The “I’m still here” update

As the title of the post says, I’m still here. I’m just on my break before I start translating again. I’ve been busy trying to catch up to other series I haven’t been able to read since I usually don’t read other series when I’m translating.

In any case, I was able to get in contact with the author of 〈Million Dollar Bill〉. However, it seems the author is actually really busy right now so they asked if they could get back to me later, so I don’t have the permission to translate yet.

I know that there were several people who wanted me to just translate volume 4 of YaMA, but I’m honestly pretty burned out with YaMA right now. Don’t get me wrong, YaMA is still a really enjoyable series for me, my only issue is that it’s rather difficult to translate. Unlike DD, YaMA uses a lot of er, I guess you’d call it the Korean equivalent of chuunibyou terms. Basically, a lot of the names(not the character names) in this series use Hanja(Chinese characters). It’s actually difficult to translate these terms unless you’re already familiar with the words that are used, but I’m not exactly well-versed in Korean otaku culture. Furthermore, there’s also a lot of difficult phrasing in the series because the author tends to ignore grammar and uses slangs. Whenever that happens, it becomes incredibly difficult to translate those lines and construct sentences.

Well, it’s not TOO difficult. If you put it in perspective, a volume of DD is about 400~500 pages and a volume of YaMA is about 250~350 pages. However, they both take me around a month to translate. So yeah, they take some time.

This is sort of the reason why I’ve been trying to pick up a new series lately. Just that need for variety so I don’t get burned out by a single series.

Side note

No, I haven’t dropped Dungeon Defense and information about the release date hasn’t been released yet. For some reason, I’ve been receiving several emails from people asking me if I had dropped the series. In order to get my email, you need to have looked at the FAQ, and the FAQ literally answers that question already so it baffles me that these emails are even being sent to me. Please, readers. I check the publisher’s site every single day. If you don’t see a post about it on my site, then surprise surprise, there’s no news yet. I haven’t slacked on checking their site since the day I finished translating volume 4. I’d appreciate the benefit of the doubt. Be patient.


Still on my break. I’m waiting for the author of 〈Million Dollar Bill〉 to get back to me. If the author doesn’t give me an answer by July 7th, then I’ll probably just go back to translating volume 4 of YaMA(Unless I find another decent series).
Also, stop asking me about DD volume 5. Read the FAQ. It’s there for a reason.


20 thoughts on “The “I’m still here” update

  1. So… when you’ll start translating volume 5 of DD?

    Lame joke aside, you may not be a very fast translator in terms of number of chapters, but your quality more than makes up for it – take your time to rest, as I’m sure RL is pretty time consuming and exhausting.

    Oh, and a suggestion as stupid as my initial joke, but may works: write on your banner “NO FUCKING NEWS ABOUT DD, SHUT UP”

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    1. “you may not be a very fast translator in terms of number of chapters”

      that may be because his chapers are like 4-8 times longer than usual. and he still manages around a release per week.

      And yes his quallity also is pretty good.^^

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      1. I know that, but reading some novels from WuxiaWorld, as an example, where some people put 3 chapters per day, even taking the size into account, it’s not the fastest – but the quality (and knowing how RL is a bitch to anything online) makes it all worth.

        Then again, it’s not like he is slow with his releases, it’s just that he is not one of the very fast translators – it’s not really a flaw, if your quality makes up to it…


      2. Dude, chill, sorry ’bout that – is Yoraikun a better comparison? Anyway, I do like a lot your work and don’t care about speed, I’m pretty sure, looking at the reactions from that comment, that I haven’t expressed myself well, but whatever…


  2. To be honest, I’d kinda forgotten about DD. It’s a great serial novel, and I greatly enjoy it, but you know how it is. “Out of sight, out of mind.”


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