〈Dungeon Defense: Volume 4〉 – UPDATE!

I’ve received my copy of <Dungeon Defense: Volume 4>, however, please do not expect any post of it yet. I’m going to wait until I obtain proper scans of the illustrations before I decide to post. I know I posted before with pictures from my phone, but as much as this novel has gain popularity, I feel that much more inclined to provide you guys with the same quality of the book itself.

So I do hope you guys can be patient for a while longer.

Although I won’t be posting until I get the scans, I will still be translating during that time. Translating will start next week(Since I need time to read the book properly and also because it’s Christmas soon), December 26th.



48 thoughts on “〈Dungeon Defense: Volume 4〉 – UPDATE!

    1. What a rude person
      Do you donate some money for this transltion.
      If no then just shut up dude, i’m not here to read your shameless comment.


  1. Lol take your time Shalv, i have no problem with the wait. It will build up my urge to read. Moreover, It will be more satisfying with HQ illustration fufu


  2. I really liked the novel and your translations, just finished reading the third volume and I am really expecting the fourth novel. You did a really godd work.


  3. Have to say dungeon defense has become one of my favorite novels of all time (so far) for a maraid of reasons. Some of them being the excellent translation you provide. Whether it be high quality images or great use of visuals in tandem with story progression. Or keeping the fans informed of status while suggestion new interesting reads. You’ve done wonders to make this amazing story even greater. Keeping me coming even when I had to wait a whole 2 months for the next release. This excellent story has an outstanding translator and I thought I’d let you know. So enjoy Christmas and a new year too (I’m the lurking sort so I probably won’t be back for a while after this xD) you’ve done more than enough for this insignificant pleb. So I’ll be eagerly awaiting your return!

    All hail Shalvation!

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  4. Volume four is out? Hell yea!
    I* hope you “shove” out translations as fast as you can, because I want to really “dig” into the book and “stick” my head into the pages, or rather, the epub. I greatly enjoy and love* your work, butt* sometimes I just don’t have the time to read it. D:
    Anyways, Merry Christmas, hope you get tons of stuff*, and thanks for translating these series.


      1. Well, I find Asylum funnier and crazier .
        But it’s only the first volume that we saw, the story starts just now, so I’m exited, I want to see if it will be great or not, this doubt makes it even harder to wait.

        While DD, I already know how it is and while it’s great, I’m not too exited. However, it really has a stupid title, Dungeon Defense, it doesn’t describe the story a bit.


      2. “I don’t like a story cause I think the title isn’t related to the story at all!”
        That’s a rather ridiculous reason to dislike a story, isn’t it?
        It has been explained before and I will do so again, but you seem to have forgotten the name of the game this world is supposed to be based around. Dungeon Attack. The game where you played in the hero’s perspective. However, Dantalian is in the role of a Demon Lord so it’s being reversed. Hence, Dungeon Defense (The opposite of ‘attack’). Yes, you might also think this is dumb, then there’s no helping you.
        Furthermore, the author was asked by the editor if they wanted to change the name of the title when they released the light novel version, but they refused, stating that it’d be disrespectful to the people who originally found their story through the web novel online. So basically, you’re just being disrespectful to the author’s decision and are also failing to see the play on words.


      3. yeah i agree with SHalvation.
        Do you know naruto shippuden and heck the author create an entire chapter about sasuke while ignoring naruto.
        oh and how about tales of demon and god (the title doesn’t describe the story a bit too).

        well honestly “I” no i mean “WE” don’t care if you prefer asylum than dungeon defense since its people taste and preference thought.


  5. Sorry that I’m writing here, but I don’t seem to be able to reply directly.

    I said that DD is great, so I obviously like it.
    This is at this point the only site I check regularly, it’s that good.
    Me being more excited about Asylum is subjective too.

    But the title, damn, it wouldn’t get a passing grade.
    I saw some stupid and senseless titles in my life…this is one of them.
    The title comes out from a detail of the story that is talked about mostly in just a volume, the author used it mostly because his older attempts had that name (maybe? Not too sure they had exactly the same name.), anyway, it’s more like he likes it so, that’s it.
    The editor noted that too to him.
    So my comment can be regarded as a proper critic over something that could be better.
    It’s a constructive comment.

    The story is great, but every time I read the title I think about how there is no dungeon to defend, and how Dantalian wouldn’t care about it anyway. Lol

    PS: I can excuse xianxias since they’re mostly written by novices and on the fly. Honestly, with 2000+ chapters the title could be anything and still be passable.

    Naruto, I don’t like it and I think (personal opinion) that’s badly written… And the title follows the same parameters of xianxias novels, general and usable in any circumstance. I doubt the author was sure about how to develop it himself… But that’s one of the problems of Japanese manga, they could be axed anytime.


  6. um… hum..
    As you know, DD going to many differ with web version.
    Of course, light novel version is good on many way.
    but, web version have another interesting point.

    The Saintess.

    So I want ask,
    you have no idea on web version translating in now?

    DD volume 4 have fairly interesting presentation.
    I’ll wait your translation >_<


  7. Thank you for all your work ! (Your translation is very good, it seems kinda deep yet clear) I’m looking forward to read the volume 4 ^^ The end of the volume 3 was especially marvelous !!! Really, both the author and translator did an impressive job there.


  8. First time posting anything, as a non English speaker and from a smartphone. I like a challenge.

    Just to say thank you for this awesome translation of a very good novel. Keep up the good work 😉

    PS: is your and my Asylum worth a try? How is it compared to DD?


  9. WheRe is mY c eST si bOn MadeMoiseLLE ~~~~~~~~?

    oups my withdrawal symptom are showing ..careful~~careful~~ *proceed to hammer nails on my hand *


  10. While I of course say please take your time, as rushed translations normally never turn out well, it still won’t stop me from checking the site at least once a day in my own impatience. Cannot wait till something is upped (for both series as I do enjoy both, but DD more so).


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