〈Your and My Asylum〉 Volume 1~3 Character Poll

Character Polls

Since I’ve been doing this with Dungeon Defense, I felt like I should do this with Your and My Asylum as well.

If you’ve been around for the Dungeon Defense polls, then you should know what the two categories are.
This poll is basically wrapping all of volume 1~3 together. So you’re basing your votes on everything that has happened in the series thus far instead of the occurrences within a single volume.

 You can vote 3 times for the Best Character poll.


I tried my best to recall every single character in the series. Excluding the beings in the torture chamber. The Best Waifu poll was limited to the characters that had a more prominent role in the series so far. So I’ve excluded most of the maids who barely got any screen time. Also, characters like Yudia, who has an unknown gender, was left out cause it’d be too complicated (Sophna is evidently female despite her ability to control her gender). If I add Yudia, then I might have to add Yujin, and if I do that, then, of course, people are going to meme vote him.

Oh right, tell me if you guys prefer this type of poll or the previous poll I’d do with Dungeon Defense where I’d use poll.me.