Important Update!


Well, my two-week break is over and I’ve started to translate the second volume of 〈Your and My Asylum〉, however, it’s been getting really busy lately at work so I’ve barely been able to write anything. I finished 〈Chapter 0〉, but that doesn’t really count since that’s barely 160 words long.
Anyway, I’m honestly having a bit of trouble with this volume since I don’t have any scans of the illustrations for volume 2 or any of the volumes that were released after that. I’m trying to make do by taking pictures with my phone, but that doesn’t really sit well with me. I’m fine with uploading it as is since 〈Your and My Asylum〉 doesn’t put that much emphasis on illustrations as much as 〈Dungeon Defense〉 does, but I do have to admit that it lowers motivation a tad bit.
So in conclusion, my translation speed is going to drop a fair amount since I’ve been very busy at work lately (and will continue to be busy until March) and trying to take a decent picture with my phone is an incredibly time-consuming task.

Regardless, that isn’t the main thing I wanted to talk about. The main thing is that I’ll be trying to get in contact with the author of 〈Your and My Asylum〉, Ryu Saerin. I want to ask them direct permission to continue translating their novel. Although I’ve already translated volume 1.
At this point, I feel as if I have a fair amount of credibility since I’ve been translating 〈Dungeon Defense〉 and I’ve already received permission to translate that series, so I feel like it would only be right to also receive permission to translate 〈Your and My Asylum〉.
Therefore, I’ll be putting off from uploading chapters until I receive a response from them. I don’t think the author will flat out deny me, so you all don’t have to be too concerned. This doesn’t mean that I’ll stop translating. I’ll continue to translate during this wait, so if I do get permission, everything I’ve gotten done up until that moment will come out all at once. So expect a batch release.
Albeit, this will also depend on my patience. If it takes an incredibly long time to receive a response, then I may end up just posting anyway. If possible, I’ll try to refrain from doing this since it’d be disrespectful, but if the wait goes for much too long, then I’m not really sure what future me will do. I’ll continue to put up the status of my translations in the #announcement channel of the discord server.

I’m aware that some people may be upset by the fact that I’m holding back translations, but this is an important matter to me since even back when I first started to translate 〈Dungeon Defense〉, I’ve always placed an emphasis on respecting the author. So I humbly request that you all be patient alongside me.

Additional news, I’ll probably be putting up a FAQ page on my site since people keep coming around to ask me the same questions over and over again, so hopefully, this will help settle some inquiries which you guys might have.

As an apology for this rather long wall of text, have a Paimon fanart.

[Credit: vu l can (Source)(pixiv profile)]


24 thoughts on “Important Update!

      1. 아 오늘 류세린님 트위터에 접속하셨길래 써본건데요.
        한국 시간으로 점심에 보내신거면 보셨을지 모르겠네요.
        흠.. 뭐 답하기가 어렵거나 못읽으셨으면 좀 시간이 걸릴지 모르겠지만 보셨을지도?

        음.. 아무튼 번역한것도 재미있게 보고 있어요.
        (두작품다 번역하기가 까다롭기도 하고.. 사실 주로 내용보다는 댓글보는 재미가.. 읍읍읍..)


      2. 오오오오오. 갓갓갓..

        그나저나 던디 웹버전은 번역하실 생각없으시나요?
        솔직히 웹버전이 더 좋은거 같은 부분도 약간 있어서요.
        물론 라노벨판이 대체로 훨씬 더 좋지만,
        웹버전 브루노 평원 연설때 웹버전에서 3번 통수맞은 기억이 있어서 캬..
        (외국분들도 통수 맞으면 좋겠..)

        물론, 번역한다면 라노벨 전개보다 늦게 번역해야할까
        등등 여러가지 생각은 있는데요.

        웹버전에 대해 생각없으시면 저라도 할까 생각하는데.. 어쩌신가요…
        (물론 근데 영어 잘못해서… 참담할듯한 기분이.. 들지만…
        19금이라던가 그런부분도 난감하기도 하고.. 음..)


      3. 음… 처음엔 좀 관심있다가 지금은 너무 바빠서 웹버전 까지 번역할 시간이 없어요.
        어사일럼 하고 던디 출간된거 다 번역하면 생각을 할 수있는데 그때까지는 아마 꽤 시간 걸릴거같네요. 약 3~4계월? 그 중간에 어사일럼이나 던디 다음 권이 나오면 1~2계월 늘어나고요. 그래서 지금은 그런거 고려하기엔 너무 곤란해요.
        그리고 19금 같은거 때문에 곤란할거 없어요 ㅋㅋ 그런거를 즐겨읽는 외국사람들 진짜많아요.


  1. Hi Shav, where do you buy your novels? What sites? Do they ship to the US? I’ve been thinking of buying physical copies.

    Thanks for the hard work as usual.


  2. Well, this might be a bit late, but since you’re in need of proper pictures and also in process of contacting the author, why not ask about digital copies of the artwork directly? Even though the author didn’t draw them illustrations themselves, they might have some, and what does it hurt to ask?


    1. Illustrations themselves are on a very vague legal line so they may cause a lot of problems if I receive them straight from the author. I’d have to get permission from the illustrator as well.


      1. Glad to hear that.. and By ‘them’, did you mean author and illustrator? or just the author?

        and if by any chance, the illustrator forbids you from using his work, would you still translating the novel? albeit without illustration.


  3. I mean the author. Situations regarding illustrators are always a grey-area for me since I’m never able to get into contact with them. I’ve never really heard of an illustrator forcing translators to take down their illustrations, so I assume it should be fine. Even if they do tell me to take it down, then I’ll continue to translate the story without the illustrations. Probably give readers more of an incentive to buy the novel too, so it’s not that bad.


  4. Man, these authors are super cool for letting you translate and share these works.

    Also, you could give some camera-based scanning apps a shot. Microsoft Office Lens and Google PhotoScan can yield surprisingly good results. (They might fall short of a good scanner, but both of them apply an incredible amount of software magic to compensate for things like the paper curving, reflections, white balance issues, etc.)


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