Quick status update

2 good news and 2 bad news.

I’ll throw you guys the bad news first.

For starters, I’m not 100% feeling better at the moment, since I still feel nauseous at times, and I’m realizing that trying to get proper rest when I have to go to work during the weekdays and running non-stop errands, doesn’t help my condition that much. I had to go to the hospital again the other day to get some cold medicine since I started coughing. That’s why I’m going to sort of extend my break to this weekend as well. Second, I was honestly just going to sneak in some translation during my break, but unfortunately, they moved my desk at my work and I didn’t have access to a computer the entire week (I translate during my off time at work, and that’s where I get most of my translation done). The dang IT guy would come by once a day to drop off a new keyboard, a new mouse, the power cord for the computer, and an internet cable, one item a day. The stress. Anyway, I’ll try to write a bit during the weekend.

Next off, the good news! First, I’m not really sure if this is good news or not, but chapter 5 and 6 will be single releases. After going through it again, there really isn’t any appropriate location to cut in order to split the chapters into parts. So it’ll be single whole chapter releases! Which means it’ll take a bit longer to release! Wait, I think that makes this bad news since that means you guys have to wait a bit longer…… Eh, oh well.
Now, finally, for the most important good news!

Volume 4 of Dungeon Defense has been announced!


No exact date, except that it will be released around the end of October!

So basically, by the time I finish translating volume 3, volume 4 will most likely be out.

I do hope that you guys can continue to be patient with me while I recover, and I promise to keep pumping out more chapters once I’m healthy!


51 thoughts on “Quick status update

      1. Paimon and the demon queen in Maou Yuusha are similar in appearance, personality, and motivation. Both have a similar hair color. Both have really large breasts. Both of them want to stop the fighting between humans and demons. Both of them are idealists who want a world where humans and demons get along. Both of them love the human hero – remember in the game Paimon’s one wish before she was executed was to be kissed by the hero. She was the hero’s first kiss!


  1. Ok first of all I love your translations now that that’s out of the way your health is more important than translations take a break when you need to


  2. That’s not so bad at all.. You really should rest when you don’t feel good. Hope you get better soon anyway.
    For now The Legend of the Sun Knight is keeping me company and it is fantastic and hillarious…


  3. Thanks for your hard work. Hope you get better soon!

    Just a random question, does anyone know where volume 4 would be when compared to the web novel in terms of chapters?


  4. Volume 4 news just made it all better ^^ HAHAHAH! Ah, take you time btw. I understand your pain. Don’t need to worry much about us if you are sick. At least you are not those idiot authors at RRL that says they will take a little bit of break and then never appear again, lol 😛

    Appreciate your work mate!


  5. AY LMFAO don’t worry about the delay. The fact you are still fine and translating is good enough and the Vol 4 announcement is even better. All i see is a delay notice and bunch of good news


  6. If you still have a cough then maybe get your lungs X-ray my grandma had the same problems as you and needed antibiotics.

    If it’s not just a cold that is.


  7. Ooo she’s really on the cover, hope she didn’t die.

    Hope you fully recover soon, rest well and take your medicine!

    Zu’u hind akatosh ulse koraav hi do lok thur, Zu’u kogaan.


    1. In the last half of the second image, who are the two girls? Between bookgirl and beret-skullgirl, one has to be Farnese. Bookgirl seems likelier, making the other possibly Barbatos. But then you can see beretgirl in the first image with Dantalian, and Barbatos is already accounted for there. So then beretgirl must be Farnese, leaving bookgirl a mystery. Is she a young Farnese or a new character?


  8. I hope you get well soon
    this is one of my favortie novels now on the same level of japanese mainstreams like mahouka and index
    I prefer chapters not cut by parts so its still good for me
    excited for volume 4
    I hope paimon won’t die
    even if she is a bitch she is such a good character
    I just can’t imagine her joining with Dantalian’s harem with her personality
    still i don’t want her to die
    when you mention Paimon i just can’t help but think of oppai


  9. Thanks for your efforts! In my opinion, you should probably rest first before doing any translating. Your health comes first after all! 😀


  10. waaaah i cant wait for the volume 4..oh yah baby just beat the crap out of that IT guy hahaha jokes aside get well soon mate..we cant have you dying on us because of some sickness lol
    (not until you translated everything *evil laugh*)


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