lion Earl cried out. Zia panicked and examined the Silver Lion Earl.

“Your Excellency, are you okay?”

“Do I look okay!?”

“Your Excellency······ I apologize. As punishment, I’ll lie on top of Yujin this time.”

“Oh, cool. I’ll be knee diving.”

Zia switched positions with the now standing Earl and laid on top of me. Compared to the Silver Lion Earl, Zia certainly had more volume to her body and she was also firmer. If the Silver Lion Earl was rubber, then Zia was like clay. Her scent was similar as well. I wonder if it was because of the fact that she had been working heavily in the arena before coming here, but the slight scent of dirt was emanating from Zia. Or perhaps she always smelled like this. On the back of the Azure Rose Knight, who had taken root in clay⎯⎯⎯

the Silver Lion Earl’s knee slammed down.


“How’s that, Zia?”

“Every time I interact with Your Excellency, I’d always worry that my back will one day break. It seems like today must be that day.”

“Ah ha, you’re just making a fuss. I haven’t even gotten started yet. Get ready, okay? I have 108 different types of knee dives.”

“You’re all aware that I’m pinned at the bottom, right?”

The Silver Lion Earl answered by doing a 360 crescent rotation knee dive from the top of her desk. Like that, my protest was swept between Zia’s cleavage.

In that manner, time flowed by for a while. The Silver Lion Earl wiped her forehead with a satisfied expression on her face.

“Phew. As expected, getting some exercise is good.”

“My waist······ my waaaist······.”

“You’re exaggerating. You start crying whenever it gets even a little tough. I recall the night where my mother told me that a female knight was only useful in the bed.”

“Kuh······! Your Excellency, I shall prove that those words are untrue! I absolutely will not lose after all! I swear on my honor as a knight!”

“Ah hah hah hah ha. That’s a good spirit. I’m moved. However, it’s meaningless. I’ll let you have a taste of a technique that no female can ever win against.”

“Playing around is fine and all, but can you guys get off of me first?”

The two scratched their heads before dismounting me. I was finally able to stand up after throwing more strength into my body. Although I felt as if my body had become squashed by 1mm, it was probably just my imagination.

The Silver Lion Earl supported the back of her head with her interlocked hands.

“So, Mr. Yujin. What did you have to report?”

I placed my lips against the end of the Silver Lion Earl’s foot.

“Sorry. I actually had nothing to report.”

A silence flowed by for a moment.


“Because you seemed to be in a bad mood. I only said that because I wanted to relieve your mood a bit.”

“In order to prevent me from going to the torture chamber, huh? Mr. Yujin, are you aware? That I’m reallyreallyre~~~ally annoyed.”


“Whatever. I had a hunch that that was the case anyway. Just keep licking.”

Even while saying that with a sour face, the Silver Lion Earl sat down on her chair. I did as I was told and held her foot in my mouth as I massaged her with my utmost sincerity. Since even Zia knew that she shouldn’t make a joke in a situation like this, the sound of a tongue and some saliva brushing against fiber and skin was the only thing to resonate throughout the silent room for a while.


The Silver Lion Earl spoke.

I lowered my head. The Silver Lion Earl naturally placed her foot on top of my head. Press, press. The end of her sock, which was wet with my saliva, touched the back of my neck, leaving a wet sensation.

“Mr. Yujin. Tell me what you intend to do from now on.”

I spoke while keeping my forehead down on the carpet.

“I think it would be a good idea to leave it alone for the time being.”

“Your reason?”

“First, because the enemy has gotten in too deep. At first, it was me and Sii. Alshi was next. Both assaults happened within the Silver Lion Castle and they even occurred in the sick room and an area that’s supposed to be the main dwelling of the maids. If we move too hastily while in this situation, then Earl, there’s a chance that you’ll be in danger. My second reason is the fact that we now have a grasp on who our opposition is. That this was an instigation from the Mage Tower. As long as we know their identities, there’s no need for us to rush.”

“So Mr. Yujin is also certain that it was an instigation done by the Mage Tower.”

“Because if I think about it now, that’s the only answer I can think of.”

The Silver Lion Earl paused for a long time before speaking.

“If that’s the case, then what should I do in order to deal with this?”

“For starters, one thing. How many summons do you have left this month?”

“Wouldn’t you be able to find out if you took a look yourself? I have three summons left.”

“I think it’d be a good idea if you stayed low until your ability resets on the first of the next month. I know that this would seem like you’re running away so you probably won’t like it, but⎯⎯⎯.”

“It’s not probably. You were talking really seriously so for a second I thought you weren’t talking bullshit. So you’re saying that this Silver Lion Earl has to stay low and avoid the pieces of trash who’re waving their arms around in my castle?”

The Silver Lion Earl’s voice was low and cold. I spoke earnestly.

“Until the first of next month. Earl. This is my request.”

“······Haah, even if I did wait. Will some sort of brilliant idea pop up when that time arrives?”

“It will.”

I stated.

“I’ll create one by then. I’ll leave a thorn mark that cannot be erased on the Mage Tower. That’s why, Earl, for now.”

The Silver Lion Earl went quiet for another long pause. As my head was currently being stepped on, I was unable to see what sort of expression she was making right now. After being silent like that for a while, the Silver Lion Earl eventually let out a sigh.

“You’ll have to keep those words, Mr. Yujin.”

“I will.”

“Also, another thing⎯⎯⎯I can’t give you a definite answer. If the Mage Tower provokes me like this one more time before the next month has arrived, then.”

“Then at that time, you don’t have to hold back.”

I answered her.



Sii, who was running about in confusion in the hallway near the office, showed a face of relief the instant she saw me exit the room.

“Yujin! Are you safe? Are you okay? She didn’t do something severe to you, right?”

She did, but that wasn’t important right now.

“Miss Sii. Where is Ariya right now?”

“Ariya? If it’s that girl, then she finished being questioned by the guards and went to the sick room. Alshi and Miss Sophna are with her.”

“So you’re saying that she’s next to her injured lover. Although that’s admirable, if you consider our current situation, it’s not that good. Moreover, it’s a problem that she’s also with Sophna······.”

My thoughts flowed out of my mouth. Sii, who had been listening with a panicked look on her face, soon figured out what my point was.

“Yujin, do you need Ariya? ······And during that process, you don’t want to meet Miss Sophna?”

“Yes. If I were to meet that person now, then there’s no doubt that something bothersome will occur.”

“Why do you say that? Mm~~ no, if Yujin says so then that’s probably the case, but Miss Sophna is a good person. Of course, I can understand your surprise because she came up all of a sudden, but is there a need to avoid her?”

Sii didn’t say ‘You can’t avoid her forever anyway’, however, I responded to her as if she did.

“I cannot right now. At the very least, I have to meet her after this case has been settled. Sequences are important after all.”

“Mm······ okay. Yujin must have something in mind. So you want me to bring Ariya, right? In a way that won’t let Miss Sophna notice that Yujin was the one who had called her. But if I go······.”

Sii trailed off. Certainly, if Sii were the one to go, then she would be questioned as to whether her reason for calling Ariya was related to me or not. While I was in the middle of thinking about that, I abruptly discovered a maid walking towards my direction.


“I told you it’s Mari.”

The pronunciation was indeed different.

“Yeah, Mari. Thanks for earlier.”

“I didn’t do that for your sake. Be that as it may, I didn’t do that for you either, Sii. It was merely for Alshi and Ariya. Those two are my friends.”

Sii looked tearful. Although she did hunch her shoulders and shrink back once Mari glared at her, I patted Sii’s shoulder and lowered my head to Mari.

“With how much has happened, isn’t all that enough to consider us as friends now?”

“You must be mad.” Mari wrapped her arms around her shoulders and averted her gaze. “For someone who did something like that······ to me at the rampart.”

I did do something that shouldn’t be done to a girl.

“Then at least accept Sii as a friend.”

“Really, you treat everything so easily······. Ah, whatever. It also seems like Sii hasn’t been going around wasting her time lately. I’m fine as long as everyone hangs onto the basics.”

An individual that was as integral as this probably didn’t exist anywhere else. Even my sensibility that considered that as cute was abnormal.

“Uu······. I-If you’re here to just lash out like that⎯⎯⎯.”

“Sii? If you have something to say then don’t murmur and say it properly.”

“I-I don’t particularly······ have something to say······.”

Sii shrunk away. Mari looked at her as if she were taken aback before turning back towards me.

You. Really, why do you speak formally to a thing like that? No matter how masochistic you are, shouldn’t there be a limit?”

“Those who are strong to the strong and weak to the weak are the ones of virtue.”

“I see that in your world, the more perverted someone is, the greater they are.”

I couldn’t firmly declare that that wasn’t the case.

“At any rate, Mari, I have a request.”

“Yes, I figured you did. Without something noteworthy, there’s no way that you would be talking to me for this long. What is it this time?”

Momentary stop. Although I planned to ask her to call Ariya for me, I had to explain it to her in a way that would make it so that she would call for Ariya 1) While not revealing that I was the one who called for her 2) Why that can’t be revealed 3) And why I couldn’t personally go to fetch her myself.

“Can you bring Ariya here for me? It seems the Earl has something she wants to confirm and I have to go back in soon. Originally, I was going to ask this of Sii, but······.”

I shrugged while trailing off. Sii quickly caught on and made a face that was half tearful and half forlorn.

Mari snorted while shining her smooth forehead.

“Hm, all right. That’s right, instead of asking that Whitey, you’d be better off asking me. Truly, what’s with all of this work in the middle of the night.”

Mari turned around and walked off. Once her figure disappeared into the darkness of the hallway, Sii tilted her head towards me.

“Mm~~ Has Mari, always been this stupid?”

“It’s just that if you change the angle of their line of sight even slightly, then it becomes easier to make them move towards your desired direction.”

“Thinking about things, is rather fun.”

“It’ll continue to be fun. Oh right, Miss Sii, you did well comforting Ariya earlier.”

Sii became embarrassed.

“No, well, since that girl showed her weak side······. Even though she’d usually act tough, she ends up like that if she’s cornered even slightly. Really, it couldn’t be helped.”

“Yes. However, with that same reason, you must never mention that the next time you see her. In other words, lines like ‘Do you know how unseemly you were crying at that time’ or ‘When I comforted you, you were sincerely thanking me while bawling your eyes out’.”

“Yujin, what do you see me as!? Do you think I’d say things like that? I’m not that sort of petty and crafty person!”

In the future, as it was clear that she was going to utter those sorts of line and may perhaps say even worse things, for the time being, I was aware of this fact and truthfully, deep down, Sii most likely knew it as well. Sii cleared her throat.

“Mm~~ Anyway, Yujin. What are you going to say when Ariya gets here?”

“I will tell you once Ariya is here. Miss Sii is needed as well after all.”

“Okay! I understand. Then I’ll wait. ······But when Miss Earl said something about the Mage Tower earlier, what happened?”

“Ah, that. At the bottom of the piece of paper that looked like Alshi’s last words, there was a Mage Tower seal drawn there.”

“Eck? Alshi’s last words? What······ and the Mage Tower? Uh······ but······ no, why is it that······.”

Sii tilted her head with her hand placed at the side of her mouth. I spoke.

“Leave it at that for now. Once Ariya has arrived, I’ll explain it in more detail.”

In that moment, the door to the office opened. Zia walked out appearing exhausted and with her hand placed against her forehead.

“Ah, Miss Zia!”

“Hello, Sii. It has been a long time. Is your arm better?”

“Somewhat······ Since Yujin has been looking after me well.”

“That is a relief. I am able to feel at ease.”

A smile that appeared like a blooming spring flower appeared on Zia’s characteristically cold face. I glanced towards the office.

“And the Earl?”

“She just fell asleep. Yujin, you went through a lot of trouble earlier.”

“It wasn’t really trouble. These sorts of stuff always happen anyway.”

“Still, I am grateful towards you. If it were just a few months ago, then it would have been impossible for Her Excellency the Earl to calm down this quickly, especially when this sort of incident has occurred. Yujin, the savior of this city. Your existence is like a miracle to Her Excellency and myself. I am truly happy that I have the honor of knowing you.”

“Zia. I’m really creeped out and put off right now, so can you just talk in Korean?”

“What are you doing, Yujin? I was saying something good but for you to say something so harsh like that all of a sudden. If you’re that bored, then you should humbly commiserate the exhausted me who has been harassed all day today as well.”
(TL note: ‘Humbly’ and ‘Bored’ can be read the same in Korean)

“This suits you more.”

Zia pulled on my cheek. Sii giggled.

“Yup~~ There’s certainly less weight in Miss Zia’s words when she uses Korean. When I learned Korean and learned about this a bit later, I was really surprised.”

“Ahn eumuu uh anukuhoh wauh ar ohueheuoh.”

“Yujin, occasionally really does some cute things.”

It wasn’t cute. That’s why, Zia, you shouldn’t nod your head to that either. In that regard, I tapped Zia’s hand, but instead of letting go of my cheek, she pulled on it more and whispered into my ear.

“Yujin. If the Mage Tower is making a move again, then does that mean they noticed that I betrayed them······?”

I also whispered back to her in response.

“We aunt we eertain et.”

“Yujin. You occasionally really do some cute things.”

I hit her hand away. I whispered once more towards Zia who was sullenly touching the back of her hand which I had smacked away.

“We can’t be certain yet. Your contact. Has that contact of yours, who made you turn coat before, say anything in particular to you?”

“Although I met them right before coming here, they didn’t say anything special. Touma Soh didn’t appear either.”

“Okay······.” I’ll have to deal with that part as well, but this was important right now. “Don’t rush. As I told you before, just continue to observe while disregarding them. If there’s perhaps a reaction from their side, then tell me immediately.”


“Don’t worry. My sword. I’ll deal with it.”

“······.” Zia nodded slightly. “I trust you, Yujin.”

I took a step back and made some space between Zia and I. Sii, who had been tilting her head as if she were curious as to what we were discussing, quickly fixed her posture. How cute.

“How have you been?”

Zia laughed hollowly.

“Exactly as I told you earlier. I’ve been harassed by the community leaders of this city, by my teacher, and by Her Excellency. I should be the one to ask if you’ve been doing well.”

“Yeah. Thanks for sending Ariya.”

“There’s no need for you to thank me. Even I, who had received the message, wondered whether that much was necessary or not. But when I heard that you two were attacked afterward, you can’t imagine how surprised I was······ I even thought that the title of New Design Foresight should be returned to Miss Sophna instead of being held by Touma Soh.”


If someone were to ask whether I had already guessed this or not, then should I say that I did?⎯⎯⎯those words filled in the last piece of the puzzle.

“? Yujin, what’s the matter?”

“No.” This wasn’t something that Zia needed to know right this instant. “Should we return, then?”

“Her Excellency wishes for me to sleep by her side. I plan to follow that order. If you consider our current situation where the attackers are wandering around the castle, then this would be the most optimal idea. However, I can’t enter Her Excellency’s bed while in this state. That’s why I’m on my way to take a bath. Do you want to go with me?”

“Don’t say nonsensical things like that so naturally. It’s troubling for even the side that hears it. Especially since Sii will misunderstand. Even right now······ my wrist······ hurts.”

“I-I didn’t misunderstand! ······Uu~! You’re speaking impolitely!”

Zia smiled once more. Her smile was like the smile of an uncle who was watching over a bunch of babies that were playing around.

It was then that I heard Ariya’s voice.

“Miss Zia······?”

Once I turned to look at her, I saw her standing there awkwardly. At the far corner of the hallway, I could see Mari leaning her head out slightly from the corner and peeking at us. She must have seen Zia while she was on her way to bring Ariya here and felt that it would be troublesome if she were to get involved, so she sent Ariya here alone. That was preferable for me as well.

“Ariya, are you all right? You must be uneasy.”

“Yes······ I’m a bit better now. Miss Sophna also said that Alshi was safe······.”

“I see. If it is difficult, then feel free to come to me whenever you wish. I shall help you.”

“That’s······ too much. To someone such as myself who is merely a maid, there’s no need for the Azure Rose Knight to do such a thing······.”

“This is my consideration towards the one who was originally supposed to become my junior.”

Zia stated. The maid who was born in a fallen household of knights bowed her head. That angle, was a slightly messy 16.5 degrees angle. Zia stroked the head of that Ariya and turned back towards me.

“Then I’ll be on my way. If I have some more spare time before I have to go back to the arena, then I’ll pay you a visit. I wish you luck, Yujin. Sii, you as well.”

Zia then left like that. Ariya watched Zia leave for a while before speaking.

“Fair Grace. I heard that Her Excellency the Earl was calling for me······.”

“Yeah. That was a lie. Rather than that, let’s go somewhere quiet.”

“Yes······ What? A lie······ huh? ······Eh?”

Coincidentally, there was a quiet, empty room right next to the Earl’s office. I brought Ariya into that room. I turned on the lamp and briefly checked the interior of the room. I asked Sii to move the sofa, desks, and whatever heavy object there was in the room and place them in front of the door in order to prevent anyone from entering.

“I need you both to listen well to what I’m going to tell you from this point forth. I welcome any questions, so if there’s perhaps something that you don’t understand, then ask.”

Ariya, who seemed to be completely clueless, stared at my face and Sii silently nodded her head.

I started to explain.

Ariya was perplexed at first. She soon became panicked. After that, she glumly nodded her head.

I continued.

Ariya abruptly got upset. A sense of coldness started to envelop her voice. Eventually, her voice completely froze and she could no longer say anything more.

I continued.

‘But’, Ariya uttered. ‘I also think that’, the listening Sii aided Ariya. They soon had no other choice but to close their mouths.

I continued.

Ariya lowered her head. Sii placed her hand on Ariya’s shoulder with a complicated expression on her face. Ariya didn’t avoid that hand, but rather, she leaned her body against it.

I finished talking.

“That’s why, do you understand, Ariya?”


“I’ll be in your care.”


Ariya spoke while clenching her teeth. Sii let out a sigh.

“I’ll, do my best as well.”

“Yes. Then let us go to the guards’ office. Miss Sii. Please move the things that are blocking the door away now.”

Sii did so.



As to how most people would be when they’re called out in the middle of the night, the guards all looked tired. Despite that, did the fact that they weren’t showing their dissatisfaction mean that they felt guilty for allowing an attack to happen within the castle for the second time, or because they felt responsible for a maid working in the castle being injured, or was it because of their fear towards the Earl? Although those three possibilities were probably all appropriately mixed into their reasons, it might also be thanks to Roroa. If there was an existence who was clearly endeavoring harder than themselves, then it was natural that they wouldn’t be able to show their dissatisfaction.

Roroa welcomed us with a completely gaunt face.

“Welcome, wan. Miss Ariya, are you a bit better now?”

Ariya answered by avoiding her gaze. Instead of inquiring any further, the very person behind capturing Ariya for her theft turned towards me.

“You came just in time, wan. It was about time that I asked you some questions as well, Yujin.”

“As long as it’s something that I can do. But are you the one regulating all of this?”

“Yes······. Miss Sophna is busy with the treatment. A report was sent to Vice-captain Ryungste, but he’ll probably arrive a bit later, wan. He’s probably intoxicated to his heart’s content right now. Wan······ I personally wish he’d stay put at where he’s currently located until he’s become completely sober, wan. Her Excellency would become enraged if she were to see him.”

“The Earl is asleep.”

“Then that’s a relief. No, if you think about what’ll happen once she wakes up, then it’s too soon to feel at ease······ Before then, I have to do whatever I can to obtain something that’s worth reporting to her, wan, really······.”

Roroa folded her ears and whined. If I had some digestive medicine, then I would have offered it to her here, but I didn’t have any right now. Instead, I hoped that these words that I was about to say would be enough to wash away the stomachache she was feeling.

“Something that’s worth reporting, I think we can make one.”

“What do you mean? Ah, is it that spectrogram thing? But from what I can tell······.”

“It’s something else. It’s hard to say it here, so let’s go somewhere else.”

Roroa looked around and made a troubled face. However, befitting her sincere and flexible personality, she got up.

We continued to converse while walking down the hallway.

“How do you intend to make one, wan?”

“I thought up a method that’s capable of helping out this investigation. I’ll tell you the details once we’re there. For now, can you tell me about what you’ve investigated so far?”

“Mm······ on principle, I shouldn’t tell you about it, but since this is a continuation of the previous investigation······. It has been deduced that the culprit behind injuring Alshi had broken in through the window. Furthermore, after stabbing Alshi with the dagger, they escaped through that same window. After following the trail, it led to the waterway, wan. If you consider the fact that the waterway stretches here and there throughout the city, then······ that means the attacker can be anywhere in the city by now, wan. They can also be outside of the city.”

“I see. How about the articles that were left behind? The weapon, the mask, and also the piece of paper.”

“They’re currently under investigation. Wan······ Although I said they’re under investigation, Miss Sophna took the weapon, so all we have left are the mask and the piece of paper, wan. We’ve deduced that the mask is genuine, and the paper······ honestly, this item is a pain, wan. It matches Alshi’s handwriting, wan.”

I nodded. Roroa watched my response and let out a sigh.

“But the thing Her Excellency the Earl took note of was the Mage Tower seal at the very bottom. To be exact, a copy of the seal of the Mage Tower······ is how I should refer to it as, wan. What do you think, wan, Yujin? Do you think this has any meaning······ I mean, do you think this is related to the Mage Tower, wan?”

I nodded when I was in front of the Earl and Zia.

However, here, I tilted my head.

“Before that, there’s something that I want to ask. Among the capabilities of this world’s magic, is there something that’s able to control someone to do something against their will? Like a type of mind control.”

“Mind magic, is it······. At the very least, there’s a spell that can tell apart truths and lies, wan. Projecting a person’s mentality in the form of colors or images is Miss Sophna’s specialty. But I don’t think that’s what you’re referring to.”

“Yeah. If I were to be exact, then I’m referring to a spell that can tamper with a person’s memory or control their minds.”

“I heard that hundreds of years ago, there was a certain Odd Sky Wizard who was capable of doing that, wan. That’s why they were designated as the public enemy of the world, which then resulted in their demise. After that, I’m not aware of anyone else who was said to be capable of doing such things, wan. Although there’s a chance that it’s just me who’s simply unaware.”

So that means that sort of magic is incredibly rare. Well, if that weren’t the case, then societies wouldn’t have been able to come into existence.

“How about a spell to physically control someone? Something like controlling a person like a puppet and making them kill someone else.”

“Wan. If you consider an ability that closely resembles that description, then that’s more on the side of psychokinesis. There are some users of this, wan. A person who’s known as Marionette of the Mage Tower is especially famous for that ability. However, instances where those ability users utilize living bodies are incredibly rare, and it’s normal for them to use dolls or corpses that were imbued with magic, wan. As a guard, this type of information is what we end up learning most about······.”

Roroa responded while smiling bitterly. Even in a society where magic was accepted as a natural thing, the way the people here thought wasn’t so different from my own world.

As we continued to talk like that, we eventually arrived at an empty room. Sii closed the door.

Roroa asked a question.

“So, Yujin. If you’re asking this, then that must mean that you believe the Mage Tower is involved.”

“No. I don’t think so.”

That must have been slightly unexpected as Roroa tilted her head in response to my answer.

“Is that so, wan? Hmm, but if that’s the case, then why was the seal of the Mage Tower drawn onto the piece of paper, wan?”

“Because I’m the one who drew it, of course.”

I answered.

A short silence.


The moment Roroa asked back.

Ariya struck Roroa on the back of her head.











TL note: Thanks for reading the chapter. It’s another build-up. The next chapter should be the big reveal. I’m still dying on the inside as I wait for the day I’m finally free from this godforsaken job, but in other news, we’re nearing the end of the volume. The next chapter isn’t too long, but the last chapter is rather short. Oh, but the side story is fairly long, so there’s that.

Look forward to the future releases!



15 thoughts on “Your and My Asylum: Volume 3 – Chapter 6

  1. Im falling from the cliffhanger, it’s too steep in this chapter.

    [“Because I’m the one who drew it, of course.”
    I answered.
    A short silence.
    The moment Roroa asked back.
    Ariya struck Roroa on the back of her head.]

    And I struck my phone to the bed.

    And thanks Shalv for this great chapter today, hope you well there 😀.


  2. Two guesses, either Sophna did the original attack – either at mage tower discretion or as part of the old /new Maid fight – – – or Roroa did it, possibly at the prince’s direction.?. And is faking the investigation…
    Hope we see soon.
    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. As expected, It’s Roroa huh?

    Remember the following minor points:
    – Roroa was the one responsible around the investigation
    – Altough we can consider her not one of the attackers, because of her height or the fact that she would need to go into combat mode and that would be a reveal, she was always one of the first on the scenes.
    – The timing at which se arrived to Sii’s room after Yujin was discussing with Ariya and Sii.
    – Roroa was “apparently” in a relationship with Alshi. This comes off as very strange after she gives the indications that she was infatuated with Ahyeon before. So she suddenly turned lesbian? And being a captain of the guard, she would involve her self with someone who is already in an assumed relationship (atleast every maid knows it) like Alshi?

    And the major point:
    [b] (just making it like it was bold) Only Sii, Ariya and… Roroa knew about the spectogram’s gimmick of 100% accurate voice recognition. Sii and Ariya were told T-2 days before the current attack on Alshi. There were no events on the meantime. But when Yujin told Roroa about the spectogram, the same night that she was supposed to round up every personell in the castle to do the supposed “voice recognition”, the attack happens. The person behind the attack, or the mastermind involved with the attackers, recognized that they were put into a “check”, and had to desperately act in order to either delay or resolve the identity of the attackers. Thus the attack happens. [/b]

    Extra : Yujin said he heard the window break, and thus ordered ariya to break down the door. This obvious lie was of course, for one of the following:
    – To pull away Zia and the guards so yujin had time to draw the mage circle stamp
    – To be able to further isolate the ones responsible behind the attack. Yujin knew the attacker was still in the castle but mislead everyone else into believing they escaped outside.
    – Roroa said there were escape marks “after breaking the window”. Was this even true? The window was broken but how could there still be marks or trails of the attacker if he did not actually escape in a hurry (since the window was broken before and the attacker was already gone) thus having time to erase his trails or atleast escape stealthly.

    Few missing pieces here:
    Miss Sophna – Knew about the attack happening via foresight? Or was the one who incited the attack?
    Roroa – Is she the internal spy, the person responsible behind the attacks? Or was she manipulated via mindcontrol to attack alshi?
    Yujin – Does he believe that Sophna is the one behind the attacks? Or the one managing the external/internal conflicts occuring in the background while the earl lazes around?


    1. I think it’s:
      Sophna – Plans&Commands (also send in Ariya for stopping attack of her own maids)
      Roroa – Covers with useless investigation
      2 members of Whatever-orgonization don’t exist.

      I just don’t get what was the purpose of 1st attack and on what moment Ariya was suppose to stop maids, need to re-read.


  4. Guess 1:
    Roroa’s cousin was involved and she was covering for her.
    Trio of maid bakas are involved, 1 killed the other 2 while and drowned them so that anyone wont recognize them . Replaced those two with the 2 criminals.

    Anyone the one behind it all is probably Zia’s master but it is still to early for him to be openly enemy so they probably wont notice yet.


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    Now. This is like i see it:
    Even if the wizzard is dead or something now, the dagger had a curse so maybe that was the magic of mind control.
    If we guess this was a case of murder (but without murder) with a closed door. This is what happened:
    The girl found a note explaining the problems that was going to happen if she didnt obey and that she needed to kill herself and make like if someone entered from the window. So the girl did what was asked and hit the window and tried to kill herself, and all this because they wanted the zombie of her to kill someone.
    Is important to know that all this is linked with the downfall of the family of the other maid/knight.
    The prince is involved in this somehow. Maybe love?
    If this is true, then if the earl was like that to her and cut her arm back then, things would be bad for her. At the same time since that didnt happen and the earl looked magnanimous…
    And finally the new character appeared to erase her part in the crime ( i am bad with names)
    All make sense now.
    Exept the part of love, but if think about the parents of the earl, or maybe i am wrong in that part, but all seems in place and it would be awesome to see all those twists.


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