Your and My Asylum: Volume 1 – Afterword & Character Sheets




To the individuals who are reading this for the first time, and to the people who have read this since before, hello, this is Ryu Saerin.

Although there was a long period of complications, I was able to show off Your and My Asylum in a book form before you readers. In a contest······ a visual novel version······ ugh, my head······.


I wanted to write a story about people who were broken somewhere and lacking something.

I wanted to write a story about characters filling up the places that the other lacked, and supporting each other like that. A story that I can love completely. I wanted to write a story that I could write best.

On the other hand, I also wanted to portray a beautiful girl.

I wanted to portray a girl who does as she desires, is crawling with unpredictability, behaves cruelly, and someone, who, despite being like that, has common sense in certain places and for some reason uses informal speech. A character that I can love completely. I wanted to portray a child that I believed to be the ‘prettiest’.

Once more, on the other hand, I also wondered what would happen if I gave the role of the protagonist to a character who wasn’t the ‘prettiest’, but the ‘coolest’.

This is something I’ve written in the afterword of the serialized web novel version of the story, but, as Ryu Saerin, this is the first time in a long time that I’ve made a male as the main character in my stories. As much as how there’s no way that my story would work out well if I made a male character, whom I thought was the prettiest, the protagonist, that’s why I wanted to give a child, who I thought was the most splendid, the role as the main character.

The story that I can write the best, with a heroine that I think is the prettiest, while establishing a boy who I think is the coolest as the protagonist.

In short, Your and My Asylum, is that kind of story.


As always, I end up reflecting on myself.

This story was first written early 2011. That’s nearly 4 and a half years ago. As that time passed, I noticed these and those poor portions of the story. I did my best to fix them as much as possible, but it’s true that it’s embarrassing.

If you ask what’s embarrassing, then, rather than shameful sentences, it was the modeling of the story about the protagonist and heroine, which I mentioned earlier, that was shameful. In the protagonist’s case especially, I designed Yujin with the feeling of What_I_Think_Is_The_Perfect_Protagonist.JPG. However, when I looked back through the story after time had passed, there were these unexpected places that I broke on purpose while writing, and I could also see flaws here and there.

Of course, I’m not a perfect human and I’m not a completed upright person, either. Regardless, I tried to portray a perfect human, a perfect upright person. If that’s the case, then I had the need to overcome the visual limitations and political self-regulations that I possessed, but I was unable to do so.

I’m reflecting in various meanings.


Despite all that, I’m delighted.

The thing I felt while I was reading through once more and fixing Your and My Asylum, was that I really do love this story. I love the Silver Lion Earl, Gia, and Yujin.

I’m pleased to be able to show this story to you all.


If you were, perhaps, satisfied by this story, then whenever you’re given the opportunity, I’d be grateful if you picked up one of my previous works, as well.

The light novels are ‘The World After the Ending’ and the main story of ‘Sword Girls’. If there’s someone here waiting for the next volume of ‘The World After the Ending’ I’ll borrow this page to apologize sincerely. Please wait a little bit longer.


I’ll see you all whenever the opportunity presents itself again.
Have a nice day.






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Template creator : Varric



21 thoughts on “Your and My Asylum: Volume 1 – Afterword & Character Sheets

  1. Been reading this as a way to kill time until DD Vol. 4 is released, the premise was interesting but everything after was lacking. There was surprisingly not a lot of torture, or more like no torture at all after the first chapter.
    My main issue is the protagonist, I find the whole ‘just a boy who overcame bullying’ thing ridiculous, it feels more like instead of outsmarting people he’s just seeing into the future (by the power of the author) it feels too meta I guess? Like a teenager’s power wank fantasy.
    There’s a lot of wordplay and Korean culture references that quite simply do not translate well to English even though Shalvation tried his best. This protagonist can’t carry the novel on his own like Dantalian could, the girls are not even good waifu material, etc etc.
    I’ll still read it, maybe it’ll get better? Time will tell.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like you’re missing the point of his character. He refers to himself in that moderate way because of his past failure. He’s still blaming himself for what happened to Minhee so he can’t call himself any better since, if it were true, he would have been able to save her. It’s his own method of atonement, not some ‘ridiculous premise’.
      All of those decisions he’s made are logical and on point. He uses what information he has to get a grasp of the situation. It’s something he’s able to do due to his composure and 4 years worth of experience dealing with a bratty rich girl and her clique.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. The thing is, the conclusions he arrives at are explained rather logically. As far as him explaining that he’s “just a boy who overcame bullying,” well… that is the extent of his unique talents. The problem isn’t that he’s got ridiculous powers, it’s that everyone is that much less observant than he is.

      …And it’s a valid point. Because of his self-calming/nearly meditative disposition, where almost every single other person you’d put through the same scenario would be quite literally pissing themselves and freaking-the-hell-out… he remains calm and level-headed through those techniques (he would be rather screwed without those prayer beads to calm himself/his past experiences, however) to evaluate the situation.

      To quote the averagely mediocre film Mothman Prophecies (never thought I’d dig into my repertoire and pull THIS out):
      “If there was a car crash ten blocks away, that window washer up there could probably see it. Now, that doesn’t mean he’s God, or even smarter than we are. But from where he’s sitting, he can see a little further down the road.”

      In other words, he’s merely seeing what everyone else is overlooking due to them being emotional. Even then, a lot of times it’s conjecture… but it’s informed and logical conjecture that makes sense and is often at least right in some part.

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  2. Shalv, what exactly does Technique specifically mean? Does this refer do the proficiency with weapons? I’m not sure whether Yujin would be good at using weapons given he is average boy from South Korea. I’m referring to both technique in Assylum and Dungeon Defense.


  3. Shalvi, will you make an epub version of Your and My Asylum ?
    I haven’t read this novel because usually I’ll wait for epub version for Dungeon Defense


  4. Shalvation, please tell me you are going to continue translating this series. Its absolute crack so far, I can’t find any bad points, its just my kind of story.

    I don’t think I’ve seen a similar type of story! If you already know of any korean or japanese light novels that are similar or others that are just as good Id be greatful for any titles.


    1. I will continue once I finish translating volume 4 of DD. And I’m not really sure if I can recall anything similar to this. Nothing with an isekai format where the MC is actually psychologically smart comes to mind. Mind you, I haven’t read a lot of novels lately so I don’t have any particular picks.


  5. Question: does the Earl’s actual name (like given or family/last name) get dropped? She has a bazillion titles and nicknames because of her position/abilities, but I’ve never once seen a name that looked like her given or family name… Which is rather odd.


  6. Hi, Shalvation-sama.. well, thank you for your translations~ (and of course the pdf, rarely TL-ers provide one)
    it’s been a while since the last time i read things here..

    well, my phone can’t cope with how enormous page content and it only shows a blank page.. dang it..
    *i’m on j2me, opera mini, so, don’t mind my rants..

    i wonder which one i should read first Dungeon Defense or this 😀


  7. What? She can use it only 12 times a month? I had presumed it’d be something like 12 times a day, she uses it for the most mundane things like going in and out of the basement. Wtf.


  8. Huh, I wonder what the Silver Lion Earl’s real name is. I’m supposing she wasn’t born with that name, so I’m curious why that wouldn’t have any mention on the character sheet.


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