Notice about 〈I’m Hitler!?〉 and 〈Anna de Balzac’s Loss of Concept〉

I’m not really someone who goes around explaining their jokes, but I apparently have to for this occasion.
On April 20th, I made a joke post about translating a novel about someone who suddenly becomes Hitler. I’m not sure why some of you guys would even ask me whether this novel existed or not when I clearly linked the web novel version of it and also the author’s blog.

For the people who so kindly machine translate my stuff, often missing the context, this is what I meant:Joke

In any case, the joke was about me translating it. It honestly wasn’t anything impressive and the novel didn’t leave any significant impression on me so I never did intend to translate it. However, it seems someone, who either clearly doesn’t know how to read English or just skimmed through my post, became incredibly trigger happy. They reported me to the publishers of 〈I’m Hitler!?〉, who coincidentally also publishes the novel 〈Anna de Balzac’s Loss of Concept〉, and that resulted in me receiving an email from them earlier today.

The person who reported me also assumed that the poll I made in the ⌈”I’m not dead yet” update⌋ was to decide on what novel I was going to translate next, despite the fact that I never clearly said if I was going to translate them or not. I was actually trying to gauge out what sort of genre attracts the attention of you, the readers, the most.

Here’s the email I received from them. (Sorry for the low-quality image, I’m posting this from my work computer which still runs on Windows XP)

Email from publishers

The basic gist of the email is this:

1. Due to the characteristics of the work 〈I’m Hitler!?〉 both the translation and publishment of the story overseas is forbidden.
2. The publication right of 〈Anna de Balzac’s Loss of Concept〉 is current being discussed with an American and a Japanese publishing company.

Moreover, since I’m apparently profiting from my translations by distributing it through my patreons, they’re deeming this as illegal. (This part doesn’t make much sense since I don’t put my translations behind a paywall nor do I give my patreons exclusive access to my translations. Everyone who donates should be aware that they’re solely doing so as a “donation”.)

So yeah, they’re basically threatening to take legal actions if I even dare to translate their stuff.
I already did a small back and forth with them and explained that I didn’t intend to translate their novels, and they said that they won’t do anything as long as I kept that promise. So don’t expect me to translate anything from this publishing company.

P.S 〈Anna de Balzac’s Loss of Concept〉 wasn’t an exceptional book out of the three books I bought, so this isn’t really a huge loss for me.

P.P.S 〈Million Dollar Bill〉 was actually my favorite novel out of the three as long as I ignore the fact that most of the characters were named after famous people related to music. They’re only named after them, the characters don’t actually mirror the musicians. However, due to this little reporting incident, I’ll be making sure to get permission to translate the series beforehand.


30 thoughts on “Notice about 〈I’m Hitler!?〉 and 〈Anna de Balzac’s Loss of Concept〉

  1. Wow ._. Well that went a bit overboard. It is like saying over the phone: Osama Bin Lade nine elven bomb.As a joke and than getting the police on your neck because they are afraid that you will bomb something *sigh*


  2. Okay, apparently i didnt notice too that you are just joking, even then i’m just a silent reader here tho patiently waiting for other masterpiece that you would be translating next~


  3. Damn, those people who reported this clearly does not understand english at all..
    You clearly explained the joke in the comment section, and for god sake, it is the top most comment..
    Thanks god, you do not shut this website down. I really like the your choice of novels

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I only noticed the joke like 10 seconds after typing my comment because I kept reading trying to read the first letters of the synopsis cause I apparently can’t read.
      Still, what a shitty situation, don’t let it get you down, the post was still awesome


      1. i too, realized the joke after fully reading the post and shalv’s comment. And i dont blame people for that.
        I just hate that the fact that people did a drastic measure without checking the content properly..
        if the one who emailed shalv checked his/her post before sending an email, this wont happen.


  4. another reason to be against ‘censorship for sensibilities’. people should really stop catering to the small percentage that is easily triggered, it emboldens them.

    also whoever did this is not very intelligent.


  5. Huh, that’s… Really stupid, actually – I didn’t get the joke because I read that one on mobile, so the lines didn’t make the phrase – still, who the fuck did that? Doesn’t it have anything better to do?

    And so what if you do wanted to translate a novel about being Hitler? People are weird…


  6. So we won’t ever be able to read that Hitler novel ’cause they aren’t allowed to market it overseas? Aw, that’s such a waste, I mean what’s wrong with letting people pirate something you can’t sell anyways, just turn a blind eye and ignore us…


  7. well, when I saw the original post I tought “what a stupid idea to make anovel on” and “well, I guess I can’t have Shalv TL onl stuff I like”… then noticed the joke, but not that the novel actually existed… hahaha.
    Oh, I think asking for permission to TL, as you’re doing with DD and Asylum, is the right thing to do, both for you and the publisher(s); you won’t have to “fear” legal prosecution, and they get free promotion.


  8. Whoever reported Op I don’t know why you did it but I can’t stop laughing because of you guys.

    I have seen numerous people like that and they always make me laugh. The way they get “triggered” is funny to me.

    I used an app to read your stuff offline and I decided to comment for the first time because of this incident.


  9. well shalva-san… trump is president…

    YOU always has to think people is stupid, planning to kill you if you say black mexican >.>

    and woah… just woah…

    as long as this doesnt affect DD and your normal life all is ok XD


  10. I just can’t guess why that person is so trigger happy, he got to be a “oppressed teenager” that got to much hormones, I mean it would be easier to see the comment section to find clues on whats going on, then to message the publishers. There is a chance that person did it just to ruin your mood with annoyances, thanks for fixing the misunderstandings.(I found out it was a joke by reading your comment, but when I think of the first paragraph again, knowing it was a joke, it was strangely funny.


  11. Always that 1 asshole that fucks up a good thing for everyone else. Its like a rule, the killjoy rule.

    Don’t take it too hard Shalvation. Looking forward to trying out whatever you decide to translate next, and yes its good practice to get permission before translating.


  12. The joke doesn’t work on tablet user!
    If you are not reading it in landscape, and even if it’s landscape there are still one extra letter. But you can get the joke actually if it’s in landscape.


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