Dungeon Defense: Volume 4 – Intermission




▯Demon Lord of Benevolence, Rank 9th, Paimon
Empire Calendar: Year 1506, Month 4, Day 10
Bruno Plains, Army of the Crescent Alliance


“······Hmm. Let’s see here. It’s about time.”

“Yes. Let us begin.”

Without needing the other side to say so first.

This lady and Barbatos took out our masks and put them on.

It was not only the two of us. The majority of the Demon Lords who were watching the performance put on masks as well. Only the 7 betrayers were dubious and started to whisper among one another. They were people that ridiculed not only the factions but the ideal of the Crescent Alliance itself. The embrace of the world is not sufficient enough to forgive them.


⎯⎯ What is this fuss?

⎯⎯ Do they intend to hold a surprise concert······?

⎯⎯ In any case, that child’s performance is rather······.


It was at that moment.

Blood splattered here and there from the seats that were arranged for the Demon Lords. The ones wearing masks stabbed, impaled with swords, and hacked with axes the bodies of the ones who were not wearing masks. The ancestral rite ceremony that was tranquil with music instantly turned into a realm of Hell.


⎯⎯ Wait, what are you······!?


The traitors rolled on the ground and stretched out their arms. Their bodies were half covered in dirt and half covered in blood. Even if they stretched out their arms and requested for someone to rescue them, be it the Mountain Faction or the Plains Faction, there was no one who would show them mercy. Their fingers were soon stabbed by spears and severed by blades, making them fly throughout the air one finger at a time. Screams and groans mixed together, causing the auditorium to descend into being a slaughterhouse in a flash.

Those trying to kill people.

Those trying to not be killed by people.

Those who are trying to block the people that are attempting to escape.

Those who use the people beside them as a sacrifice and try to run away.

This lady spoke emotionlessly.

“······How should we absorb the military troops of the traitors?”

“It’d be difficult to manage them, so is there really a need to absorb them?”

Barbatos yawned. She lifted her wine glass to take a sip, but she then remembered the fact that she was wearing a mask and cursed.

“Fuck. In any case, just finishing them off would be fine since it’d be easier on the mind. There’s probably a lot of spies hidden among them, anyway. Picking each and every one of them out would be a chore.”

In that moment, a single Demon Lord rushed to us and groveled on the ground. He was not a member of this lady’s faction. This lady recalls that he was one of the low ranking Demon Lords that Barbatos led around.


⎯⎯Your Excellency Barbatos! S-Save me! Those people went insane and are······!


However, before he could even finish his sentence. The air was split by Barbatos’ light downward hand gesture, and that formless blade decapitated the man’s head just like that. With its head gone, the body shook back and forth before falling backwards with a thud. Barbatos yawned once more.

“Haamm. We should have done this sooner. We ended up fucking around and pointlessly throwing him into prison. I thought that Dantalian had sex with you so I had contemplated on whether I should get rid of him or not.”

“No. Like I said, that was a misunderstanding.”

“That’s if I can easily believe the words you say, bitch.”

“This lady is going to say this now, but during the 2nd expedition, this lady suggested that we should retreat quickly since something felt amiss, you know? The one who did not believe that and asserted that we should continue advancing until the very end was you.”

“······Was it like that?”

“It was. Who is calling who a fool all the time, truly.”



This lady shut her lips. Soon after, Barbatos went silent as well. For the first time in quite a long time, the two of us were seated side by side and watched the girl who was still playing the piano despite the slaughter that was occurring. Barbatos looked up towards the sky and muttered.

“It’s spring. Hey, the weather is good. It’d be easy to kill people.”

Those words most likely were not directed to anyone specific. However, this lady unconsciously raised her head as well. In that place, the clouds were drifting across the evening sky, indifferent to what was happening on the ground.

“Yes. It is already spring.”

Similar to how the sky is indifferent to our affairs, we also kill the people who must be killed while being unrelated to the sky.

Although it was an affair that momentarily, flowed by on some spring day.










TL Note: This is officially the end of volume 4! Have fun waiting for the next volume which will probably take another 3-4 months to be released, cause I know I’ll enjoy the res-… I mean wait. Anyway, I hope you guys sincerely enjoyed this volume and my translations. I will take a 1-2 week break before I kick up the translation for Your and My Asylum again. And remember guys, if you want to say hi to me, then feel free to drop by the Discord(Link on the left). Moreover, if you appreciate how I’ve been translating things, then I’d be more than glad if you guys left something at my patreon! I’ve been receiving a lot of support from you guys and it feels great to know that you guys have been really enjoying my translation style.

In any case, I wish you guys all have a good day and look forward to more from me later on! (After I get some rest)



77 thoughts on “Dungeon Defense: Volume 4 – Intermission

  1. Thank you for the chapter.

    It’s a really great novel, one of my favorites. I guess I’m just into stories like this. The translation is also really great.

    There’s on thing that has been bothering me though. I’ve just realized this after re-reading the entire thing, but where did all the game element go? I mean, isn’t Dantalian able to see people’s affection level? Why didn’t he see Paimon’s and Barbatos’ affection level to him? All of the game like choices and stats also disappeared ever since the 3rd volume. Did the author really intended this to happen or did the author just dropped the game theme? I mean, if you see it the volume 1 prologue then see volume 3/4 you can clearly see the difference in the MC and the overall theme of the story. Is that supposed to be the character progress? To me it just seemed that the author just changed route in the middle of the story.

    Still enjoyed it though, just curious.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It is the best thing about the story, because it fooled people who expected some cliched gamey light novel into reading an actually serious story about war, politics, psychology and sociopaths. You could say that Dantalian broke the fourth wall with his deception.

      Liked by 3 people

    2. As mentioned early in the first volume Dantalian could only keep one gamelike ability which was ” to see affection points” plus what also seemed to stay was the ability to see when (sometimes more sometimes less) “world-moving” decisions were made
      As you observed correctly both are not mentioned that much in acctually any of the novel except the first one. We only see the increase in affection points from time to time but we don’t even know the total value for them for any Character. And if i remember correctly Dantalion is only able to see increase/decrease of points and not the total value anyway untill they reach 20+… where he gains access to their status (or something like that)

      Plus if he would mention the affection points every time they changed, i think that would bore at least me…

      But i think that none of us is reading this novel for the (almost) nonexistent gamelike part…
      Rather it is for: interesting charas, an intriguing Story, intelligent conversations, the insanity & slaughter and last but not least an amazing translator, who translates fast and in top quality (both qualities together is rarely the case) and for sure tries (i am not able to say he can cuz me can’t read the original) to present us the story like it would have been written in English instead of translated.

      P.S. yup I was bored… but anyway props to you if you read the whole comment (i wouldn’t) ;D

      Liked by 2 people

      1. and now i don’t seem to be able to edit my comment… (a thought out of the live of a grammar-nazi that can’t write correctly and always detects mistakes after having posted them)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. XD
        And here I was about to comment on…
        “Rather it is for: interesting charas, an intriguing Story…”

        Google says: Charas is the name given to a hashish form of cannabis which is handmade in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Jamaica. It is made from the resin of the cannabis plant.

        Fun Fact of the day. rofl.


    3. After the tutorial was completed, it said that Dantalian could no longer access any of the “game” features, other than the one he chose to keep. He chose Aphrodite’s blessing, which showed affection levels. Supposedly it could read minds, but Dantalian hasn’t used it for that a single time yet, which is very disappointing.


      1. He HAS used it before – When he checks their status and their affection is high enough, it can show what’s on their mind.

        For example – The adventurer party that was wiped out at the start. Or the young slave trader who fell asleep thinking “friend…”

        It’s not a perfect ability that can see everything, but with those that are close to him, he can always peek in on their current mindset if he so desires.


  2. I’m very sad I have to wait but holy hell this is fantastic…. It’s just so good! All Of it!!

    I love the Witches the most, they’re so delightfully deranged


    1. Nah, the mighty and benevolent TL has said many times (-until he/she is blue in the face-, my own interpretation) that this is done to stop filthy translation thieves, in addition to trying to offer a comparable experience that would do the author proud.


  3. Thank for the translation, even i who use another language as mother language can easily understand the meaning accurately and can enjoy the beauty of the sentences. It is a splendid feast thanks to you.


  4. Thanks for the translation, I’m wondering who will end up being in his harem. Even if it’s not pure “love” i hope it’ll be Barbatos, Paimon, Laura, Lapis. Maybe the princess but most likely not. Even if he says he’s not like his dad he’s slowly gathering girls.


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