Dungeon Defense: Volume 3 – Illustrations




%eb%8d%98%ec%a0%84%eb%94%94%ed%8e%9c%ec%8a%a4-volume-3-page-3-tri-fold-insert-2Everything or— Ο Ο Ο ΟΟΟ Ο Ο —nothing at all.




Dunde Volume3 Page104












71 thoughts on “Dungeon Defense: Volume 3 – Illustrations

      1. Shalv-sama. Shalv-sama. May I ask for a spoiler, please? If the Purple-haired Girl is Elizabeth, Princess of the Human Empire, they would make her an enemy. However, may you confirm it?


      2. I am guessing that Christiane is one of the heroines in the Dungeon Attack whom Dantalian tried to recruit but got rejected that’s why he lament to kill her therefore ” Everything or…. nothing at all”


      1. The easiest way to remember the difference between the two is Paimon rhymes with Oppaimon. Oppai means breasts. Paimon is the one with the big breasts. Barbatos has no Oppai, she is flat like the plains she rules 😛

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    1. .. Why would you want her to step on the cake? Ooh! The poor cake! If you want Barbatos to step on something, let it be your face.


  1. So Barbatos is our main heroine in this volume? (Yyyyyyeeesss)

    Also, new girl!
    Well thats expected, remember that in volume 1 prologue Dantalian is ‘Infamous sex fiend’. So start counting guys!


    1. I hate to say it but considering how DARK and how VERY LUNATIC the story and Dantalian till this chapter, I dare say just to stop counting and hoping altogether………….
      😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 (13)


    1. No matter how much Dantalian deny it he is still his father’s son that’s why he can’t help but follow his footstep >:D yet as he had told many times before he is competent and won’t end up miserable like his father

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      1. That said, I believe Dantalian already knew that Barbatos will make that kind of advance. It’s unusual as it is that Dantalian told Lala that there won’t be a night visit..


    1. I’m pretty sure Dantalian won the passionate contest with Barbatos.. Even though Barbatos have 500 years experience.. Dantalian’s simply a fiend on that subject..


      1. I don’t think the Demon Lords outfit is different.. I think it’s just a matter of Lala wanting a more professional look.


  2. What the hell, dude. Why are all of you so set up on Paimon. She has Red hair, how can any of confuse a Purple And White Hair to a Red one!?


  3. *wakes up*
    *open novelupdates*
    o… sh… Dungeon Defense got update!
    *opens DD Vol 3 Illustration*
    oh god.. it’s truly..

    i bet somehow Dantalian managed to outwit Barbatos looking at the illust.
    All hail Dantalian!! Let the mortals tremble before your might!


  4. “If you’re lucky then you will meet good women. You’ll know they’re good just by looking at them. No matter what you do. Never. Never let those women go.”, hahaha its clearly he cannot put down the harem flag at all, even if he deny that, he can’t help to latch his hands to capture the heart of more new girl that potentially beneficial for his survival, hahahaha
    now the war with humans happen, probably at this point he probably will steal all the hero’s future companions and he will gonna find future hero and kill him so that he can survive..


  5. Wow paimon and Ojii – chan in the picture as well ( Dantalian who led the army )

    Paimon , you broken ?
    The cause dantalian ?
    If both join dantalian , cant wait to see what will happen next

    Well, thanks for your hard work~


  6. First and second cover is actually one cover, the same thing happening with third and fourth cover.

    First cover, Dantalian and Lala

    Second cover,Farnesse as Commander and slave


    Third cover, Barbatos and Elizabeth

    Fourth cover, Paimon and if my prediction is right it was either the Hero, Dantalian or Rosenberg if he survive the vol 3.


  7. Lapiz is still hottest grill, though I don’t know how the sex with her could be that good if she is completely emotionless all the time. To put it simply, and i’ll quote George Orwell from his novel 1984- “It was like embracing a wooden pole.”

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  8. Why Dantalion always looks so badass~!! This is crazy, my hype is overflowing without an end dammit…
    Cant seems to find another Dark novels like this except Overlord, well since the first time i read this novel my judgement to Overlord have been lowering by much since then… It was so hard to find another phsyco novel like this duh…
    For WN there are Summoned Slaughterer as well, but after reading this… hmm, i believe it was instantly replaced my current #1 novel…

    Ah~ What a beautiful madness~
    Flowing over life, deep into the bones~
    Ah~ What a joy in hatred~
    Authority shall arise, and everything will be trampled,
    Now, lets play the melody of death, silence and serene shall became your friends…
    And Persephone, will welcome us in her doleful embrace…


  9. This is not related to the post, but at the top their is a picture of Loli, lala,71th and slave in order but in the hand of lala their appears to be lots of fingers? what is it?


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