The “I’m not dead yet” update

As the title of this post says, I’m not dead······ yet.

It’s been approximately 2 weeks since I’ve finished translating volume 2 of 〈Your and My Asylum〉. First things first, I didn’t drop the series. I already mentioned it in my TL notes at the end of the last few chapters of volume 2, but for the past 2 months, my work environment has been incredibly stressful, so I sort of felt as if I should take a break that’s slightly longer than usual.

But don’t worry! It’s not like I’m going to be completely unproductive during this break. I ordered 3 LNs a couple of days ago and they arrived on Friday. I’ll be spending the next week reading those.
-‘How is that productive’, you ask?
Well, these are actually books that I’ve been considering to possibly pick up as new projects.
Oh, and before some of you guys decide to abruptly scroll down and fiercely type away questions such as “Does that mean you’re going to drop Dungeon Defense/Your and My Asylum?”, let me answer this now; I will not be dropping those two series. Furthermore, to those of you who keep asking “Why aren’t you updating new chapters of Dungeon Defense?”, let me just give you a small piece of advice; Learn to read. If you haven’t seen a new chapter for a while, then you should actually consider going back to the most recent chapter that was released for that series and read the TL note at the bottom.
Well, in any case, back to the main point. The three books I’m reading.

Cover Arts 1

From left to right:
1. The Dreaming Electric Sheep and the Sleepless Princess of the Night (1 volume)
2. Million Dollar Bill (2 volumes)
3. Anna de Balzac’s Loss of Concept (1 volume)

This is also the order I’m reading them in.
Anyway, if I were to also give you guys a vague synopsis of each story, then:

1. An accident occurs and a high schooler ends up losing his life and most of his body. However, a certain individual brings him back to life(?) by transferring what was left of his brain into the body of an android. As the robotic side of his brain and the human side of his brain conflicts with one another in order to allow the boy to carry out his life as if nothing had happened, he ends up discovering something about his original life.

2. Due to squandering the Gold of the Alchemists, the bounty hunter, Bill Withers, loses his original body and ends up becoming an imperfect existence. This is a story about him trying to regain his original body. (The setting seems to be a dark fantasy that mainly revolves around the American frontier, the era of cowboys. Don’t quote me on this, I haven’t read it yet)

3. There isn’t much to go off of with the summary given from the back of the book and online, but the outline seems to basically be about the headless genius, Anna de Balzac, solving the worries of the people who come to her despite being considered as a bizarre individual by the public.

As you can tell, I’ve actually already finished reading The Dreaming Electric Sheep, hence the better synopsis. I’m actually bad at writing synopses, but yeah, this was the best I could do.

In any case, with this vague synopsis provided to you guys, here’s a poll to see what you guys think sounds more interesting. (I should note that the Electric Sheep was interesting at first, but in my opinion, it felt a bit too rushed in the latter half. I’m not certain, but it felt like a one-shot story. It’s an original work and I have no idea whether there’s going to be more volumes or not, so yeah, keep that in mind. It wasn’t bad though)

Anyway, if you can’t decide, then it’s fine to not vote. I felt as if adding an “I can’t decide” option to the poll would just end up getting 80% of the votes, so I excluded it.


16 thoughts on “The “I’m not dead yet” update

  1. Why can’t I vote “More Asylum”, this needs to be fixed.

    Jokes aside, The Dreaming Electric Sheep and the Sleepless Princess of the Night looks interesting. The title references another book, so maybe we’ll get blade runner situations? lol


  2. To be honest they all don’t seem that interesting to me from the synopsis.

    First one seems like it completely centers around a single reveal for its entire plot line which could easily end badly, but the beginning might have some interesting themes about consciousness and life.

    Second seems like an interesting setting, and most interesting to me overall. Gunslingers and alchemy are fairly rare, so the author would be building his own world and must do it quite well. The plot again doesn’t really seem like something amazing to me unfortunately (searching for a way to get his body back, sounds like another way to state non-stop fillers).

    Third one reminds me of XXXholic. Also sounds like non-stop episodic filler type without an overarching plot. The fact that she’s a dullahan sets off a red flag for me, because the author is giving her such a conspicuous trait but the synopsis makes it seem pretty irrelevant to the story, which to me seems like the author is trying a bit too hard to grab attention away from other parts that may be badly done (like writing).

    This is just going off the synopsis though, so who knows, maybe they’re really good. Would you be doing a one chapter teaser for them once you finish for us to vote on?

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  3. Thanks for the update shalvation.

    Almost thought that you got summoned by the Earl . 🙂

    Just wondering, didn’t you say a couple months ago you were looking into reading a novel about people from another world coming over to the modern world? How did that go?


  4. I liked the synopsis for the first one and even if it might only be a one off it still sounds pretty good. Looking forward to whatever comes up in the future! 🙂


  5. u miss the 4th option.

    keep resting so you can go full throttle with next vol of dd.

    thanks with previous work though, i appreciate them 🙂


  6. heard Milkion Dollar Bill vol 1 gonna reprint more.


  7. Hope the break has left you with more energy Shalvation, really appreciate you translating these novels as Dungeon Defense has become one of my favorite light novels and I am always left wondering how Yujin will make it out of rhe next mess in Yours and my Asylum.
    Hope work eases up and have a nice spring!
    Kind regards, Nezzy.


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