Dungeon Defense: Volume 4 – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Cadenza






















TL note: I did say I wouldn’t provide the text version, but I do have to admit that the widescreen portion of this chapter make the font look really small, so here. Don’t ask for the black page text, though. I haven’t saved the text for any of these anyway.

I apologize for the long amount of time that was required for the release of this chapter. It was short, but it couldn’t be helped since these illustrations required a lot of touch up. The printing of the book was done rather poorly so the spinal portions of the pages were almost completely ruined. Normally you could simply cut those portions out, but these illustrations were widescreen so the center areas were essential as well. Please do not get upset that this was released late despite how short it is. These kinds of things require a lot of work. Furthermore, I fully recommend that you read this on a wider screen for the complete impact, instead of using just some tiny mobile screen.

Big thanks to sushiaddict and ampzz for fixing the illustrations.



44 thoughts on “Dungeon Defense: Volume 4 – Chapter 5

    1. sorry for leeching, but I’m really confused about something right now. I may have accidentally skipped over it, but are there always 72 demon lords? Since there were already like 7 wars you’d think that some would’ve died already, right? I mean, in this current war the demon lords are getting slaughtered left and right. So, since their names are based off the book of Soloman or whatever, would the naturally spawning demon lords take the name of any random demon lord, or would they have their own?

      Of course, as seen in the game Dungeon Attack, the demon lords don’t respawn or anything, which really makes me doubt how there was always 72. A weakling like those ranks 60-72 would surely just be cannon fodder in the previous wars, I have no idea how they survived. Well, knowing the author, he will probably answer these questions in a later volume in a mind=blown way, but I’m just asking in case I skimmed over a part that answers this.

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      1. dude, in most war, only a few demon lords participate, the strong ones (top 5) dont have any motivation to take part, the weak ones, like you said, can only be canon fodder so why would they join? the only one that took part in are marbas, the loli, the BB and their few supporters


      2. Well, he does have a point. The whole demon lord ranking system ought to be elaborated with respect to historic characters that must have passed, the relationship between individual power and the ranking, and the the dynamics of the ranking itself (or is it static?). That or otherwise the implicit assumption would be not to dwell on it and take the current number as given without any past.


      3. Well it was described a chapter or two ago but weaker demon lords who didn’t have any particular military force would provide support to the front line in the form of supply lines.Of course they were all traitorous dirt bags and abandoned their duties. Rank 68 was caught by Elizabeth and skinned alive before being killed and I think at least one other demon lord was done in in this war while, if the information told was correct, Sitri informed Dantalian that a large chunk of demon lords ceased to really “live” as they didn’t do actions like eating or drinking becoming vegetables who hardly react to external stimuli.

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      1. It just a guess from the “..” conversations near the end if you read those conversation from “So? Do you see her or not” “To much rain is falling.Rain” (and there is the massacre in the rain) and “something” told them to be quite mean they are near Laura to let her perform the concert.

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      2. Then could they be the traitors then? I mean they did quiet down when the performance started and they were killed too anyway.
        It’s also possible that they were just some random demon lord from the audience

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  1. I wonder if it’s weird that the moment I saw Farnese playing next to a tower of skulls the first thing that went through my mind was “Beautiful.” I was amazed and wasn’t bothered that it was a tower of skulls and instead felt that death was beautiful.

    Thnx for the chappy~ Nanodesu~

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  2. This came out absolutely beautiful. No complaints on the wait, it’s well worth it when the result is like this.

    Though honestly your page is so good in general that there ought not be any pace when you’re slower than usual even if there hadn’t been any particular reason. You’re still much faster than a lot of TLs.

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  3. This is a magnificent feat of dark beauty. I adored it.
    Thank you for giving it to us exactly like the author intended. It’s wouldn’t have been right any other way.

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  4. Sooooo that’s been a pretty long read.
    Thanks for the translaion. I’m thrilled i like the different characters development and must say that I was mostly surprised by Paimon.

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  5. Image 1

    ‘Why is she still alive?”

    “It’d be great if she killed herself! They say that harlot sold her body to the demons! “Didn’t they say that she’s a lady from a Duke’s House? Surely not”

    “Despite that, she’s nothing more than a whore! They say that her hip skills are impressive. Like this, ahah? Hiyah? Like this and that. Appetizingly every night In truth, people also say that he didn’t take her in to be his acting general but to be his concubine instead!

    “So, what’s her name?’

    “Laura De Farnese.”

    “I’ve been hearing only that bitch’s name lately.’

    “Duke Farnese was wise. It’s only appropriate to nip the bud when that bitch was really young. Think about it Even when she was sold off as a slave, she grew up to be that atrocious. If that bitch weren’t a slave, then how much more terrible would she have become?’

    ‘They say she even has a hobby of collecting skulls.’

    “A filthy and boorish bitch.”

    “An annoying and tenacious bitch! “Like I said, the bitch.”

    ‘Though I’m not sure if she’s crude, and I’m unsure whether she’s vulgar or not”

    Image 2

    “In any case, the bitch who it wouldn’t be strange if she were both.”

    “If anything, the girl who feels as if she has to be applicable to both.”

    “One, two. One, two.”

    ‘They say that she not only collects skulls, but she piles them up and plays the piano beside them as well.While humming. She probably gets excited by the bones of her kind that she slaughtered. I wouldn’t be surprised if the number of skulls she gathered and gathered reached tens of thousands now.”

    “Her nature has rotted all the way to her roots. Doesn’t it almost seem as if she were a scumbag that was born in order to curse the world?’

    ‘Yup. I can’t bear the fact that that sort of person is breathing. It’d be great if she just died already. If that’s not possible, then she should go somewhere that I can’t see, albeit I can’t even see her now, I wish she’d completely fuck off to some remote faraway place where even news of her won’t reach me.”

    “It’d be great” “If she disappeared.”

    ‘Vanished from our sight” “If she died right this instant”

    ‘That dog-like bitch.”

    “I’ll take that bitch’s head before I die!”

    Image 3

    But dont ignore them completely, scoff at them whenever the opportunity presents itself. By doing so, we can show them the fact that were ignoring them more excellently and explicitly.”


    “Kill hed”

    ‘What will change if we kill her?’

    “Regardless, we still have to kill her.”

    “But we’ll be the ones to die.”

    “I heard it as well. They died again, right?”

    “Is this, that?’ ‘They say that’s this.” “One, two. One, two.”

    “It would have been better if she hadn’t been born in the first place. If that were the case, then everyone would have been happy. There isn’t a single person in the world who would welcome that girl:”

    ‘The plague-like fellow who goes around needlessly encouraging disorder in our peaceful continent of humanity.”

    Image 4

    That bitch’s mother probably lamented after giving birth to that bitch. Ah, for me to have given birth to a leper like this. It would probably have been better if she gave birth to a handful of poisonous snakes.’

    “Shall most likely be thrown away by the Demon Lords after she’s been used, anyway.”

    “Did you see it?”


    ‘What will you do if we did see her, and what will you do if we didn’t? If we saw her, then we’d have also described the things which we haven’t seen, and if we didn’t see her, then we’d have just described the things which we could see. Whether we saw her or not, that bitch will still be a bad bitch, a crazy bitch, and a completely insane bitch, anyway. This is what we determined, so seeing her and not seeing her is quite the secondary question.”

    “If it doesn’t matter whether I see her or not, then I’d rather not see her if possible. I’d die if I do.”

    Image 5

    “But I heard she’s really fucking pretty.”

    “I heard your voice is very soft, too.”

    “Are you sure you saw him correctly?”

    Try to tell us how it is.

    “She had black hair, it was beautiful.”

    Image 6

    “His red hair glowed like he was on fire, it was disgusting.”

    “She was tall, very tall!”

    “From what I could see, she was very short.”

    So? Did you see her or not?

    Too much rain was falling.

    Image 7


    Image 8


    Image 9
    Quiet. Shh

    Image 10


    Image 11


    Image 12


    Image 13

    She performed. As if she intended to perform like this from the very beginning. While receiving the setting sun, that was just about to come to an end, by herself. Saying that this is a place to breathe.


    As she pressed down on the keys with her slender fingers, she stepped on the pedals with her mud-covered feet. With each note and tune from her pressing and stepping



    Laura—in order for this to resonate.

    Image 14

    The enemies were noisy at the bottom of the hill.

    Barbatos and Paimon most likely had started the purge.

    Occasionally, blood dimly scattered into my line of sight, and sometimes, screams could faintly be heard within the outer layer of my hearing. However, I did not turn my gaze nor did I focus my ears there.

    I simply comfortably listened to the tearless sounds of my adopted daughter, my daughter, the single family member I had decided to accept and embrace, who had started to perform about herself for the first time.

    Farnese. Become a slaughterer. Be a hero to the military and be a savior to the people. Your name will remain in history just as you have always desired. Because you yearned for it that much, I will grant it.

    Your ambition to kill your own father, remain in history, and shine more brilliantly than anyone else, I will tell you that all of that is beautiful.

    If you had a sin, then it should be the fact that you were born, but how can one’s birth be a sin?
    Oh, Gods. Forgive that child’s sin.

    If thou are incompetent there, then I shall forgive it here.


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  6. Holy shit. Holy…. Shit….
    No seriously, this happened every volume but the author managed to fool me once again, at first I thought the complaints were commoners/slaves, then aristocrats. Then this page I began to think maybe they where the demon lords but it didn’t make sense either. And then I read line “One, Two, One, Two”.
    The skulls….
    It was The f*cking skulls all this time (or left over thoughts?) The complaints turned out to be both commoners and aristocrats, that died in that battle.
    Just like one comment above me, my thoughts are “how beautiful”.
    This novel once again is able to pull off an abnormal way to narrate the story.
    I mean let’s face it, there are many different types of stories out there with this concept of being transported to another world that was either a game or simply spirited away. The setting of having demon lords and humanity as enemies is also pretty commonplace these days. However, the way the author portrays the character interactions between each other, how each and every one of them has a “reasonable” reason to behave in certain ways, plus their own “distorted” way they view their lives (and everyone else’s), just gives that edge of realism, that lets you to really get the sense that they’re not 1 dimensional beings, just as background noise for the MC. Granted, every character is a little (more than that) crazy in their own way. But think about it, aren’t we all crazy? I don’t mean we all have mental disorders. Crazy in the meaning that it’s either socially unconventional, inconvenient or downright unacceptable. We all as individuals have a few quirks and “craziness” that varies from person to person, that makes us view the world slightly different from other people. Does that mean is wrong? Not really, individuality is something that exists because although some people might think “alike” is not the same to say they think the exact “same” thing. We all have different core values, education, and life experiences which distort the way we view the world. The reason (in my opinion) people are difficult to portray in literature is because although they give you a general outline of said character, the authors often don’t try to explain or hint as the reason a character views things, why would they react some ways or something as simple as their own thought-provoking questions in the story. There are those execute it quite well, the easiest way is to provoke empathy with the reader either with similar circumstances to their own or a common theme in general.
    …. Yet in this novel, the characters “individuality” sticks out to the point that everyone is the MC. That alone should be worthy of praise.
    But sometimes authors that are talented to portray people have difficulty with another key aspect of literature, the “narrative”.
    Narration is essential to a story, it allows the reader to obtain information about the world or events that transpires in the story, that would otherwise not be available in real life. And as you probably know, sometimes readers like to pretend that they can “predict” or “know” how the story will be. Sure enough, most authors use the easy templates and cliches that are well liked amongst the community. Allowing us to have the “misconception” that we are capable of doing such a thing as foresight.
    This novel is a prime example of why we humans tend to interpret things in forms that is convenient to us with so little and sometimes even downright wrong information.
    In each volume the author gives us fragmented information about what’s going on, sometimes he’s/she’s like a magician using misdirection to distract us from the subtle hints he/she throws. So we tend to arrive to the wrong conclusions in our own. The way the author leads us into thinking certain events happened to later reveal it had nothing to do with our train of thought just proves how much is the author familiar with the human mind. How he plays with our sense of logic and common sense, it’s proof of our own “insanity”. Not because we are crazy but because we, as readers are predictable. The roles here are reversed, the readers are not predicting how the characters react. The author is predicting how the readers will react to the characters and moves accordingly.
    Just like Dantalian is able to predict Paimon and Barbatos. Just like the other demon lords think they can control the outcome of the war. Just like Dantalian realizes that the other demon lords think he is weak and easy to manipulate.
    As Barbatos once said,
    “Oh, Dantalian. You pitiable child. You’re trying to put a trap out for another prey, despite being caught in a trap yourself. Are you decorating that foolishness of yours as wisdom because of your gullibility or because of your pride?

    Or—is it simply youth?”

    The narration is so good that we delude ourselves into expecting outcomes that are not there. Every word and sentence is calculated so thoroughly by the author that he figured out our patterns of thinking. Making us repeat the same mistake of believing we know what’s going on.
    And as you know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.

    Which is why I will say it again.

    “How beautiful”.

    Thanks for the wonderful translation.


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