Für Deutschland zu übersetzen ist uns’re höchste Ehr’.


This series is something I discovered only a few days ago.
Here I was thinking it was just some sort of joke, but it evidently wasn’t.
It’s a web novel that was just recently published in a paperback form.
Seeing the title was enough for me to immediately purchase a copy of the novel.

I know that some of you might be confused by this development.
Some of you might even object to this sort of content.

After all, the title of this series is literally called 〈I’m Hitler!?〉.

Just hear me out, and you too might become enlightened.
Out of all the novels I’ve read throughout my life, this stands at the absolute top.
Korea doesn’t spit out masterpieces like this every day, you know?
Everyone is just going to have to embrace my decision and enjoy this series.

One day, ‘I’, who liked the “German army” of World War II,
asked my little sister to wake me up later and took a nap.
The person to wake me up wasn’t my little sister, but a strapping Caucasian officer.
“Fuhrer, did you have a bad dream?”
1941-08-21, a single page of history starts to change in Berlin, Germany.
I don’t want the flag of the Soviet Union being hung on the city hall of Berlin!
Furthermore, I don’t want a Berlin that falls into ruin by nukes!
There’s a need for ‘me’ to change
in order to change history, but······

– Table of Content –

Chapter 1 – I’m Hitler!!??
Side Chapter 1 – Our Fuhrer has changed!
Chapter 2 – Standstill of the Eastern Front!
Chapter 3 – Soviet Union, become a loner!
Chapter 4 – Goodbye, Göring
Chapter 5 – Japan, raid on Pearl Harbor!
Chapter 6 – Operation Mosquito Swarm, commence!
Chapter 7 – Clean up the front line in Africa!
Chapter 8 – 1st and 2nd Unternehmen Zerberus, commence!
Chapter 9 – Operation Torch, commence!
Chapter 10 – Eastern front of 1942
Side Chapter 2 – Savoia!
Chapter 11 – Commence 〈The Final Solution〉! However······?
Chapter 12 – Stalingrad, has fallen!
Side Chapter 3 – Korean of Stalingrad
Chapter 13 – Medicine, bring medicine!

Web novel: Link
Author’s blog: Link

I hope you too will celebrate, Der Geburtstag unseres Führers.

April 20th.


47 thoughts on “Für Deutschland zu übersetzen ist uns’re höchste Ehr’.

    1. Hi! I am interested with the genre, so i would appreciate it if you can make it clear which part is the joke: the sypnosis?, your statement that this is your top novel?, or the part that you said this is a joke? are you planning on translating this?

      Liked by 1 person

  1. To be fair, this kind of could be an interesting read :D, and you got me too… Sort of like that anime that aired the previous season, Saga of Tanje The Evil


    1. I was right apparently…
      So, what part of this is the joke and what part is real? So far I saw that the novel looked like it really exist, so I presume the joke is about you translating it, which you won’t?


  2. Mate, I already sent this to all of my friends and I was SO looking forward to reading it. If it exists, you have to translate it, if not, you have to write it! It’s too late to back out now, bewahre deine Ehre!


  3. I have read all the comment hoping to get the joke, but nay!
    Trying to understand what should I read above the synopsis.
    I realized to myself am I that slow? Anyone inlighten me!


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