I’m seriously not dead, update

Well, I’m not really sure what to say. I’ve been gone for well over a month, but I’m back now(I think). I was initially absent because of my reserved troops’ training which I have to take part in once a year, but once I came back from that, I wanted to relax for a while. I was also contacted by someone about a potential project, so I figured I would take a momentary, but proper, break while I waited for that to span out. I’m still waiting for something to happen, but I’m not sure when exactly it’ll start. Once it does, though, I’ll probably be gone for a decent amount of time again while I work on that project. (If the next volume of Dungeon Defense is released, I will come back to work on it immediately)

In any case, that’s basically the gist of things. To put it simply, I just wanted an excuse to take an actual, proper break. I always talked about taking a break before, but even then, I would constantly be translating during those supposed ‘breaks’. It was nice being able to just sit back and not worry about things for a while. Nevertheless, as time went by, I started feeling more and more anxious about not doing anything, so I started translating again last week.

It might be a mental thing, but I’ve been constantly feeling empty lately as if I had no direction in my life, so I’ve been going in an out of this depressive state. I want to do things, but I’m too indecisive to reach out for them and I end up neglecting my friends as well. Maybe I should get a supervisor or something since I’m incredibly productive when I’m being watched over. Sounds like a fetish, but I swear it’s not.

At any rate, I hope this post cleared up some questions or concerns you guys may have had, but if it didn’t, feel free to leave a question in the comments and I’ll try to answer you as fast as possible.

Sincerely, the guy who’s desperately trying
to hold himself together, but not
really doing a good job at it.

[Source: 지키 (Dungeon Defense Fan Cafe User)]


17 thoughts on “I’m seriously not dead, update

  1. I thought it was something like that… well, at least you are (somehow) fine and back, that’s great!

    Gonna be honest with you, as I translate some series to (brazilian) portuguese from English, because my stupid ass can’t really find motivation to learn a third language, and I know the feeling of wanting to take a break but unable to really do, it’s like you HAVE to translate or something, even though you are doing it for fun, because you want to share the novels – and you feel somehow pressured to keep doing it, which does not help with a tired mentality and all… right? At least, that’s how I feel about this whole mess (and I used “everything depends on time and motivation” as a translating motto).

    Now, this is pretty stupid, but let me tell you how I cope with all the shit in my life, and how I keep myself living without descending to true madness – because I feel like this is a good thing to share:

    1) Pets. Seriously, they have a mystical power to make you feel joy when you are down, although the whole “cleaning shit up” is tiring as fuck… but hey, they are cute, so there’s that.
    2) Trying your best to put all your shit behind you – this is generic, stupid and pretty much useless, but do try, if you think about how fucked up you are, to ignore it – “Damn, I feel like a piece of shit… time to eat a cheese sandwich”
    3) Finding someone to talk to – not really about your problems nor anything, just useless chit-chat can help your day, and distract you about the whole mess that you may or may not really be – to be honest, recently I figured out that the friend that chatted with me for what, 2 years, liked me – I never really considered a romantic relationship with her before, but learning this changed my perception and I never have been so happy, although nothing really happened (yet) – what I mean is to give time to chat with someone in special, even without any goals, because it may become something but even if not, it’ll be great on you

    This is a pretty gigantic comment, and I kind of hate comments (I have to read the chapter of Handholding yet…!) but I felt like it this time… because Shalvation, you rock and I really want to somehow help you, even though I can’t really do shit for you besides “brag” about how I overcame my shitty life.

    TL;DR – thanks, it’s great to see you again and keep rocking (plus you should get a pet, it’s great)!

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  2. take your time to rest and do what u like cause i can`t control life we are human not god, i also waiting for dungeon defense but there was no date so no hurry take it easy when time come u will be pulling hair on the computer :3

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  3. I know the feel just got out the military but right now I’m not really sure what to do, I started the process to start back going to college but to be honest I not really feeling for it right now (not even sure what I want or even care to study)
    life is just like that..no point in even keeping count of how many times I’ve had to stitch myself together again


  4. Creí que habías muerto…
    Da lo mejor, tu diriges tu vida, y creo que los descansos son importantes porque si no te puedes quemar por así decirlo, agradezco tu labor de traducción y mucho, aunque el ingles no se me da bien, pero Google Translate hace su trabajo…
    Que la pases bien!

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  5. I think all of us are gratefull for your hard work. Please, have a proper rest, and take care of yourself. Its evident how much you put into translating for us with such a high quality. I hope you find something (or someone) to help you fill the emptiness inside you.


  6. I would like to say thank you for introducing me to my favorite light novel so far, Dungeon Defense, and translating it for free. If only I had a job, I would donate to you on a monthly basis but sadly I dont have one yet.
    I love your translations so much. Thank you!


  7. Good for you that you took a break!

    If you’re taking advice from random strangers on the internet, mine would be to find a counselor or therapist to help you figure out how to do the things you want to do but keep postponing, and how to feel good about yourself and the things you are doing. It has helped me immensely.


  8. thanks again for translating Dungeon Defense, can’t wait for the next volume!
    And yeah get some rest, I don’t know what I would do if one of my favorite novel stopped getting translated because of something as dumb as working translator to death, so take care of yourself!

    ps: that drawing of Barbatos is clearly amateurish as she would never allow her wine to spill like that 😀


  9. You are my hero for translating Dungeon Defense in the first place, still my favourite novel that I read online. That you keep translating it whenever a new volume is released is one of the things that gives me the strength to keep going.
    Stay strong Shalvation. I haven’t got much useful advice, but I’ll be sending you what positive energy I have (which ain’t much considering how negative i am) in the hopes you’ll find something to make a difference for you.

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